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Trusted teacher: SERVICES I can offer my assistance with Finance, Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Investment and related subjects (with coding and programming if you are interested in it). I understand that there are different kinds of learning methods, so as long as you can find your style and the appropriate method, I believe that you can get twice the result with half the effort. I have been told to be good at breaking down complex scientific concepts, explaining them in diagrams, and also relating them to their uses in our daily lives. I can help you to understand Finance, Economics, Econometrics, Investments and Business-related subjects (Financial Management, Financial Analysis, Investments, Portfolio Theory and Management, Budgeting, Asset Pricing, Forecasting Models and many more) as well as introducing you to the fast-growing field of Data Analysis and Data Science. - Asset Pricing - Bond Pricing & Valuation - Capital Allocation - Capital Asset Pricing Models (CAPM) - Corporate Finance - Derivatives - Econometrics - Economics - Game Theory - Finance - Financial Economic Analysis - Financial Economics - Financial Management - Financial Market - Financial Planning - Financial Statement - Forecasting Financial Series and Data - Fundamental Financial Concepts - International Finance - Investment management - Macroeconomic - Mergers & Acquisitions - Microeconomic - Portfolio Theory and Management - Pricing Model Theory - Quantitative Methods - Research Methodology - Risk Returns EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION - PhD Candidate, current research focused in Machine Learning for Asset Pricing (Finance). - Financial Management University Teaching Assistant. - Academically trained to teach. - Strong Analytical background with extensive classroom and online teaching experience. - MSc in Quantitative Finance, Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. - 4 years of experience as a Financial Analyst in a Fintech company. - For the last 2.5 years I have tutored, in Hong Kong and online, Statistics, Mathematics, Data Analysis and Italian language, both with private face-to-face tutoring as well as small groups, with students ranging from 5 years old to adult learners. - Excellent material available including slides, videos, tutorials and reading material. Extensive experience in research methods and software including Python, Jupyter notebook, Matlab, Sas, Stata, R, Sql/Oracle and Excel. - I thoroughly enjoy helping others, as my patience and friendly nature makes it easier to be in an educational environment. - I have learnt to adapt to different needs and learning styles according to the student, in order to optimise their success in turning their weaknesses into strengths. - Since my academic background is Economics and Finance, I would be more than happy to assist you with substantive work too in that field. - I'm patient, friendly and understanding. I am proficient in research and development and it’s my day to day work. I am a photography enthusiast and an insatiable learner. KEYWORDS | Data Analysis | Derivatives | Econometrics | Economics | Excel | Finance | Corporate Finance | Financial Management | Financial Market | Financial Statement | Investment management | Macroeconomic | Matlab | Microeconomic | Pandas | Portfolio Theory and Management | Pricing Model Theory | Programming | Python | Quantitative Methods | Research Methodology | Securities Analysis | SQL | Statistical Modelling | Statistics | Time Value of Money | Valuation | GREETINGS If you need further information about myself or my services, please do not hesitate to contact me. Feel free to send me a message and I'd be happy to give you an informal consultation. Thank you for looking at my profile and hope to hear from you soon, Andrea
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Why Is Personal Finance Important? Personal finance is a vital part of not only managing your day-to-day financial needs but also planning your financial future. The sooner you get a grip on personal finance, the better your long-term financial prospects will be for things like investing or planning for retirement. What Are the Five Areas of Personal Finance? Though there are several aspects to personal finance, they easily fit into one of five categories: income, spending, savings, investing, and protection. These five areas are critical to shaping your personal financial planning. Five Aspects of Personal Finance Income Income is the foundation of your personal finances and includes all parts of your cash flow – the money you take in from all sources. It includes your salary, pension or Social Security, and income from rental properties, or investments. Spending Spending includes the money for any expenses you have. Controlling the amount of money you spend can allow you to set aside money to grow your financial future. Savings Savings includes any money from your income that you do not spend but set aside for the future. It is necessary to provide for potential expenses – planned or unplanned. Investing Investing is different from savings. While savings are what’s left over from your income, investments are purchases that allow you to earn future income or savings. Investments may include purchases of mutual funds, stocks, bonds, or real estate that you expect to give you a good rate of return. But investments come with risks. Protection Protection from financial risks can be handled through a variety of financial products including annuities, property/casualty insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. These can provide financial security or protection from unexpected financial costs.
