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Sandra - The Hague$39
Trusted teacher: Hello parents! My name is Sandra. I am a native English speaker from New York State. I have a USA teaching license and a Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Inclusive Education (Grades K-6 and Students with Disabilities) from the State University of New York at Fredonia. My experiences include teaching at primary international schools in Belgrade, Serbia for 2 years and 3 years at international schools in The Hague, Netherlands. I have worked at two IB primary schools. Alongside teaching at international schools, I have 8 years of experience teaching English. I also have experience teaching grade 1 and 3 in elementary schools in New York State. I have taught children from 2-17 years old and adults. My students range in levels from beginners who are new to learning English, to fluent English speakers that need support or would like to further excel or maintain their fluency. Based on my experiences, I have learned to adjust my teaching style based on different students' needs, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and learning abilities. Lessons are provided to children and teenagers. Lessons are customized to the learning needs of your child. Whether that be learning English for the first time or practicing improvement of speaking, reading, comprehension, pronunciation, listening, writing, grammar, etc. Lessons can be aimed towards learning a topic such as food, animals, sports, emotions, and more. For children who are fluent English speakers, tutoring can be given to further excel in particular areas. Subjects that interest the student such as science, history or world topics can be incorporated into the lesson to broaden their knowledge. Support can also be provided in learning organizational skills, research, and mini projects for older children. I am available to help with studying, homework, or school projects. For online learning, I use a variety of platforms, websites, educational games, and e-books to reach the learning goals of my students. Additional homework can be provided if requested. Depending on the students age, lesson duration is adjusted. If you are looking for lessons for siblings, please reach out to me to discuss the best schedule for your children. My aim is to create a positive and enjoyable learning environment for all my students. I hope you can join my English lessons! Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I can provide my resume or reference letters if requested. Looking forward to hearing from you.
English · Elementary school level · Tutoring
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Sinead - Voorburg$37
Trusted teacher: I offer online or face-to-face English lessons to non-native speakers. I work with the student to identify learning objectives and any areas of weakness and tailor the lesson accordingly. Areas covered during the lesson include, speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar accent reduction. I currently live in Den Haag, The Netherlands. In addition to private coaching, I also work for an online ESL company delivering English lessons to children across a range of age groups. In addition, I also work as an ESL proofreader and IELTS private tutor here in The Hague. I hold a BA (Hons) degree and have a CELTA qualification. Prior to a career in ESL English teaching, I worked in the UK national press for the Times and Financial Times newspapers. It was there I developed my proofreading and communications skills. In my spare time, I write articles for magazines and have had feature stories published in The Telegraph magazine, The Daily Mail and a number of health magazines. I have also written two language books. The first, 'I Already Speak Speak French!' is an illustrated book for children that covers the etymology of many English words to their French origin (attached is a sample of it for your interest!). It has been translated for the French market into, 'I Already Speak English!' The second book is called, 'Learn Business English FAST!' which draws on a teaching methodology used for effective, fast learning that I used whilst teaching English for the international company, GoFluent.
English · Grammar · Public speaking
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Patrycja - The Hague$46
Trusted teacher: Studying currently at Leiden University College. I realized that taking the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB) during High School, not only prepared me for university but also equipped me with research and analysis skills, allowing me to be a better professional in the future. Nevertheless, I am aware that this programme is also extremely challenging, and most students, just as I did, need some guidance throughout the process. Here, I may come in to help you. During IB, some of the subjects I took were: 1) Psychology Standard Level (receiving 6 as my final examination grade) 2) Psychology Extended Essay (receiving A as my final examination grade) 3) English B Higher Level (receiving 7 as my final examination grade) 4) Polish A: Literature Standard Level (receiving 7 as my final examination grade) 4) Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Standard Level (receiving 6 as my final examination grade) 5) Biology Higher Level (receiving 5 as my final examination grade) 6) Theory of Knowledge Final Essay (receiving B as my final examination grade) I can be a mentor and serve as help for students writing their Internal Assessments in the subjects mentioned above, as well as when writing the Extended Essay in Psychology, or the Theory of Knowledge Essay. I may also tutor, in preparation for the exams, or to explain specific topics from: Psychology, Biology, Polish, English B, or Theory of Knowledge. I would also like to add that I lived in New Zealand for 6 years, and I am fluent in English. Please reach out if any further information is needed.
