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15 keyboard (music) teachers in Budapest

Join Charlie P in interactive 1:1 piano / keyboard weekly lessons where students will master performance, technique and theory! Enjoy seeing your confidence grow after every class! *Free Video tutorials provided after lessons to recap work covered in class* C O U R S E O U T L I N E : Students will learn... 👉 How to play piano by ear, copying musical patterns via call and response finger number patterns. 👉 How to follow piano music, reading note names and other relevant music theory. 👉 How to arrange and put your individual musical twist on any songs learned, whether it be classical pieces or specifically requested song choices. 👉 How to develop the art of live performance and recording from a teacher who actively gigs worldwide! C L A S S B R E A K D O W N : A typical class includes... 👉 Getting to know a students musical taste and ambitions for their piano career. 👉 Interactive finger warm up drills, with fun call and respond games, tailored to develop technique 👉 A starter piece that develops all fingers in the right hand, and then left hand 👉 Coordination (playing in both hands) exercises, a combination of following music and percussive exercises 👉 A personalised weekly practice routine (you can be more efficient with 5-10 minute practice sessions with my strategies!!) W E E K L Y C O N C E P T S : A typical beginner student would follow this format in our classes 👉Week 1: Learn the much loved "catchy song" (coined by current students!) in the right hand, developing piano geography of CDEFG 👉Week 2: Introduce our Left Hand and initiate the concept of coordination (playing in both hands) 👉Week 3: Begin a new piece whilst developing our catchy song with additional coordination sections 👉Week 4: Master the art of live performance by introducing a metronome/backing track (feel like you're playing a gig!) From their we will tail off into a more specific and personalised route of student development, whether it be following classical pieces and work towards grades, or take the contemporary pop route, learning songs in any genre (many students like to look into both paths!) A B O U T T H E T E A C H E R CREDENTIALS: 👉 Over 10,000 hours of teaching since 2014, 👉 100% pass rate with all piano students Classical Music Degree obtained in 2014 👉 Classical Music Degree obtained in 2014 FUN FACTS: 👉I currently play a keytar during gigs that shoots out lasers in time with every note I play! 👉I love taking requests from students of their favourite songs, and can teach them how to play it in the same class! TEACHING STYLE 👉 Classical Training Brought to Modern Life, with a heavy emphasis on personal growth and confidence building, via learning the piano! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P L E A S E N O T E : 👉Background Noise Suppression should be set to "low" in zoom meetings taken on computers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I am so excited to meeting and working with you! Charlie P
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Trusted teacher: Regardless of your level of knowledge and age, I welcome applications from those who feel enthusiastic about learning music, be it an elementary school child, an enthusiastic newbie, or a dedicated adult who is just starting out in music. In an atmosphere full of attention, support and enthusiasm, I strive to give everyone the most effective help in their development. 🙂 I also go home to teach on demand, but I also welcome students in the 12th district on a beautiful, renovated Bösendorfer piano. *** My lessons are practice-oriented, in which musical skills development exercises, learning new works and creating one's own repertoire, improvisation exercises, and the establishment of the necessary theoretical / formal background are included. For all my students, I think it’s important that at the beginning of our work together, we find, first and foremost, the path that makes music learning a rewarding, successful process. *** I myself am currently primarily working as a concert organist and a doctoral student at the Academy of Music, Budapest. I graduated from the Liszt Academy Budapest and the Paris Conservatoire. I lived in Japan for a year, during which time I was able to fill the position of resident organist at the Kitara Concert Hall in Sapporo. My first solo album was released in 2020. In 2021, I won the First Prize and the Audience Prize at the 13th International Organ Competition in Toulouse, France. I regularly participate as a soloist in domestic and international symphony orchestras and choirs. I really like teaching and dealing with people. During my more than a decade of teaching experience, I have been able to meet a wide variety of students from the age of 6 to the age of 70. I have very good memories of all my students. I lived in Paris for two years, a year in Japan, during which I was able to gain serious insight into the education systems of both countries. Building on my studies at home, my international experience has had a decisive impact on me and has shown me many new directions in music teaching. I hope I piqued your interest. I look forward to hearing from you! Adam
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Trusted teacher: Hello everyone! My name is Hoang with a background of classical piano in Vietnam. Currently I’m pursuing the study of this amazing instrument at the Liszt Academy as a BA student. My lessons are specifically for absolute beginners who don’t know where to start. My method emphasizes on the most basic skills such as how to read the music sheet, organize the piece into sentences, periods and phrases, etc. Of course, it would take more than that to successfully be able to play the piano. However, with me you can take one step at a time without feeling overwhelmed by too much complicated music theory. Instead, you can still progress gradually under my guidances. The most important thing is, the lessons are made for YOU, to give you a strong foundation so you can have the most optimal starting line. No more wandering in the dark with self-taught piano books or getting super fast results but feeling stuck afterwards with piano learning apps. With a mentor, you will have a map to piano learning that guides you away from deadly traps and take you to a direct path to your destination. Please be aware that, my lessons are not magic wands and I am definitely not a fairy who can make you skillful at the piano overnight. For a strong foundation, you will have to be very patient. Learning a new skill is all about whether or not you can grasp the foundation, but it will take far longer than you would imagine. But do not be discouraged! Because it’s my job to facilitate your journey and motivate you towards what you desire! We shall conquer this trial together! As mentioned before, I’m trained in classical music but also enthusiastic about music from entertainment mediums like movies, anime or games. After having your foundation established, I can instruct you further on these if you want.