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Trusted teacher: Dear Student/Parents, Hope you are doing great. If you do not get the output quality committed before the start of the engagement, take demo class to decide. Teaching style is to provide practical example to understand the concept in better manner. My students are based in for Graduation and Master degree US(UMASS, Arizona State University, Stanford University ), Geneva school of Business Administration(Switzerland ), UK (Leeds, University of Reading, Henley business school), Australia (Victoria), Europe(IESE, Skema, ULB, IU International University, LSB ), Middle East ( CNAQ (College of the North Atlantic), CBSE), Canada (George Brown College, University of waterloo, CDI, MacEwan University), Singapore (SIM) and India ( IIMR, IIMB, IIMU,IIM I (executive MBA), DU, XLRI, Christ, CBSE, ICSE) many other countries (referral book MC Graw hill, Oxford, Pearson etc.). Helped in assignments for (accounting {IFRS, Ind AS,US GAAP, Consolidation }, finance, corporate accounting, corporate finance) following universities Canada (George Brown College, CDI ), US (University of California), UK (Leeds, University of Reading), Spain (IESE) and India ( IIMR, IIMB, IIMU, IIM I (executive MBA) etc. Expert Online tutor and assignments in Finance, Accounting (Financial/ Managerial/ Cost), Corporate accounting, IFRS, USGAAP, IND AS and commerce related subjects using excel. Take up those engagements on which 100% confident of providing top quality output because I understand how top grade stays with a student for her/ his lifetime. Specialize and teach/help in Finance, Accounting (Managerial/ Financial/Cost), Law, Commerce. I love to give practical example while teaching .Guide student to get Jobs for commerce background student. My believe is "Students Success is belong to my success ". I can teach students who are currently in 11th 12 (Commerce), Under-graduate, Post-graduate or MBA (can help other stream student like engineers etc. for finance and accounts ) and student is studying in professional course related to Accounting and also help to complete the assignments on Financial account reporting (Consolidation, Balance sheet, Cash flow, Profit loss, IFRS, IND AS, IGAAP, USGAAP), Managerial accounting, corporate finance, strategic finance etc. My name is Shikha, qualified chartered accountant with 7.5 years experience in big 4 (Ernst Young) where worked in audit and FAAS team, good exposure in wealth asset management companies, trading, real estate and service industries. Worked on conversion of IGAAP to IND AS (IFRS) FS and Audit . Given various training in big 4 and provided classes for commerce student (11, 12, ( CBSE, ICSE, State board ),, BBA, MBA, CA student, ACCA, Profession course related to commerce . Thanks, Shikha
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Trusted teacher: I trade by applying a pure swing trading breakout strategy on micro and nano caps on the US regulated stock markets (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX). I can therefore it bring my experience and expertise to those who have an interest in this approach in addition to the fundamental base necessary to become a professional trader. This trading program is both for beginners who already have a little experience in the stock market and have already determined a preference for swing trading or traders who are familiar with this trading strategy but are unable to reach consistency. What is SWING TRADING? Swing trading is a type of trading that consists of taking positions from a few days to a few weeks. Swing trading can be done on equity markets but also on other types of markets such as futures (indices, rates, commodities, etc), crypto-currencies or forex. So it is rather by the holding time horizon that swing trading is distinguished. The first interest of this type of trading is to be able to surf short and sharp movements in a logic of following short-term trends or momentum and therefore not having to stay "riveted" in front of your computer all day, which allows you to work and start swing trading with peace of mind. The second advantage is that it allows you to turn your capital around fairly quickly as opposed to a medium or long-term investor who may hold positions for several months or years. You can also do swing trading by buying on weakness or by dealing only with breakouts as I do. My trading mentoring program swing trading US stocks This is a "strategy and technique" oriented course for those who have already mastered the fundamental principles seen in the general course of "building a complete trading system" including risk management, psychological biases, the importance of backtesting, the mastery of screening tools, the daily writing of a trading journal, among other things. PROGRAM « BECOME A PROFESSIONAL SWING TRADER » I-Definition, approach and philosophy of swing trading -Definition, -Comparison