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9 english teachers in Temara

تسجيل مفتوح مقاعد محدودة جدا. #Registration #open مرحبا بكم في المعهد اللغوي الأمريكي تمارة ، المعهد الرائد و المختص في تدريس اللغة الإنجليزية لجميعيكي تمارة ، المعهد الرائد و المختص في تدريس اللغة الةنجليزية لجمعي المانتويات د المعهد الرائد و المختص في تدريس اللغة الةنجليزية لجمعي المانتويات دنايعية خلال هذه السنة نقدم لكم دروسا حضورية بإحترام جميع الشروط و التدابير الصحية. 🎯 أساتذة مغاربة و أجانب أكفاء. 🎯 فضاء تربوي آمن و مجهز بأحدث الوسائل التقنية و البيداغوجية. Register now. Places are limited 🎯 التسجيل مفتوح🎯 إحجز مقعدك في البرنامج و المستوى الذي يناسبك حضوريا ، عدد المقاعد محدود ... ⚠ The American Institute TEMARA undertakes to respect the recommendations of the health authorities, in particular social distancing and the obligation to wear a mask 😷. Following the guidance from the ministry of Education on August 23rd, 2020, the American Institute TEMARA will be giving English courses on the face-to-face option. Our Institute will follow rigid safety protocols for a safe and healthy environment. #Temara # تمارة # الصخيرات #Skhirat #Bouznika # بوزنيقة #Harhoura # هرهورة # حي_الرياض #Hay_Riad #Institutamericaintemara #Americancommunicationcenter
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Trusted teacher: ***** My availability varies according to the slots reserved by the pupils / students. To gain efficiency, I will send you a link to my "google agenda". You will be able to position our sessions more quickly ***** Hello, I offer you my expertise and experience to (re) upgrade you in English. I can intervene at the following levels: - School: * (primary school: initiation) => Cambridge tests 'Starters - Movers - Flyers' & others. * (college-high school) => remediation / upgrading in grammar + other language activities such as Oral / Writing Comprehension or Continuous Speaking / Interaction) - Superior (CPGE, IEP prep, TOEFL, iELTS, Cambridge First Certificate, Advanced Certificate ...) (Preparation for tests such as "Tremplin-Passerelle-Passerelle2- Ecricome" ...) (English for Interns in medicine ...) (Linguistics / phonology / didactics for the English CAPES ... or other competition like the CRPE) - I accompany and have accompanied many adults who needed to be / become truly successful in speaking / writing in English as part of their professional activities (fluency, accent reduction, grammar. ...) or as part of resuming studies. Note that I am not this young student who had a good mark in the Baccalaureate or this other who is supposedly bilingual. I am a linguist by training and author of a textbook in this capacity. I have been teaching as a teacher in the National Education since 1995. Teaching cannot be improvised. It is not an activity that we do "like that". I offer you the fruit of my expertise and my experience as well as the perspective of an educational professional who knows the system perfectly from the "inside". By the way, did you know that to have 10/20 in the Baccalaureate, it is enough to have level A2 (which is theoretically expected at the end of 3rd year) so I let you imagine the despair of students who are starting higher studies and who learn that they will have to obtain at least 750 in the TOEIC! (the equivalent of level B2!) to see their diploma approved. 2 tips for students: "your TOEIC / IELTS score, it is from L1 that you must prepare it" "if you want to be able to write - English read, understood and spoken in your CV - well it is also from L1 that you must train yourself to speak English, to read in English and of course to write. * Daily monitoring possible via the internet: to learn modern foreign languages, it is always more profitable to work a little each day. It is possible to consider placing slots of 15 or 20 minutes of intensive work on one type of activity several times a week. (See the "memorization" video in the 'Surfonsdoc Orléans-Tours' channel on youtube) * Each course is prepared according to your personal needs. Feedback is always given at the end of the session. * One of the fields in which I specialize is "phonology": intonation, word stress, connections ... In short, everything that relates to oral grammar. If you are tired of being immediately spotted as the man in the video "the i rabbit (you will find it in a few clicks on youtube)) See you soon! Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.
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Private teacher for French/English lessons - tailor made (Woluwe-Saint-Pierre - Sint-Pieters-Woluwe)
I am delighted to have Elena as French tutor for my 2 daughters. They recently started French (S2 and P5 in the European School) never having done it before and with the expectation in school.that they reach a high standard very quickly. Elena is not only an excellent teacher but she is also very encouraging and patient and makes the lessons enjoyable. With Elena's help, my daughters are finally enjoying learning French ! I've received feedback from their teachers that their participation in class and their motivation to learn has improved - and this is after only 1 week ! . Thanks Elena :)
Review by EADAOIN
ENGLISH all levels, all ages - Examinations and conversations. (Lormont)
Marie is a wonderful teacher. When I first met her my son's English level was very low, he wasn't even able to spell the alphabet. But Marie taught him well, and in a short time of about two months, my son was able to speak English, spell words and even make full sentences correctly. I'm much obliged to Marie for everything she has done to help my son learn English. Therefore I recommend Marie for anyone who is looking for a good English teacher.
Review by SUMUDU
Foreign language course, English, Spanish, French (Paris)
great experience! we only had couple of hours of conversation, as I wanted to take the rust off my French during a trip in Paris. she was very open, easy-going and at the same time very helpful in pointing-out prononciation, words that I didn't know, etc. I'm sure she's great for classes over a longer time period too. highly recommended.
Review by RARES