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Trusted teacher: *Skype/Zoom available!* I am a native American English speaking instructor, editor, journalist, and legal/policy expert from Florida specializing in instruction, interview and exam prep, consulting and text correction for a wide range of professionals & students across Belgium including in the legal, academic, policy, and other fields. I am available to meet in both Brussels. My past & present clients have included: professionals and politicians from all four major EU institutions, the Belgian government, the UNHCR, and various NGOs, alongside diplomats, doctors, journalists, and engineers, as well as a variety of other professions in addition to traditional students..I have had over 35+ repeat students on Apprentus (which recently changed their algorithm to only display the last six months). Approaching from a true native's perspective, I instruct and assist with both educational and business English in a multi-faceted nature covering a wide range of areas including comprehension, conversation, grammar, and situational skills, in addition to working on general language skills and accent training. As well, I can provide extensive help and training with the EPSO, IELTS, and TOEFL exams. I have also written, edited or proofread a variety of academic papers, theses, applications, CVs, and other documents for numerous satisfied academic and professional clients. I have spent my entire childhood and adult life in the United States before completing a master's degree in Political Science and European Politics at KU Leuven. Additionally, I also possess Bachelor's degrees in Political Science and History. I have an extensive knowledge and experience of English grammar and literature, as well as current and past working experience in journalism (Anti-Competition Law and European Policy at the Policy and Regulatory Report) and both European and American politics. I have no problem meeting anywhere in Brussels or further afield within the region. I also handle correction of text, editing, proofreading and ghostwriting, with weekly and monthly rates possible. My transportation costs are included.
English · Toefl test preparation · Grammar
Trusted teacher: I am pleased to know your interest in an English teacher. I have extensive experience in applying the appropriate teaching and assessment methodologies, I am an expert in the design and development of learning objectives and in the preparation of teaching materials. I am ready to become an intermediary between your passion and learning English. An English Teacher with more than 9 years of experience teaches English to students who want to catch up with this language. He has a solid knowledge of English grammar and good communication skills. Professional English Teacher with a master's degree in "English language and literature", focuses on optimizing the academic potential of students by applying various methodological strategies and scientific techniques. Excellent teaching skills to students, facilitating discussions and planning practical activities to improve learning. Expertise in constructive educational approaches. I offer you English lessons for all ages and all levels in a pleasant and helpful way, with a reasonable price. ☆Grammar. ☆Communication. ☆Vocabulary. ☆ Punctuation. ☆Pronunciation. ◘ Skills: -Helping students catch up with English Language. -Conducting educational instructions and identifying educational needs. - Establishing and developing personalized teaching strategies for students of a certain skill level. -Helping students with grammar, spelling, punctuation and writing texts in English. -Helping students in learning English grammar, pronunciation and reading. -Allowing students to understand colloquialisms and conversational English. -Setting up a study program and educational tools. -Putting students together to practice conversation in English. -Testing students in English comprehension and identify areas where improvements are needed. ◘Preparation: .TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) .IELTS (International English Language Testing System) .TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) .BULATS (Business Language Testing Service)
English · Grammar · Communication skills