Psychology · Biology · English
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Tom - The Hague$55
Trusted teacher: 💬 A customised English accent training course with a dedicated native-speaking coach will enhance your communication skills, boost your confidence, and ensure you can be easily understood in English conversations. I help clients identify and fix the issues that cause misunderstandings, helping you cultivate a more natural and relaxed speaking style. In our course, we'll work on building stronger connections between your mind and your speech muscles so that you can make adjustments that help you sound more native. We'll also compare the similarities and differences between your natural accent and your target English accent, so you can pinpoint the sounds that you want to work on. Select between accent reduction and British English accent training. What's the difference between Accent Reduction and British English training? 🌍 Accent Reduction identifies and targets the issues that cause misunderstandings in your own specific natural accent. This varies depending on your accent. For Dutch speakers, this usually includes: • the consonants th, p, t, k, s, sh, r, and v • the vowels in "strut" and "foot" •making intonation less flat and more meaningful • relearning the connections between sound and spelling – famously fiendish in English! Accent Reduction is perfect for people who may feel that their accent is part of their identity and may not wish to change it completely but still want to be more understandable to an international audience. 💂 British English Accent Training is a step-by-step course that teaches you to sound like a British native speaker. It teaches all of the sounds that makes British English sound unique. This includes: • shifting many vowels towards a more forward placement in the mouth •adopting British intonation patterns for questions, lists and speeches • and of course the distinct British "t" sound (Brits do love their tea, after all). British English Accent Training is ideal for people who pride themselves on sounding like native English speakers. WHAT MAKES MY LESSONS STAND OUT? Affordability, quality, and training. Materials are rarely professional or customised. As an independent teacher and trained linguist, I'm committed to providing my clients with a learning experience that's highly effective and tailored just for you. If you want a mix of Accent Reduction and British English, or if you have any special requests, I will adapt the course for your needs. WHO SIGNS UP FOR AN ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION COURSE? Professionals from a variety of sectors benefit from pronunciation training, especially those in sales and customer service. Clients include individuals from diverse backgrounds such as bankers, consultants, creatives, therapists, lecturers, performers, estate agents, hosts, broadcasters, corporate trainers, small business owners, international executives, and facilitators. ABOUT ME My name’s Tom and I’m an English teacher from Southeast England, based in the Hague, Netherlands. I teach English learners how to communicate more clearly. I have taught for various schools and agencies in the Netherlands and been frustrated by the lack of high-quality teaching materials and expertise among teachers of Accent Reduction and British English pronunciation. So in 2021 I set up my freelance teaching business to change the situation. I have over 10 years of teaching experience in various countries, and I have a master's degree in Linguistics from Leiden University, with a specialisation in English Linguistics, Phonetics and Speech Processing. I am trained in speech analysis software, a highly effective tool in helping learners not only hear but also visualise their mistakes. In my spare time, I study and learn languages. I can speak Mandarin, Finnish and a smattering of many others. Currently I am learning Japanese and Dutch. I have the technical, academic, and practical skills to help you improve your accent.
English · Career development · Public speaking
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Arzu - The Hague$15
English · Grammar
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American Native English Teacher - English Lessons for Children and Teenagers (Amsterdam)
I recently enrolled my daughter (Dutch native) in English lessons with this teacher and I must say, the experience has been fantastic. My daughter has learned so much in the past few weeks and it's all thanks to the teacher's fun and engaging approach to teaching. The lessons are always interactive and my daughter loves them. She looks forward to her English class every week and I can see a noticeable improvement in her language skills. The teacher has a talent for making the lessons enjoyable and my daughter has a great time while learning. I highly recommend this teacher to anyone looking for an enjoyable and effective way to learn English!!!
Review by ZAINAB
Mathematics, Statistics and English Tutoring at Various Levels (The Hague)
I have been working with Natalia for quite a while now and I can say every class with her is enlightening, fun, and most importantly super helpful. I study Statistics with her, and it is not at all my strong suit, however, Natalia made it possible for me to pass courses that otherwise I would have not been able to pass. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is struggling or would like to improve.
Review by SZOFI
English tutoring in the lower secondary level of mavo, havo and vwo in The Hague and surroundings by an experienced, qualified English teacher. (The Hague)
I highly recommend Pieter as teacher. My daughter had difficulties with the English lesson at the school. He gave lessons to her intensively during two months and her test scores increased significantly from 4/5 to 8/9. The most important is that she now understands the grammatical rules and is much more confident. Pieter is going to continue giving lessons to her this school year 2023/24