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Turkish learning like never experienced before! No details left unexplained! Grammar in its complete sense! Merhaba! This is a certified mother-tongue teacher of the Turkish language and culture from Bursa. I have been working with numerous language schools in Turkey, in Europe, and in global platforms since 2011. I completed a program for teaching Turkish as a foreign language at Marmara University in Istanbul. I am also the Turkish language delegate for Directors Languages based in the UK, and a member of the Turkish team for Innovative Language Learning headquartered in Japan. I have built an exclusive method for Turkish teaching, being a self-language-learner myself. The lessons are adjustable for any kind of journalistic, touristic, romantic, gastronomic, linguistic, scientific, artistic, religious, historical, cultural, or commercial purposes; any level from hello to Ottoman poetry; background of any other language, way of learning, means of learning in person or via the Internet, and age. My spectrum of students expands from children to CEOs. I prefer proceeding with a constructive and conversational methodology for proper comprehension and confident learning of the Turkish language in the smoothest structure possible. That way, learners will have the freedom to make their own sentences once they are comfortable with the fundamental grammar and logic of the language, as well as the relevant vocabulary. I also enjoy making comparisons between world languages, clarifying to learners the origins of words, similarities in grammar, and contrasts in concepts. I spend great attention to the needs, motivation, and interests of learners so that I can pave the best order of topics, and choose the necessary glossary in a sufficient amount. I guide them to clear their previous confusion about Turkish with simple and logical explanations. I also help them to realize that they are making stable progress and that the things they learn are essential and part of the everyday, living language. I accumulated quite a rich resource of materials both written and audio-visual, including the prominent textbooks in the market, and a collection of various hardcopy and online varieties. Role-play dramatizations of real-life situations comprise an important part of classes. After each lesson, I provide learners with various supportive documents and exercises, as well as audio and visual practices if possible. When necessary, I can produce new material according to the exact needs and interests of my students. I also recommend them external sources to familiarize themselves with the language in their free time like popular songs and TV shows according to their personal tendencies. Overall, I am trying my best for their experience of learning Turkish to be efficient and fun, including related cultural explanations. Instructions can be in English, Italian, and Japanese. If you are interested, contact me kindly. I hope that we can discover this beautiful language and culture together! Teşekkürler! ~Experiences~ *Innovative Language Learning Tokyo, Japan / 2013 *Berlitz Language School Rome, Italy / 2014 & Ankara, Turkey / 2019 *Concept Languages Istanbul, Turkey / 2015 - *Tarabya British School İstanbul, Turkey / 2016 *London Language School Rome, Italy / 2017 *Directors Languages Maidenhead, UK / 2017 *Verbling San Francisco, USA / 2017 - *Turkish-Japanese Foundation Ankara, Turkey / 2019 *Various Embassies Ankara, Turkey / 2019
Turkish · Japanese · Italian
Hi, I am an international student from China currently pursuing graduate studies in education. I speak Japanese, Chinese (mother tongue) and French. I have studied in Japan, Hungary, Spain and Belgium and lived in China for 20 years. Since 2016, I have been working as a language teacher while studying and earning my undergraduate degree in Education in the aforementioned countries. I have taught more than 20 students so far, and the students and parents have responded very favorably to the results and the learning process, and have been motivated to learn a foreign language. I strongly believe that education is not a painful process, it is not only about learning subjects, but also about motivation, mental health and proper values. My relationship with my students is more like that of a friend; a superior teacher-student relationship can only lead to a negative reaction to the content. My students love my classes because they are filled with interesting and logical explanations, and I take every student's question seriously. For younger students, I will use more interesting and vivid examples to explain abstract knowledge, for example: the letter "a" is a mouth with a snake next to it, in which case we will surely yell "ah". For adults who are able to think logically, I will choose to explain in a more logical way, e.g. if there is the character for fire on the left side of the Chinese word "烤", the left of the word which is "火" looks like a campfire,so any word with this "campfire" means something about fire or high temperature, and the right part can be used to deduce the pronunciation of the word. My courses are available via Terminals, Skype, dingding, etc. If you are in Brussels then you are welcome to come to one of my offline courses! The classes can be taught in Chinese, English.
