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1 japanese teacher in Belgiëlei

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Trusted teacher: I passed the Japanese teaching test and taught 1000 lessons and have 100 students over the world (including all platforms) so you can have a professional lesson at a reasonable price and we can focus on your personal goal from beginners to fluent speakers. My favorite topics to chat about are J-POP/Rock. I even used to hang out with super famous musicians .I can't tell who they are for their privacy, but we can talk about Japanese music, backstage and Japanese music industry. For beginners, I use teaching materials and focus on the Genki textbook. But I can customize the lesson without it. For JLPT I use a JLPT textbook. I published a book about how to get high scores on exams using only short-term study and it's a best seller on Amazon so I certainly know plenty of tips. Let's study efficiently together! Also, I'm studying Java programming, so I am teaching programming Japanese terms to students. so my lesson helps you to work with Japanese programmers! Me as a Teacher I know many Japanese learners have headaches for particles like the difference between 'が’ and 'は', 'に’and 'で’, 自動詞(はいる)and 他動詞(いれる). As a professional teacher, I am willing to explain and practice with you. The style chart of my lesson is like below. My Lessons & Teaching Style Complete beginner: --->Yes-->Start with the easiest letter.We can order foods in the end of the lesson. (talk about a textbook for next lessons) ---->Yes,but personal purpose&goal--->Let's target to it! Not a complete beginner: -->For travel to JP-->Role play for a variety of travel situations -->JLPT -->N1/N2/N3-->Practicing the exam & discussion based on each level -->JLPT -->N4/N5-->Practicing the exam & conversation based on each level -->Can do daily conversations-->Choose a topic from a list and conversation -->Still learning daily conversations-->Genki textbook and actual conversation based on it(I recommend the textbook but tell me if it's difficult. I can customize the lesson.
I have taught Japanese to English speakers as a private tutor since 2014. I am an online tutor after covid 19 pandemic. I was in California U.S.A for 7 years and taught Japanese at a language school. I am still teaching my students online. They are so happy to come to Japan after the Japanese government finally would open our border to tourists in October 2022. My students have various reasons for learning Japanese. They are studying Japanese with me for several years. Some of them are in Japan now as English teacher, exchange student, and works at a Japanese company. My teaching method is very simple. The balance of reading, writing, listening, and speaking is very important. Every content is an essential skill. But I want my students to speak a lot during lessons. I would order to my students make sentences a lot with new words and grammar. I believe they like to do and enjoy speaking Japanese with me. I also never skip simple practice at each lesson. For example conjugation of verbs and adjectives, They are a bit complicated for English speakers but I do it with my students during the lesson. The particles are the most time-consuming skills, but My students can attach them to each word. They can know how to attach to words as a Quiz with me. I love to teach children as well. I may be their first Japanese teacher, but they will have many Japanese teachers, so I would like to teach them not only the Japanese language. I would like to tell them about Japan, Japanese people, and Japanese culture. I always provide textbooks as pdf files to my students. I don't skip simple tasks. Kids students forget new grammar and words easily. But we will do these simple practices again and again during lessons. It means my students speak Japanese a lot and like to do these practices with me. It is one of the reasons why I have many kids students. If I can help you, it would be my pleasure. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
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Private lessons to learn Japanese culture and language (Hettange-Grande)
For a long time I had been looking for a Japanese teacher in Luxembourg for private lessons until I found Maki-sensei. Her teaching style is really meeting my needs: she is encouraging me to talk more in Japanese while working on my vocabulary and grammar. She is using a range of teaching materials, such as text books, audio clips, short movie-clips, and articles from web-sites, which makes her lessons very enjoyable and rewarding. After the lesson Maki-sensei provides me with a write-up with newly learned words and corrections. I am always looking forward to the next lesson and strongly recommend her for anybody wanting to learn Japanese or about Japanese culture.
Review by THOMAS
Private Japanese lessons in Tokyo (or online lessons) (Tokyo)
Very satisfied with one week sustained session on Japanese essentials with Chihi san. Contents are spot on, method is very adaptable. I felt both challenged, enabled and wishing for more. Just great: I recommend her completely: She tuned in very naturally to my constraints and my learning style, giving me content and foundation I can use immediately, and going the extra mile with research on many small questions I raised all along the way or in between. Planning was also very smooth: She was organised and at the same time very flexible to meet my needs on timing, location , contents etc. I won’t need to look elsewhere on my next learning sessions.
Review by THIERRY
Japanese language classes taught in a fun and professional way. (Leuven)
Anne is a teacher that prepares her lessons in advance. You get a lot of attention as a student and I really felt welcomed from the first minute. Anne is very clear in her communication and organisation (and this also encompasses how she guides you towards the first lesson, making sure all is clear). It is clear that she has a profound knowledge of the Japanese language as well as the didactical methods to teach it. What I appreciated was her openness and the fact that you can shape the lessons to make them fit with your personal goals you have for studying Japanese, whatever they might be. I definitely recommend working with Anne!
Review by YORBEN