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47 french teachers in Etterbeek

What to expect? Young children - More of a game/activity learning method but also involves learning a broad scheme of things. It is in a way, an introduction to the basics of the language. Teenagers - Usually involve set goals to reach by a certain period (for school). The teaching method and intensity depends on the amount of catching up to do. If no catch up is required a more friendly learning method can be applied depending on the learner's interests. Adults - More of a discussion-based learning method, depending on the experience of the learner. And can be oriented more towards specific subjects or domains chosen by the learner. It can involve course work or tasks to be done. Why me? I was born in Scotland but I grew up mostly in the french-speaking part of Belgium so I would say that both English and French are my natal languages. I have decent knowledge of the various English cultures, vocabulary, and grammar. Having traveled for a year in North America and having lived in Australia, Ireland, and Britain. My mother is an english teacher in a secondary school and has given private english lessons ever since we moved to Belgium when I was six years old . I have participated or helped in many classes when needed. I have access to a ton of material and her personal knowledge if I or we are experiencing a problem that we can't seem to solve. Or an issue the learner is experiencing that is preventing him/her from advancing. I am a very "auto-ditact" person who tries to maximize the resources I have and the ones I have access to. I am good at understanding and solving problems and I believe that I can apply this to teaching as well. I am a very professional person that tries to stay as relaxed and calm as possible. I am also extremely patient and have a lot of dedication. If there is a deadline and a goal to meet, I will try my very best to make things work. Additional info I failed my 3rd and 4th year of secondary school in Belgium due to a bad studying/working method and a lack of studying/working. I then moved back to Scotland where I could set my final secondary school exams as they have a system where you are classed by age. That year I dedicated myself to perfecting my learning methods (and have been continuously doing so since then) and applied myself to achieve the goals that I had. I passed all of my exams even though I had 3 crash courses and started the school year 2 months late. (French & English: both A's) I am mentioning this as I believe I can give additional motivation especially to teenagers who are struggling with their english classes at school. And also because I know and understand the psychological effects of struggling to learn and failing especially at that age. I also know the humiliation that we sometimes feel when speaking a foreign language. I try to be as impartial and non-judgemental as I can in order to make the person feel as relaxed as possible when communicating with them. I have a bachelor's degree in film directing and producing from Middlesex University that I got in a full-time 2-year course. I am currently following online courses involving artificial intelligence and data science.
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French school courses for high school students (Schaarbeek)
Excellent teacher! I wanted to perfectionize my French and Serdane perfectly knows how to tackle this in a fluent and pleasant way. Excellent knowledge of Dutch & English which makes it easier to understand why you make certain mistakes. Great theoretical knowledge which I find very useful. I 100% recommend Serdane!
Private lessons in mathematics - science - French (also available online) (Ixelles-Elsene)
Georgina has helped my daughter with her math homework. She has a full grasp of her topic and knows also how to deliver it to a 13 year old. I was fully satisfied with her work. I highly recommend her.
Review by EDEN
Piano lessons, solfeggio and musical awakening for all ages (Etterbeek)
Nothing bad to say. Ivana is very patient teacher and certainly knows her stuff! I wholeheartedly recommend her, especially if you are like me, an adult and completely clueless as to where to start!
Review by RENNY