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7 geography teachers in Lyon

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The GCSE course can be a lot to handle. I just completed my GCSEs in summer of 2022 with results i’m very pleased with all because of my sister who tutored me. The effect of a tutor during these times makes a massive impact and I hope I could be the one to make your teenagers time less stressful. For reference I got an 8 in Maths, an 8 in English(literature and language), a 7 in further Maths, a 9 in Geography, a 9 in Physics, an 8 in Chemistry and a 9 in Biology. My school worked with Edexcel for Maths and Geography and AQA for all sciences so I am most familiar with these course structures, however, in these age many textbooks are available online and I’d be happy to source the one that works best for your child. As well as the textbooks I used a lot of the AQA cgp revision guides which were particularly good for certain books in Geography as there’s hundreds or key structures you would have to remember. I’ve been a gymnastics coach for two years at Drayton Gymnastics Club so I truly have learnt the art of patience and gentleness around children of all ages and one of my key understandings with this is that everyone learns best in a different way and at a different pace. One thing about me personally is that I do have a real passion for Maths and I have continued it further into A Level but it was a tight choice between that and science. I feel absolutely comfortable tutoring anything as I loved all of the subjects above I simply just wasn’t heading in that direction. I hope I can help your child achieve grade 9s as my sister helped me.
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Trusted teacher: I am currently a student in the 1st year of a history license in Arras and I obtained my baccalaureate with honors with the congratulations of the jury and the English European Section. In high school, I took the HGGSP specialty (History, Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science) and I still have all of my courses available. I could help with the understanding of history lessons, explain the course, test knowledge but also provide advice for the realization of the two fundamental exercises of history: the essay and the commentary of text / documents. Similarly, having followed the English European section in high school, I had history and geography lessons in English and I can help in this area as well. I am more comfortable giving help in history than in geography, however I am fully capable of helping and explaining geography lessons at college and high school level because I still have geography lessons in my bachelor's degree. I want to best adapt to the profile of the student to be able to help him as best as possible and make him progress. Everyone has different ways of learning and it's important to respect that. Thus, I will do my best to match the courses with the needs of the students. (For information: During my first year of a history degree, I studied: Roman history, medieval history, modern history, contemporary history, regionalization of the world (geography), Central European history, Greek history, medieval art history, "Living and Dead in the Middle Ages", the geography of urban spaces.)
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We are very happy with mister Jonathan, he is really very sincere with his work.Not seen such a credible teacher.can say much more but only words will not merit his work .his is really appreciable person.
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Claudia is a very kind and helpful person. She has very enjoyable classes through learning with music, cooking, games and textbooks to help improve my Spanish in a fun environment. She is a great teacher!
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The first lesson was nice and I appreciate a lot the way Youness manage the lesson I highly recommend him for the patience and the calm... A very nice and postive moment
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