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Umi - Maastricht21€
Trusted teacher: IN: I am a native Japanese and French speaker, born in Yokohama. Although I lived most of my life in France, I attended a Japanese international school from kindergarten to highschool, and passed the French baccalaureate with the international option (OIB) in Japanese. I therefore am entirely fluent in both languages. Previous experience: - French conversation classes for Japanese adults living in Paris for several months in 2016. - Babysitting in Japanese children aged 2 and 5 living in Paris, from 2014 to 2016. - Transcribing and translating a dozen Japanese interviews into French, in 2015. - Worked as a waitress in a hotel in Japan in a 100% Japanese environment, for 2 months during summer 2017. EN: I am a Franco-Japanese student fluent in both languages. Born in Yokohama but having lived most of the life in the suburbs of Paris, I attended my schooling from kindergarten to high school at the International School of Saint Germain en Laye. In 2016, I graduated from ES with OIB (International Baccalaureate option) in Japanese. Experience: - French conversation classes for Japanese adults living in Paris for several months in 2016. - Babysitting of Japanese children living in Paris, aged 2 and 5 years, for 2 years between 2014 and 2016. - Transcription and translation of a dozen Japanese interviews in French, in 2015. - Serving as a hotel waitress in Japan, in an entirely Japanese environment, in summer 2017. JP: フ ラ ン ス と 日本 の ハ ー フ の 大学生 で す 生 ま れ は 横 浜 で す が, パ リ で 育 ち ま し た 幼稚園 か ら 高校 卒業 ま で イ ン タ ー ナ シ ョ ナ ル · ス ク ー ル に 通 っ て お り, 日本 の 学校 と 同 じ 内容 で 国語 と 社会 の 教育 を 受 け..ま し た. 経 験: - 2016 年 1 月 か ら 月 月 ら け け ら ら ら 大 大 大 た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た. - 2014 年 か ら 2016 パ に か け, パ リ リ 住 日本 日本 日本 日本 日本 日本 た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た - 2015 年 に は で で イ タ タ タ ュ ュ ュ ー ー ー ー ー ー ー し し し し し し し し た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た - 2017 年 の 夏 二 二 二 日本 ー ー ー ト ト の た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た た.
French · Japanese
Trusted teacher: Hello. I am 23 years old Polish guy who just moved to Utrecht from Kyoto - yes, I know, quite a combination! I am currently pursuing MSc in Financial Management and possess two bachelor degrees - Economics and Japanese Studies - which I completed simultaneously. I lived in Japan, Kyoto for a year where I attended 上級(advanced level, N1 and above) university course. I currently possess the N1 certificate. I have also worked in a fully Japanese (Japanese capital, Japanese people, twisted Japanese business rules) company in Kyoto and am looking forward to sharing this experience with you! I am open to teach anyone, be that a student or a working person, but I believe my knowledge would be the most useful for a person who is ultimately looking to use their gained skills in a professional setting. If you wish to learn Japanese from the very beginning I am using the Genki textbook + workbook. Mastering (not only skimming through) Genki 1 and 2 with someone who can guide you along the way can get you very far in real-life conversation and - depending on the time commitment, will, and previous exposure to the language - can be done in a relatively short time. For those who have already completed those textbooks - we will discuss your needs and adjust the lessons to that. Personally, based on the previous experiences I believe I could help you the most with "opening up" to freely converse in Japanese. If you have any questions - hit me up! The lessons can be taught in Japanese, English, and Polish.
Business skills · Japanese
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Beginners/intermediate Japanese lessons for anybody! (Diemen)
I was very impressed by how well Taimu had prepared the lesson - I haven't seen a similarly well prepared (language) teacher in my experience. The entire time I could notice that she had given a lot of attention to details while at the same time keeping the atmosphere light by interweaving anecdotes with the study material. I would highly recommend Taimu.
Review by FLORIAN
Japanese language lessons - Learn to communicate in Japanese (Maastricht)
A fantastic teacher, great lessons. Yu is a kind of teacher who exactly knows what a student need to learn and She's good at it. She also have this ability that while teaching one thing a student is able to learn plenty of other useful and needed things at the same time. If anyone really wants to learn Japanese, Then Yu is the best choice
Review by ARTUR
Welcome to Japanese native speaker FUN lesson FUN:) (The Hague)
I was extremely happy with my first class with Miki. We had a lot of fun and I had an excellent opportunity to practice my Japanese and to learn new words and grammar. Miki was very friendly and intelligent and made me feel comfortable.