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Veronik - Lyon$36
Trusted teacher: ATTENTION, VERY IMPORTANT: many people contact me and contact other teachers at the same time. Only write to me if you want classes with me. Hello, I am a trainer in French for teenagers and adults since 1998. It's been 20 years since I trained various people from all walks of life in French, German and English in schools and private lessons, skype / google class. My diplomas ? Well, I started with a bachelor's degree in German, continued with a DU degree in German / English / French, then theatrical studies and finished with a Master's degree and a Master's degree in Engineering / Language Training at the Sorbonne Nouvelle . Do you have grammar problems? Do you want to perfect your written or oral expression? Do you start French or do you want to improve? Looking for a personalized course? Do not hesitate for a second, contact me! ATTENTION, VERY IMPORTANT: many people contact me and contact other teachers at the same time. Only write to me if you want classes with me. See you soon, Véronik WARNING, VERY IMPORTANT: Many people write me and write to other teachers at the same time. Contact me ONLY if you want lessons with me. Hello, I have been teaching to teenagers and adults since 1998. So, I have been training in English, French and English (or in schools or in private lessons / skype / google class) for 20 years. What about my qualification? Well, I started with german, translation, drama studies and concluded with a Master in language instruction. Do you have any problems in grammar, oral or written expression? Do you begin English or do you feel like improving your skills? Do you look for a personalized class? Do not hesitate to join me! WARNING, VERY IMPORTANT: Many people write me and write to other teachers at the same time. Contact me ONLY if you want lessons with me. See you soon, Veronik
* BELOW VERSION ENGLISH * Support in English-French / grammar / spelling Hello, My name is Adélie, I am currently a student in Language Sciences and I am preparing a doctorate in cognitive linguistics. My background is as follows: 3 years of higher school in translation and a Master in language teaching, specializing in teaching French as a foreign language. Currently doing a Research Master in Language Sciences. (=> English / German specialty translation diploma + 2 Masters) After many teaching experiences abroad and in France (high school in Australia, university in Vietnam, Université Lumière Lyon 2 ...) I finally decided to give individual lessons alongside my main activity which has become linguistics research. My teaching areas are as follows: - ENGLISH: I teach English for teenagers or adults, for all purposes: for fun, for academic support, to prepare for exams such as TOEFL ... etc. - FRENCH: (1) I teach French as a foreign language for people wishing to improve their oral and written skills. (2) I teach French for native French speakers who encounter difficulties in particular in spelling, grammar, conjugation or syntax. My teaching method: - I adapt to the objectives and level of the student. I define a program according to its needs. I summarize what he already knows but also his shortcomings, in order to better shape the planned course program. I do not make a support decision without consulting with the student: I choose media / videos / articles etc. according to his tastes. - ENGLISH: English is a living language. I try as much as possible to make the student speak and find interesting and even fun subjects to deal with so that the desire to learn is in the foreground, but without forgetting the fundamental rules of grammar and syntax that I slip once journey. - FRENCH: (1) For French as a Foreign Language (FLE): just like for teaching English, I adapt to the needs of the student in learning a LV2 / 3/4 ... and I choose suitable supports to improve one's level on the 4 pillars of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages): oral / written comprehension and oral / written expression. (2) For native French speakers: given that it is a question of working on difficulties or even misunderstandings in the morphosyntactic system of French, my approach is more academic among native adults in difficulty in their own language: I then ask them dictations, readings, written expressions ... so that the fundamental bases come back little by little and that the person can be reconciled with the written language production :-) Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information. Classes can be taken at my home or online. I can come to the student's home if their home is in LYON INTRAMUROS but in this case travel costs apply (unless we live very close to each other). Adelie *** Tutoring in both English / French for different purposes: Grammar / Writing skills / Spelling / General language skills Hello, My name is Adélie, I'm 25, and I am currently following a path in research in Language Sciences. I am indeed preparing a PhD application in the field of cognitive linguistics after completing 2 Masters Degrees in Linguistics / Language Didactics. However I would love to keep teaching after several beautiful teaching experiences in France and Abroad (in a high school in Australia / University in Vietnam / University Lyon 2 / Private institutes). FRENCH FOR FOREIGNERS: I have been teaching French as a foreign language for the past 7 years. I follow the structure of the The Common European Framework of References for Language (CEFR) while also trying to make the lesson a little fun :-) My approach: I tailor a specific program for every student based on their level, background, strengths and weaknesses. In terms of content, I only pick stuff that are interested for my students and / or stuff they are really interested in. I would like my private lessons to be entertaining and safe places where the students can express themselves as much as they can. There's no progress without mistakes! I encourage the students to speak as much as possible. I never forget the fun side of classes but I also never lose sight of the fundamental bases: grammar, syntax, spelling and pronunciation. You can contact me if you need further information about my background and methodology. Lessons can take place at my apartment (Lyon 7th) or online. I can also go to the student's home, but please note that there is an extra charge per session, unless the person lives right next door to me. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Adelie
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French for foreigners (fle), French for foreigners (Lyon)
Vero is fantastic. I had more than 10 teachers of French over the years and she is by far the best. She is patient and she corrects my mistakes gently. In addition, she writes down her corrections in a Google Doc file and I get to study my mistakes after our lessons. This is something no other French teacher has done before. It is important to learn from the mistakes so that I do not repeat them again. On top of all, she has a great set of online exercises that I do to advance my French. I feel lucky to have found her....
Review by CAGDAS
[ONLINE] Preparation for DELF B1 / B2 and DALF C1 / C2. French as a foreign language course (Dublin)
Rémi is patient and enthusiastic teacher. His lessons are easy to follow, tailor made to your needs and fun. He has good intuition and adaptes his lessons according to your wishes and needs. His lessons have helped me with my grammar, pronunciation and speaking skills. I would strongly recommend Rémi to anyone who wishes to improve their French.
Review by APARNA
French course, literature & French as a Foreign Language (FLE) (Lyon)
Florie is a really great teacher (and kind person)! I often struggle in French, but her method and way of conversing really helps me relax and take my time to speak correctly. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to improve their level of French!
Review by DANA-IULIA