Trusted teacher: Feel free to explore my Lesson Plan below if you have questions fee free to message me here TAKE NOTE: Don't forget to tell me that you are from Apprentus when you message me. This lesson is for teens and or adults. If you want to have FUN while learning, then, I am here to practice with you your speaking, listening and reading skills. Also, I have available conversation materials for us to discuss in this lesson. Note: This lesson is not suited for students who seek perfect grammar. I do have a lot of topics that we can talk about. Please Message me for the Lesson Titles of "OTHER MATERIALS" But, feel free to explore the topics below ART (2 lessons)  Exploring the Arts  From Brush to Canvas: The Artist's Toolkit MEDICAL (2 lessons)  Hospital Care  Medicine and Medical Treatments NATIVE SPEAKER (2 lessons)  Flattering Lines to Impress Native Speakers  Essential Idioms That Will Make You Sound Like a Native Speaker TECHNOLOGY (2 lessons)  Technology  Computer desktop ANIMALS (2 lessons)  Animal Names  Marine Animals  Sounds That Animals Make ANTONYMS (2 lessons)  Antonyms: 15 Verb Pairs  Antonyms: 15 Noun Pairs Antonyms: 15 Ways to Describe Opposites BODY (4 lessons)  At the Gym  Body Parts in Filipino  Body - Describing the Body  Describing People: Physical Appearance FILIPINO (4 lessons)  Filipino Language Month  Filipino (in Making Complaints)  Filipino Phrases to Use When You're Angry  Filipino Essential Vocabulary for Talking About the Language STUDY (4 lessons)  Effective Ways to Learn While Commuting  Habits for Highly Effective Language Learners  Top Excuses People Use to Put Off Learning Filipino  Simple Strategies for Learning Comfortably at Home HOW TO (4 lessons)  How to Express Quantity  How to Improve Your Speaking Skills  How to Improve Your Listening Skills  How to Practice Your Filipino Reading Skills LOVE (4 lessons)  Break up quotes  Filipino Quotes about Love  Marriage Proposal Lines in Filipino  15 Love Phrases for Valentine’s Day HYGIENE (5 lessons)  Hygiene  Hair and Hairstyles  Words for Cosmetics and Beauty  Personal Care, Hygiene, and Grooming  Vocabulary Essential for Talking About Dental Care SCHOOL (5 lessons)  School  Classroom  School Subjects  Graduation Season  Back to School Essentials HOME (6 lessons)  Kitchen  Bedroom  Home Items  Home Interior  Renting an Apartment  Food Utensils & Tableware TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION (6 lessons)  Trains  Travel  Vehicles  Airplane  Traveling  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Forms of Transportation WORK (6 lessons)  Trade  Meetings  Workplace  Production  Jobs / Work  Remote Work FOOD & DELIVERY (7 lessons)  Fruit  Containers and Packages  Food - Fruits and Vegetables  Delivery Drivers and Porch Pirates Package Delivery  More than 11 Herbs and Spices  What's Your Favorite Filipino Food?  Twenty Drinks to Quench Your Thirst MUST KNOW (7 lessons)  Must-Know Autumn Vocabulary  Must-Know Christmas Day Vocabulary  Must-Know Terms for Family Members  Must-Know Valentine’s Day Vocabulary  Must-know Expressions for Agreeing and Disagreeing  Must-know Adverbs and Phrases for Connecting Thoughts  Must-Know Words & Phrases to Use at an Amusement Park TALKING ABOUT (7 lessons)  Talking About Books  Talking About Driving  Talking About YouTube  Talking About Education  Talking About Your Plans  Talking About Video Games  Talking About Doing the Laundry PLACES (8 lessons)  Buildings  Restaurant  Around Town  Major Cities  World Countries  Vocabulary for Nationalities  World Continents & Territories  Most Common Vocabulary for Talking About Geographic Features SHOPPING & FASHION (8 lessons)  Clothing  Shopping  Accessories  Winter Clothes  Clothing Related Actions  Online Shopping Vocabulary  Summer Clothes and Accessories in Filipino  Shopping Downtown: Shops Around the City COMMON (12 lessons)  Common Break-Up Lines  Common Health Problems  Common Leisure Activities  Common Ways to Say Hello  Common Ways to Say Sorry  Common Ways to Say Goodbye  Common Words for Occupations  Common Ways to Say Thank You  Common Terms: Energy Production  Common Texting Slang/Common Expressions  Common Filipino Phrases You'll Need for a Date  Common Filipino Phrases to Know About Having a Baby QUESTIONS (12 lessons)  How Do You Remember Words?  What are The Top 10 Summer Sports?  What Was the First Phrase You Learned?  How will you spend your winter holiday?  How to Ask "How Are You?" and Answer It  How Will You Spend Your Summer Vacation?  What's Your Favorite Way to Learn a Language?  Do you know the Essential Summer Vocabulary?  Which Adjective Describes Your Personality Best?  What gift do you want the most this holiday season?  What Is Your Language Learning Goal for the Month?  