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13 french teachers in Estonia

Trusted teacher: The child needs help in learning, but children have to learn by themselves. How to help a child to enjoy self-learning, to cope in life on his/her own? Read music independently, read aloud, drawing or making handcrafts by yourself? To explore and discover and learn from the mistakes of others. How to create new ideas and realise and organise them by yourself! I've been working with multi-age classrooms more than a decade now to work with children with communication disorders and several more experiences with other children in public and private settings to teach in Estonian, English, and French. I use American curriculum and study materials in English and studies are integrated across disciplines that include geography, biology, history, language, mathematics, science, music, and other forms of artistic expression. I also have a great collection of British picture books that I use quite often and 3D wooden study materials. The method is not trademarked or patented and many schools using that name Montessori but do not have foundation and values of it but Montessori herself worked globally in Europe, America, and India. Evidence-based schools established more than 100 years ago and still operating because human being and everyday skills are still same even the technology or society has changed. This is Montessori, to move on in your life and not to morn you past memories or love pseudoscience but to be healthy in your mind and body. I'm a member of AMI trained global community. The Industrial Revolution and The British essentially made the modern world. Among other universities and studies, I trained also with the Maria Montessori Institute (London). Founded by sun Mario in 1961, and Dr. Maria Montessori herself taught her authentic method in London from 1919 until 1947.
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French, English, or Vietnamese. Some sketching skills (Tartu)
Mai is experienced great Teacher. Honest, well-prepared lectures,interesting examples, visualization of grammar parts.
Review by RIMVIS
English, French, and Spanish tutoring. High school tutoring available. (Tallinn)
I am very satisfied , Andres is a good teacher. I recommend it.
Review by QUENTIN