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2 geography teachers in Luxembourg

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Olivier - Luxembourg35€
Trusted teacher: Professional teacher, French, very experienced and very serious, I offer private lessons and tutoring at a distance (by Zoom or Skype) or face-to-face (Luxembourg-city and surroundings) in French for primary school and school secondary (French, history, geography), as well as French as a foreign language (FLE) courses for children and adults. I am always very attentive to the pupil or the student I have in front of me, his characteristics and his specificities, I thus adapt to the pupil in order to be as efficient as possible, that either in tutoring classes or in French as a foreign language classes. I therefore try to adapt as best as possible the methodology of the courses and the teaching aids used to the different students and their particularities, as my background shows: in total I have completed 26 years of teaching (higher education, secondary education, private lessons) to all kinds of audiences, in all kinds of conditions, and in 4 different countries: France, Luxembourg, Russia, Lithuania. I have indeed taught French college and high school students; pupils from the Luxembourg school systems, from the European Schools in Luxembourg; to French, Lithuanian, Russian students…; Lithuanian teachers of French; adults of different nationalities learning French in Luxembourg, etc. During the ten years of private lessons in Luxembourg, I carried out different types of lessons and activities: - courses in history, geography, French (primary and secondary schools), French for adults (FLE: French as a foreign language), - preparation for the French bac: French 2nd and 1st year classes (French literature), - supervision of a student enrolled in history-geography at the CNED (National Center for Distance Studies, France), - preparation for the French tests for the entrance exams to the Luxembourg civil service (summaries, discussions, method of the dissertation), - supervision of a summary test in French for a business school competition, - proofreading and correction of dissertations in French (higher education), etc.
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Studying Human Geography is key to understanding the spatial differences that make up our world, how we as humans relate and experience place and space, and how inequalities exist across space. Human Geography asks us to consider: why are some areas and the people within them so different than others? This class will explore and introduction to the key basic issues and strands within Human Geography. It will start with a basic introduction to the course. We will then introduce the core theoretical and philosophical approaches that provide a lens for understanding issues in Human Geography, including postcolonialist, Marxist and feminist approaches, and identify key thinkers in contemporary Human Geography. We will then go onto to explore some of the main areas of the field, starting with cultural geographies - understanding the spatially contextual nature of cultures; political geographies — how political power produces and shapes space; economic geographies, examining the spatiality of production and the global inequalities bound up in these; and finally environmental geography, with a focus on the ways in which the political, the cultural, and economic structure intersect to produce environmental degradation —and how this produces uneven outcomes for different populations living through in this new era of the anthroprocene —or as some call it, the capitalocene. The course will cover six lessons and is ideal for a prospective Geography student considering undergraduate studies, anyone else who is interested in an introduction to the field, or needs a bit extra help to enhance their university work and understanding — and of course anyone else simply interested in the subject is welcome to join!
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Geography tutoring by a qualified teacher - GCSE, A Levels, Highers, Leaving certificate
Brian is an expert in geography and an excellent teacher. The classes are always fun, interactive and interesting. In just a few lessons, I learned so much and started liking the subject. He's thorough with the syllabus (Cambridge 9696) and uses innovative teaching methods (videos/online applications). His flexible working hours are a huge plus point for students like me with difficult schedules. He is very patient and understanding and will explain the content repeatedly until you get it and also helps with past paper practice. Highly recommend if you're looking for a geography teacher!
Review by AYISHA
Maths/Geography/History/Political science/Economics classes and Test Practise (Etterbeek)
Komal really helped me with my lessons, she adapted to my rhythm. I really needed a lot of help and thankfully she helped me and I passed my exam. She is a great tutor and would be a great teacher, I really recommend to have as your tutor. I am so thankful to have met her she is a wonderful person and very kind, I can’t thank her enough... thank you Komal.
Review by MHIA
English as a Second Language and English Language/Literature Tuition Online. Tuition for all levels. (The Hague)
We appreciated the great help of Courtney to our daughter. She is very kind and has great teaching methods. She has been really professional the whole time. She made lessons about what our daughter loves so she was always excited to see her! Strongly recommended!
Review by WAFA