with scalping, daytrading and position trading, -The time horizon, -Purely technical approach or combined with a fundamental approach, -Different strategies: breakouts or entry on weakness II-The advantages of swing trading -Close entry or how to avoid overtrading, -Compound your capital several times a month or the magic of interest compounding, -Adaptability to adverse market conditions. III-Define your entry strategy -Understand the natural behavior of a stock, -The importance of the pivot point, -The importance of the "FPB" (first price bar), -Past volatility as an indicator of future volatility, III-Define your entry strategy (continued) -understand the concept of robustness in trading, -know the most reliable price/volume patterns: cup with handle, double bottom , resistance line breakout… -the opening gaps, -how to identify accumulation signals, -bottom fishing and bear trap III-Define your entry strategy(continued) -study case 1 : illustration of the pivot point with recent trades -study case 2 : illustration of the main price/volume patterns that can lead to major amplitude movements IV-Define your exit strategy -the systematic exit, -the discretionary exit or how to adapt to the specific behavior of each action, -the exit on force: advantages and disadvantages, -the exit on weakness: advantages and disadvantages, -learn to identify distribution signals IV-Define your exit strategy(continued) -Study case: examples of exit strategy with recent trades V-Risk management -Typology of risks in trading, -Risk management per trade: stops or how to avoid the risk of ruin, -Managing the overall risk of the portfolio, -Managing position size: variable or constant? V-Risk management(continued) -Study case: how to place a stop -Study case: method to manage volatility and drawdown VI- TEST AND EXECUTE YOUR SWING TRADING STRATEGY RIGOROUSLY -reminder on the concept of gain expectancy, its main components and their interactions (hit ratio, risk-reward ratio, position size), -the risk-reward ratio is roi, -define and implement rigorous backtesting, -define a daily routine that leaves nothing to chance, VI- TEST AND EXECUTE YOUR SWING TRADING STRATEGY RIGOROUSLY (continued) -Choose the most suitable screening tools, -the trading journal or how to maximize and accelerate your learning, -The different types of orders most relevant in the implementation of your swing trading strategy, -The review of your past trades: what are the determining factors?
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Accounting, Corporate Finance, advance Economics, strategy, MIM, Grand Ecole Exam Preparation (Paris)
Vishakha is a great teacher, I enjoyed the classes together! In one week she was able to explain me a whole semester program of financial accounting to get ready for my exam. She is very patient and allows you to learn from your mistakes by trying. She is ready to help and explain again what was misunderstood. Vishakha is teacher for whom it is very important when a student really understands concepts and basics of a class. So, she will be very creative to make you imagine these concepts in real life and to understand how the process functions. She chooses a personal way to each student depending on personal abilities and time. She is very flexible and always in touch with a student to answer all the questions. She is indeed to rescue you. Thus, I would definitely recommend Vishakha for everyone who really wants to understand the subject and be able to apply the knowledge to not only exams but also in real life,
Review by NATALIA
Highly experienced 1-on-1 Math tutor : IB Diploma AA, AI, IGCSE, Cambridge A-levels, AP Calculus, Saxon Math, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IB Math
Dr. Iyer
Superb experience with Dr S Iyer. Very easy to schedule, responsive, preparation before class and follow up after class. He helped my child understand concepts that were unclear, he has profound knowledge of the subject, he knows how to get my child interested and it helps to learn when one is engaged, I was present in the room during parts of the lessons and I could see he cares about my child liking what he is teaching, but is also focused on making sure she gets it. Via zoom it is very easy to have the lesson. Thank you very much Dr. S Iyer!
Review by GABRIELA
Research Methods Statistics and Analytics-Thesis Assistance (BS MS and Phd level)- Qualitative and Quantitative research methods-SPSS STATA
Jad provided exceptional help and gave great recommendations on how the overall paper could be improved. The sessions were not only value adding to construct the paper optimally but also to gain insight as to how researchers work in real life. I really enjoyed the sessions as Jad was a very knowledgable and patient tutor who was always giving his best to help out (also given the time constraints and tight schedule that I was facing). Thank you again so much for everything!!
Review by INGA