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Trusted teacher: I am currently a student in the 2nd year of a history license in Arras and I obtained my baccalaureate with honors with the congratulations of the jury and the English European Section. In high school, I took the HGGSP specialty (History, Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science) and I still have all of my courses available. I could help with the understanding of history lessons, to explain the course, to test knowledge but also to provide advice for the realization of the two fundamental exercises of history: the essay and the commentary of text / documents. Similarly, having followed the English European section in high school, I had history and geography lessons in English and I can help in this area as well. I am more comfortable giving help in history than in geography, however I am fully capable of helping and explaining geography lessons at college and high school level because I still have geography lessons in my bachelor's degree. I want to best adapt to the profile of the student to be able to help him as best as possible and make him progress. Everyone has different ways of learning and it's important to respect that. Thus, I will do my best to match the courses with the needs of the students. For information, with my bachelor's degree I studied most historical periods (ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary history) as well as in several aspects (social, economic, cultural, events, etc.), which means that I have more or less covered the subjects covered in middle school or high school history lessons. The history degree in Arras also allows me to have geography lessons, which allows me to always work on this subject and its methods.
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In 1945, the creation of the UN aims to prevent a new world war. But we are also witnessing a very strong period of tension between the United States and the USSR. The USSR and the United States were allies against Nazism but at the end of the Second World War, these two hyperpowers (they are called: the two blocks) will oppose each other without ever directly confronting each other because of the fear of nuclear. This period is called the Cold War, it will last from 1947 to 1991. Problem: How did the Cold War manifest itself? How does the opposition between the 2 blocks take place? What are the reasons for the end of the Cold War and their consequences. In February 1945 (when the war was not yet over) the YALTA conference took place. Roosevelt (United States) Churchill (United Kingdom) and Stalin (USSR) decide on a new organization of the world: occupation of German territory by the winning powers - denazification of Germany - organization of free elections in liberated countries - creation of ONU. In 1945 ; at the Potsdam conference the victors decide on the new borders of Europe. Gradually tensions arise between the winners. The Russians are accused of wanting to spread communism in the countries of Eastern Europe which they liberated from Nazism. For their part, the Russians find it difficult to accept the world domination of the United States (atomic bomb) From 1947, the 2 former allies are suspicious of each other: it is the end of the great alliance against Nazism and the beginning of the Cold War. The cold war will gradually spread between the 2 "BIG" => the world is divided into two parties.
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