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James - The Hague$37
Trusted teacher: I'm a 28-year old guitarist and composer based in Den Haag, teaching electric and acoustic guitar, in combination with music theory (if that is of interest to the student). I teach in English or in Greek. I am half Greek and half Scottish and I have been living in the Netherlands for the last 4 years. I offer lessons in all styles, to all age groups, and for any experience level (ranging from students who have never touched a guitar before, up to advanced players who are looking for new challenges). Face to face lessons are preferable, but I also teach online. I am a patient and open minded teacher, and my desire is to help you learn what you want to learn, and make sure you have fun with playing the guitar and nurture your curiosity and excitement about the world of music creation ! My Credentials: I hold a Bachelors of Music degree from Birmingham Conservatoire (UK), and a Masters of Music from The Hague Royal Conservatory. My experience as a guitarist ranges from classical guitar studies, to playing electric guitar in rock bands, as well as experience as an improviser, performer of notated contemporary classical compositions, creator and performer of ambient and electronic music. I also am very experienced in ambient and electronic-influenced guitar music, which has given me an in depth knowledge also of the guitar in combination with technology such as guitar effects, computer software and multichannel setups which expand the audio palette of the guitar. I have written songs, I have written orchestra pieces, I have worked as a DIY home producer, I have released albums, and I've performed in concert halls, rock venues, squats and festivals. I even some experience in beat-making. My music has been performed in and has taken me to several countries, including Portugal, The Czech Republic, The U.S.A., Canada, Korea, Greece, The U.K., The Netherlands. My Teaching style: My emphasis is to teach you based on your interests and your needs. The lessons are based around each individual student. You bring me the music you like and the things you want to learn, and I build my lessons around that. I've taught students everything from post-rock, to metal, to K-Pop to Nepalese songs... This way the student gets to explore music on their terms, and not based on a pre-decided set of songs or exercises. Alongside this I bring exercises and other songs that help build around the skills we learn through your songs, and help you develop the techniques needed for you to learn to play the music you love. Whatever music excites you I encourage you to bring it to our lesson, as this also gives me a chance to discover some new music ! What's more, depending on your interest, we can also explore music theory, ideas on composition and songwriting, even the basics of how to record your own songs at home. For experienced players: If you are an experienced player looking for new challenges and new perspectives, my wide ranging knowledge of music in a large spectrum of music will help you push your playing and knowledge of music into new worlds ! Topics of our more advanced lessons could include: in depth exploration of the possibilities of guitar pedals, using Ableton live with the electric guitar, reading scores, writing scores, exploring extended guitar techniques, using multi-amp setups, recording your own songs, playing contemporary classical works that include the electric guitar, exploring finger picking, using alternative guitar tunings, going deeper into music theory, exploring genres you haven't heard of (ranging from classical, to experimental, to free jazz, to electronic music)
Guitar · Music theory · Music composition
Trusted teacher: I’m Emiliano an Italian Jazz guitarist based in Den Haag (NL), currently studying at the Royal Conservatory (Den Haag) During the high school years in Italy I have been collaborating as a guitarist and by offering support to the arrangement for the yearly school concerts with renowned musicians like the world- famous violin player Alessandro Quarta, the singer and conductor Carolina Bubbico, the jazz saxophone player and artistic director of the "Locomotive Jazz Festival" Raffaele Casarano, the producer and multi-instrumentalist Filippo Bubbico. I also collaborated with the actor Fabrizio Saccomanno by playing in the ensemble accompanying a theatrical representation of the Dante's "Inferno" adapted by Fabrizio Saccomanno himself and played at the Teatro Apollo in Lecce. 2016 - present: During the second year of the high school, intrigued by the jazz singing lessons I was attending, I started exploring and appreciating the jazz music and I started approaching it on the guitar by attending private lessons with the teachers Andrea Favatano and Giancarlo Del Vitto. The passion for jazz music has grown in me ever since, so much so that today it represents my favourite genre when playing or listening to music. During 2018 I attended two seminars: - a one-week jazz guitar and ensemble music seminar with Mike Moreno, Aaron Parks, Matt Brewer and Kendrick Scott in Fara Sabina, near Rome - Italy; - a one-week harmony and ensemble music seminar with Barry Harris in Rome - Italy. During 2019 I attended several seminars and masterclasses: - a one-day guitar masterclass with Scott Henderson in Martano (LE) - Italy; - a one-day bass masterclass with John Patitucci in Matera - Italy; - a one-day jazz ensemble music masterclass with Luca Alemanno in Lecce - Italy; - a two-day guitar masterclass with Jesse van Ruller in Pomarico (MT) - Italy; - a one-day guitar masterclass with Peter Bernstein in Trepuzzi (LE) - Italy. 2020- in the Netherlands I had the opportunity to perform in theaters like Tivoli Vredenburg (Utrecht) , Perdu (Amsterdam), Compagnie Theater (Amsterdam) and others 2020- I’m currently studying with jazz Guitarist Matijn Van Ieterson, 2021 I had the possibility to work and study with great musicians like Pedro Martins, Chris Cheek, Simon Moullier, Antoine Boyer, Philip Maniez ( big band project). I’m active as musicians and performer in the Netherlands and Italy.
