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Bibek - Groningen45€
Trusted teacher: Hi! Welcome! I am a Master's student at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. I offer private tutoring (for high school and/or university-level students) so you can understand the fundamental concept and excel in your studies. I have teaching experience of 3+ years in Physics and Mathematics to high school and university-level students. This class aims to provide an overview of calculus and focuses on the fundamental mathematical tools and concepts such as limits, differentiation, and integration. Building on these basic concepts, we will review methods for solving problems related to their applications. Note that this course will be tailored to your specific needs and we could mainly focus on the topics you are struggling with. Furthermore, please feel free to contact me and suggest any other topics you would like me to cover and teach. Outline of the course: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 Limits of functions 1.2 Evaluate the limits using L'hospital's rule (for 0/0, ∞/∞) 1.3 Continuity, types of discontinuities, intermediate value theorem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.4 Introduction to differentiation (or derivative) 1.5 Tangent line to a curve, slope, instantaneous velocity 1.6 Rules and theorems for differentiation: power rule, product rule, chain rule 1.7 Derivatives of exp, log, and trigonometric functions 1.8 Implicit function and implicit differentiation 1.9 Derivative of inverse functions 1.10 Second and higher-order derivatives 1.11 Application of derivatives 1.12Geometrical interpretation of the derivative of a function 1.13 Rolle's theorem, mean value theorem, critical point, maximum/minimum of a function 1.14 First and second derivative tests, inflection points ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.15 Anti-derivative, indefinite integral 1.16 Techniques of integration: integration by substitution, integration by parts 1.17 Definite integral and its application (area between curves, application in physics) 1.18 Area as a definite integral 1.19 Areas between two curves and many more... *Note that the sessions will be held online (via Skype/Zoom/Microsoft Teams).
Math · High school entrance prep · Tutoring
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Timen - Eindhoven51€
Trusted teacher: --> Lessons are 50 minutes instead of the shown duration of 45 minutes. <-- - Highly experienced full-time tutor of mathematics A&B and physics since 2012. - Hundreds of good results (recently helped a student with an average grade of 3-4 achieve a 9 within a few lessons, and had someone get a 9.5/10 for the first time). - Holds university Master's degree in Applied Physics. - Co-authored 3 scientific papers. - 2 years work experience in high tech industry (ASML). - Did internship at American institute (NOAA). - Highly experienced in helping students of all high school levels including final exams, and (university) entrance tests, such as OMPT, Boswell, CCVX, WisCAT, among others. - Can also help with general mathematics and physics university courses. After working in the corporate world, I went back to my passion - tutoring. This is something I have a natural talent for, and I love helping students achieve their goals. I tutor in a calm and patient manner. I can empathize well with the student's thought process: through my experience I know what the most common pitfalls are and can quickly see where the gaps in knowledge are. The emphasis during tutor sessions is placed on the student being able to apply the material, so that the student goes to class and to exams with confidence. My friendly, understanding nature allows me to create a comfortable environment where students feel free to ask as many questions as needed. A few (translated) reviews: ________ "My daughter Lisa received 5 physics tutoring sessions from Timen, which were very helpful to her. Timen is very good at painting an overall picture of a task which made the material much more comprehensible to her. Initially she had a 6.8 for her VWO school exam, in the end she got an 8.8 for her central written exam!" - Yvonne ________ "I took 6 lessons with Timen and in that time he taught me the basic rules of mathematics, the subject I had to pass for my pre-master. And I succeeded. Timen is able to explain clearly and comes up with a lot of good and simple examples, so that you can understand the basics and then move on. Also, he is often available, so I could get 2 extra lessons just before my exam for the last questions I had." - Jens ________ "I had tutoring for my pre-master's at the University of Groningen. Timen is very patient and can explain well. I completed the subject with a passing grade, and am very happy with that! I only had a few lessons, but this helped a lot." - A. ________ "I am pursuing a pre-master's degree at RUG and received tutor sessions from Timen on average twice a week and eventually completed the course with a nine. Timen is very patient and very knowledgeable. He adapted well to the teaching style that suited me best. In addition, he respected the fact that I was still a real beginner in math. He indicates well his limits in what he can/can't help in. Highly recommended!" - Sascha ________ "I am very