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Trusted teacher: Hello! I am a classical pianist with a Master's degree at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag. I have taught Piano (and also Music Education) since 2016, to both children and adults. Teaching allows me to bring my passion and enthusiasm for music to the students, and I also find it incredibly rewarding to guide and follow their musical and technical development! I am easily adaptable to the student's musical tastes and expectations/goals in music learning, and I am also very mindful of how I communicate, according to the students' ages and personalities. I can teach classical music, pop, rock, or any other style. My approach consists of giving you the necessary theoretical knowledge for what you wish to play; involving you actively in the choice of the pieces/songs you will play; setting up a long-term plan for your repertoire, so that your development is made step by step in a challenging - but achievable - way (and this way, you will feel more motivated!); giving you enjoyable and creative practicing strategies; creating rich imagery revolving around the piece - by making up a story, relating the music to emotions, etc.; and also positive feedback! Thus, my lessons will allow you to: - Learn how to read scores. -Develop your musical understanding (from notes, rhythm, and harmony, to musical taste, and emotional comprehension of the music, or dive into aesthetic principles concerning the period and style of the piece,...). -Improve, step by step, until you are able to play that piece/song that you love. -Prepare yourself for exams. -Etc. The best thing is that it's possible for you to learn all this and have fun at the same time! Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
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Keyboard (music) · Piano · Music theory
Trusted teacher: I am a professional pianist offering private piano and theory lessons to students of all levels. As a pianist with 14 years of teaching experience and over 23 years of playing, I enjoy motivating my students with music of their own preferred style and interest, whether that be classical or contemporary. My main goal is to promote a positive experience and love for music-making during the course of learning piano. If the student is interested in a more serious approach, I can also guide preparation for grades 1-8 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exams. I also have successful experience preparing students for conservatory entrance auditions and for various competitions. Recently, my students have achieved the highest marks in the ABRSM exams as well as prizes in competitions. We also have a class concert for interested students twice per year. I am happy working in both a relaxed and serious approach, we simply need to discuss the objectives of the student. My own studies are as follows: I have obtained two postgraduate degrees at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp: "Concertsoloist" in Piano Performance and "Chamber Music." Prior to this, I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Piano Performance/Music from the University of Minnesota and TCU-Fort Worth, TX, USA. My experience includes collaboration with many different instrumentalists and singers, performing as a soloist in orchestra (also as a harpist), and receiving top prizes in several competitions. While maintaining my performance and recording career in Belgium at present, I am developing my private music studio and look forward to meeting new students.
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Piano lessons - music theory and harmony - for any level (Budapest)
I started my lessons with Giorgia four months ago, and I am so glad to have found her. As a 26-year-old beginner, I was not sure if I should even try to pursue learning an instrument at this point. But now I am so glad I did! I am learning online, and I was a little unsure of how lessons via webcam would go. Despite my prejudice, everything turned out great, even though my setup is quite basic. Her approach to teaching is very creative. She is able to explain things that seem hard to put into words, and she always finds comparisons and descriptions that convey clearly little details of approach that make a lot of difference in the end result. For any difficulty I encountered, she presented methods of exercise that helped correct it. Another thing that I appreciate is that from one lesson to the next, the volume of work is challenging enough that I feel I am making progress, but not to the point that I am overwhelmed. Also, even though I am just beginning and the pieces are not that complex, she explains the musical interpretation in a way that not only helps me advance my skill but also enriches the way I understand and listen to music, and I find great value in that. Her manner of teaching is very organic, and she is a patient teacher with a warm presence. I wholeheartedly recommend her lessons!
Review by IULIANA
Piano Lessons in Classical and Contemporary Styles for Beginning-Advanced Levels (ages 6 and up) (Antwerp)
I had my first lesson today and I was immediately struck with the feeling that I am in the presence of a maestro in Piano playing, a professor in teaching and an extremely patient pedagogue. It was like Lydia knew me for years and instantaneously detected my strengths and my weaknesses in my piano playing and practice. I am an adult student and I highly recommend Lydia for all ages and all levels. An exceptional teacher that provides and exceptional lesson experience.
Review by CHAIM
Piano Lessons - from children to adults, any level. Classical music, pop/rock, etc. (The Hague)
André Texeira, My daughter age 10 sings already and wanted to play the piano, because she writes her first song. My daughter had her first piano lesson online with you and liked very much. André is very patient with children. You explain it in a way that my daughter understand it. She loves it. Thank you very much for that experiance. I recomand André for piano lessons.
Review by J.