Jazz music · Guitar · Music theory lessons
"Music is a social experience". That's the main thing that, regardless of wanting to be a professional musician or just play to have fun, music can offer to us: we can learn how to be among people, and get to know things about music itself, people and even ourselves! It's also a great way to get our own personality and have fun: it enhances our sensitivity and it's just a fun way to spend time! Anyways, how rude, I'm Enrico, a world-touring guitar player, composer and band leader, and I'm really glad you're reading this presentation. I grew up in a small town in the South of Italy, Crispiano, where I started playing guitar as a game, because it was such a great way to spend my afternoons and get together with my friends, just like playing video games or soccer, and here I am now ... my passion became my life! I like to teach that in my lessons: how fun it is to discover new things on your instrument and share them with all your friends ... starting with me. I'd love you to play with me during our lessons and learn things by doing them, starting with what you already like, playing your favorite songs together so you can go out and do the same with your friends! I've been lucky enough to meet teachers and colleagues that had the same approach with me, starting from my classical guitar studies in Italy, through the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where I'm currently finishing my jazz guitar Bachelor, till the masters or jazz music in New York City, which I had the luck to study with, like Peter Bernstein, Barry Harris or Dave Kikoski. This led me, despite my young age, to share the stage with great superstars on the international jazz scene such as Joe Magnarelli, Gadi Lehavi, Felix Rossy and many others and recording my first album, "Social Music" out with A.MA Records in July 2019!
Guitar · Jazz music
Historical Plucked string specialist, Matthew focuses on the repertoire of the theorbo, lute, baroque guitar and 19th-century guitar. He has performed extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Italy. He performs on the instrument(s): Renaissance Lute, Baroque Guitar, Baroque Lute, and Theorbo as both a soloist and continuo player. In the spring of 2018, Matthew was invited to perform Vivaldi’s Guitar Concerto in D major RV 93 on Baroque guitar as part of SFCM Baroque Concerto Winner’s concert and again in 2019 with Karl Kohaut’s Baroque Lute Concerto in F major. He has participated with the SF Conservatory Baroque Ensemble to bring to life: Handel’s Atalanta, and Rodelinda, and Tamerlano. Most recently, his performances include a production of Purcell’s The Fairy Queen with Haymarket Opera, Amherst Early Music Festival’s production of #anch'io (#me too): Six Ariadnes tell their tales. Matthew has performed and studied with the most renowned lutenists in the industry which include: Charles Weaver, Lucas Harris, Francesca Torelli, Joachim Held, Paul Odette, Paul Beier, Xavier Diaz LaTorre, and Nigel North. Matthew is an active and familiar face in early music ensembles and festivals which include: Amherst Early Music (AEM), the International Baroque Festival at Longy (IBIL), La Entroterre festival, Oregon Bach Festival (OBI), Oberlin Baroque Festival (OBF), SF Renaissance Voices (SFRV), SienAgosto, Tafelmusik Summer and Winter Institutes, SFEMS, Haymarket Opera Company and American Bach Soloists Academy (ABS). His teachers include John Schneiderman, Richard Savino, Marc Teicholz, and Corey Jamason. Matthew has recently completed a MM program at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with an emphasis in Historical Plucked Strings, studying under Richard Savino and Marc Teicholz. Matthew earned his BMus in Guitar/Lute performance from UC Irvine. Matthew is currently a 1st year Master’s in Historical Performance Lute/Theorbo at the Koninklijk Conservatorium under the mentorship of Joachim Held and Mike Fentross. Matthew is currently active in the Netherlands as a continuo player, chamber musician, soloist, instructor, and clinician.
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Guitar and Music Theory Lessons for all ages in Den Haag (The Hague)
My review of Joy's lesson is that he is not only fantastic at his guitar playing but also an enthusiastic teacher that will teach everything you want to know, solve your doubts, and, more importantly, help you to get closer to your musical goal. In my own opinion, he is a patient and amicable teacher that would not mind if I was making mistakes in his class. Instead, he encouraged me and guided me through my mistakes, and provided solutions accordingly to my problems. All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend Joy to all students who want to learn more about jazz guitar to participate in his class because he could really help you to improve.
Review by LOKE
Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Music theory lessons by enthusiastic tutor and performer (The Hague)
Antonio has been teaching my daughter for three months and she is absolutely thrilled with him. He is very patient and knows how to adapt and keep the child interested for the entire lesson so that she has learned a lot in the time. He makes the lessons fun and the house is filled with the sound of music and laughter. We could not be happier with Antonio. Highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn the guitar, regardless of age.
Review by DORA
Guitar and Music Theory Lessons by a Qualified and Experienced Teacher (The Hague)
I have done already more than 5 lessons with Goncalo and I can highly reccomend him. He is very kind and patience, but mostly I great teacher. I was a beginner trying to learn playing guitar via internet without any success. But since I started taking lessons with Goncalo I improved quickly my skills. what we do during the lessons is playing together a song of my choice, first he shows me what the accords are and then we play :)