satisfied with Timen. He gave me intensive tutoring in math for 8 weeks. Experiences: - Patient, committed tutoring teacher - Keeps appointments and is available a lot - Good value for money - Adapts his explanations to your level and your way of thinking - Explains from multiple perspectives." - Iris ________ "I had been struggling with Physics at university for some time. Thanks to Timen's support, I learned how to approach the problems in a manner that made them much simpler to solve. Because of this, I performed very well in my exam!" - Nadir ________ "Timen gave our son 3 months of online tutoring in math and physics. His teaching style was perceived as knowledgeable and pleasant. This contributed to an improvement in understanding of the material and positive intermediate test results with eventually two passes on the final list to advance to the exam year. Thank you Timen!" - Carla ________ "For the past few months Timen has been helping our son with his math. Because of Timen's tutoring he now has a nice passing grade again. Timen explains well, is patient and very helpful. Timen certainly shows sufficient knowledge of the subject. The communication with Timen about appointments is also pleasant. A real professional as far as we are concerned." - Erik ________ "Timen has helped our son to get the right insights and knowledge of mathematics. By, with great patience, working together with a positive approach and clear explanations. This gave our son knowledge and skills but also confidence. Since Timen's lessons not a single failing grade in math anymore!" - Wally ________ "We were at our wit's end..... Our son Jason was always our math prodigy in elementary school and all of a sudden in high school (havo/mavo) things went completely wrong. He had always worked hard, studied a lot and still only got poor grades. His self-confidence had already plummeted. Then we went looking for someone for math tutoring, we wanted to try to pull out all the stops. We ended up (fortunately) with Timen. Jason has so far had 8x tutoring sessions with Timen and see there......of grades like 4.1/2.9/4.3 today Jason came home with 9 (!!!!) Timen can explain very well in a very calm, clear way. Their have a good click with each other and Jason has completely regained his confidence thanks Timen. We are going to give it an extra push again before the final test and we have full confidence that Timen will prepare him well for it. THANK YOU TIMEN" - Jasmin
Physics · Math · Tutoring
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Math&Physics for School and University Students: IB SL/HL, EB,IGCSE, GCSE, ICSE, CBSE, SPM, AP, A-levels, Cambridge (Antwerp)
It is with the utmost admiration and gratitude that I extend my effulgent endorsement for David, the epitome of mathematical tutorship. His fervor for the subject and his pupils is steadfast, and David’s commitment to ensuring proficiency and comprehension is manifest in every tutorial session. His availability is most pliable, as he exhibits a constant readiness to alter his docket to accede to the necessities of his students. This adaptability is rare and precious quality, one that has played a seminal role in my time near the finals. Not only do he demonstrate devotion during his scheduled lessons time, for he is always approachable for additional guidance and support outside his hours. David’s unwavering dedication to the academic success of his students is truly remarkable and deeply appreciated by those who benefit from it. What distinguishes David is not solely his mastery in mathematics, but his amiable and cordial demeanour. He cultivates a genial and hospitable environment; and his pedagogy a harmonious blend of professionalism and conviviality. I consider myself fortunate to have availed myself of David’s instruction, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. In conclusion, if you seek a mathematics tutor, David Devidze should be your first port of call. His passion for the subject, commitment to his students, and affable personality makes him the ideal tutor for anyone seeking to enhance their mathematical understanding and aptitude. A true gem in the world of tutelage
Review by VALENTIN
Private lessons in Math, Physics, Chemistry and SVT (Brussels)
Superb experience with Raef. I asked for his help to prepare a math assessment test with an enormous lack of basis but he accepted the challenge. I found out a nice teacher who is not afraid of explaining and repeating if necessary. I did enjoy his method with the whiteboard, it feels like you are in the same place and can interact on the same exercise. Either in English or french he will certainly be able to help you. He is super kind and flexible, I definitively recommend his services.
Review by DYLAN
CCVX + James Boswell Entrance Exams Preparation (Physics) (Groningen)
I was preparing for CCVX and Boswell Beta physics exams and the lessons with Bibek helped a lot. They were very flexible, and suited for me, I received a lot of tips and the general atmosphere during the lessons was very good. I would definitely recommend Bibek to everyone looking for a person with great physics knowledge and also teaching skills, as he was able to explain everything in a way that I would definitely understand, by even giving some visual references.
Review by AISTE