English · Mandarin chinese · Japanese
🌻 Conversation lesson ・In this class, I will help you acquire natural Japanese and grammar through conversation. for example↓ ・Very polite Japanese ・Rough Japanese to talk with friends etc. can be practiced together. ・Don't worry if you can't speak Japanese right now☺️ Learn Japanese little by little by having conversations in English and Japanese! (Content) ・Everything is welcome, such as consultation, hobbies, culture, anime and lifestyle! *However, I recommend that you think about what you want to talk about in advance so that you can practice your Japanese by speaking a lot! ・It's okay if you make a mistake. Let's talk a lot ^_^ -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- 🌻Beginner grammar lesson Japanese class using the textbook (Minna no Nihongo) ・In this class, we will use the textbook "Minna no Kare no Nihongo". ・Recommended for those who want to study grammar and Japanese. (content) Daily conversation ↓ Words (food names, object names, etc.) ↓ studying with a textbook ↓ questions, etc. * if you want to do only textbooks! Or you want to read a novel! It is also possible to change the content. Please ask me ^_^ *Those who have not studied hiragana can study together before starting the textbook. If you can study hiragana on your own, I recommend studying before class. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- 🌻Kids class ・Free talk ・Hiragana ・Grammar (Kodomo no Nihongo or Minna no Nihongo) ・Games (Shiritori, Magical Banana, card games, etc.) ・Reading ancient ・Flash cards (antonyms, idioms, animal names, four-letter idioms, etc.) - Help with simple homework I can also give homework after class ☺️ I have worked at a nursery school for 2 years and also taught Japanese for 1 year. I also have a license as an elementary school teacher. Using that experience, you can enjoy practicing Japanese while having a conversation in Japanese with your child! 🌻If you can have a simple conversation in Japanese, you can teach a class, and I am currently teaching a 4-year-old child! Please feel free to contact us about class content and class times ^_^ -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- 🌻🌻Please message me once ^_^ About me I have over 400 hours of experience teaching Japanese online. ・I studied education at university for 4 years. ・I have an elementary school teacher's license, a kindergarten teacher's license, and a nursery school teacher's license. ・I helped her teach English to children with a native English teacher at an international nursery school for 2 years. ・I also taught Japanese to children at the same nursery school for one year. ・I'm from Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, so if you're interested in the Kansai dialect of Kobe, please let me know in a message✨ 🌻会話レッスン ?す。 具体的には↓ ・すごく丁寧な日本語 ・仲の良い上司などと喋る少し丁寧な日本語 ・友達と喋るラフな日本語 などを一緒に練習することができます。 ・今日本語が話せなくても心配しないでください☺️ 英語や日本語を使って会話をすることで少しずつ日本語を覚えましょう! (内容) ・相談や趣味や文化、アニメや生活習慣など、何でも大歓迎です! ※ただし、あなたがたくさん話して日本語の練習できるように、話したい内容を事前に考えておくことをおすすめします! ・間違えても大丈夫です。たくさん話しましょう^_^ -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- 🌻初級文法レッスン 教科書(みんなのにほんご)を使った日本語の授業 ・この授業では"みんなの にほんご"という教科書を使って授業をします。 語をしっかり、勉強したい人におすすめです。 (授業内容) 日常会話 ↓ 単語 (食べ物の名前や物の名前など) ↓ 教科書を使った勉強 ↓ 質問など ※教科書だけをしたい!や、小説を読みたい!など授業内容の変更も可能です。相談してください^_^ ※ひながなの勉強をしていない人は教科書を始める前に一緒に勉強することもできます。ススメします -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- 🌻子どもクラス ・フリートーク ・ひらながな ・文法(こどものにほんご or みんなの日本語) ・ゲーム(しりとり、マジカルバナナ、カードを使ったゲームなど) ・音読 ・フラッシュカード(反対言葉、慣用句、動物の名前、四字熟語など) ・簡単な宿題のお手伝いなど 授業後に宿題を出すこともできます☺️ 🌻リクエストに応じて授業をカスタマイズできます! (例) 話をして子どもが日本語を忘れないようにしてほしい。 ・日本語の文法の教科書を使って勉強したい! ・フリートークをメインで文字を書く練習も取り入れて欲しい! ・こどもが楽しく日本語と触れ合えるようにしたい! ・日本の歌や季節の花や昔話などを紹介してほしい! などなど✨ 私は保育所で2年間働き、日本語を1年間教えた経験もあります。また小学校の先生の免許も持っています。 その経験を活かして、子どもと日本語で会話をしながら楽しく日本語の練習をすることができます! 🌻日本語で簡単な会話ができれば、授業を行うことができ、現在4歳の子どもともレッスンを行なっています! 授業を内容や授業時間はぜひ一度相談してください^_^ -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- 🌻🌻是非(ぜひ)一度(いちど)メッセージを下さい^_^ 🌻私について オンラインで日本語を教えた経験が400時間以上あります。 ・4年間大学で、教育について学びました。 ・小学校の先生の免許、幼稚園の先生の免許、保育士資格を持っています。 ・2年間インターナショナル保育所で英語のネイティヴの先生と一緒に子どもたちに英語をMore information ・また、同じ保育所で1年間、子どもたちに日本語を教えました。 ・兵庫県の神戸市出身なので、神戸の関西弁に興味があるひとはメッセージで教えてください✨
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Private lessons to learn Japanese culture and language (Hettange-Grande)
For a long time I had been looking for a Japanese teacher in Luxembourg for private lessons until I found Maki-sensei. Her teaching style is really meeting my needs: she is encouraging me to talk more in Japanese while working on my vocabulary and grammar. She is using a range of teaching materials, such as text books, audio clips, short movie-clips, and articles from web-sites, which makes her lessons very enjoyable and rewarding. After the lesson Maki-sensei provides me with a write-up with newly learned words and corrections. I am always looking forward to the next lesson and strongly recommend her for anybody wanting to learn Japanese or about Japanese culture.
Review by THOMAS
Japanese language for beginners and advanced. Conversation lessons also possible! (Munstergeleen)
Great teacher! Very prepared for each lesson and flexible in helping out with specific language problems. He quickly picks up on your level and then adapts his speaking and teaching to match it, while pushing for greater skills all the while in a fun way and with self designed tests and questions. Very eager to really help you along in speaking and understanding Japanese. 10/10 would recommend!
Review by TOM
Study Japanese with a native teacher. Japanese All Levels (N5-N1). (Leuven)
Katayama-san is a great Japanese teacher and I would recommend him to not only students who are taking JLPT but also for people like me who are learning Japanese on their own. He is very patient — which anyone that takes a language needs – and it’s very comfortable to practice conversations and writing, which is also a huge plus. I recommend him highly.
Review by NANNETTE