How do you motivate yourself when learning a language? RANDOM TOPICS (14 lessons)  Media  Winter  Cooking  Hobbies  Life Events  Competition  Daily Routines  Natural Disasters  Position / Direction  Daily Life Related Actions  Ways to Reject an Invitation  Learn to Talk About Zodiac Signs  Essential Sentences for Expressing Dislike  Money-related Expressions for Everyday Life TOP (21 lessons)  10 Phrases You Never Want to Hear  10 Lines You Need for Introducing Yourself  Top 10 Weekend Activities  Top 10 Quotes about Family  Top 10 New Year's Resolutions  Top 10 Conversational Phrases  Top 10 Quotes about Friendship  Top 10 Language Learning Strategies  Top 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce  Top 10 Quotes About Language Learning  Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Travel in Filipino  Top 10 Foods That Will Make You Live Longer  The 10 Most Romantic Ideas for a Date in Filipino  Top 10 Verbs- Don't Travel Without Knowing These  Top 11 Quotes about Success  Top 15 Compliments You Always Want to Hear  Top 15 Questions You Should Know for Conversations  Top 15 Favorite Words Chosen by Listeners on Facebook  Top 20 Words You'll Need for The Beach!  Feeling Sad? Learn the Top 21 Words for Negative Emotions  Feeling Happy? Learn the Top 21 Words for Positive Emotions WORDS & PHRASES (31 lessons)  Useful Phrases for a Hair Salon  Useful Phrases for a Phone Call  Useful Phrases for Ordering Food  Useful Vocabulary You Need at the Bank  Useful Phrases for Talking to Your Doctor  Useful Words and Phrases for Going to the Movies  Useful Words and Phrases for Reading Food Packaging  Phrase: Key List  Phrases: Gossiping  Phrases: Encouraging  Phrases Related to Diets  Phrases: Using Small Talk  Phrases to Express Your Fears  Phrases to Use When You Are Too Lazy  Phrases for Doing Business Successfully  Phrases and Vocabulary at the restaurant  Phrases You Need at the Bus or Train Station in Philippines  Words and Phrases: Supermarket  Words and Phrases for Most Useful Skills  Words and Phrases for Video on Demand  Words and Phrases to use at the Post Office  Words and Phrases for Writing Your Resume  Words and Phrases for Talking About Injuries  Words and Phrases for Using Your Smartphone  Words and Phrases to Help You in an Emergency  Words and Phrases for Living on a School Campus  Words and Phrases for Talking About Your Phone Plan  Words and Phrases to Get You Through Friday the 13th  Words and Phrases to Help You Describe Your Feelings  Words and Phrases for Filling in Administrative Documents  Words and Phrases to Wake You Up for International Coffee Day HOLIDAYS (national & international, and Religious Holidays) (32 lessons)  Philippines Father's Day  Philippines Mother's Day  12 Phrases You Can Use on April Fool's Day  Words You Need to Know for April Fools' Day  Christmas Day  12 Days of Christmas  Philippines Lunar New Year  Happy New Year! Words & Phrases for the New Year!  Holiday Greetings and Wishes for the Holiday Season  Rizal Day  Earth Day  Labor Day  Easter Day  Day of Valor  Bonifacio Day  Constitution Day  Ninoy Aquino Day  National Heroes Day  Philippines All Soul's Day  People Power Anniversary  Philippines Independence Day  Religion  Good Friday  Palm Sunday  Holy Saturday  All Saints' Day  Maundy Thursday  Holy Innocents' Day  Philippines Eid'l Fitr  Philippines Eidul Adha  Feast of the Black Nazarene  Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Self-improvement · English · Grammar
Trusted teacher: Ik ben Olena en ik zit nu in in mijn examen jaar (VWO) van een internationale school waarin het International Baccalaureate systeem wordt gehanteerd. Ik volg Engels op het hoogste niveau (Language and Literature Higher Level). Engels is bovendien mijn moedertaal. Ik ben dan ook tweetalig opgevoed (Engels en Nederlands). Ik ben beschikbaar als bijles docent Engels voor kinderen op de basisschool tot en met de tweede klas van de middelbare school. Wilt uw kind graag zijn/haar Engels bijspijkeren? Zich alvast voorbereiden op de middelbare school? Of wilt uw kind naar het tweetalig voortgezet onderwijs, maar is hij/zij nog niet zo zelfverzekerd in het Engels en wilt hij/zij gewoon graag wat extra ondersteuning? Dan ben ik erg goed in staat om te helpen. Om te kunnen focussen op datgene waar behoefte aan is zal ik de lessen personaliseren zodat ik samen met de leerling zo efficiënt mogelijk te werk kan gaan, en we tegelijkertijd het leuk kunnen houden. Mijn doel is om uw kind comfortabel te laten zijn in het Engels op academisch en niet-academisch gebied. English: My name is Olena and I am currently im my senior year (VWO) of my International Baccalaureate school. I take English Language and Literature Higher Level, am fully bilingual, and a native English speaker. I am available as an English tutor for children in primary school up to and including the second year of high school (following the dutch year level system). If your child is looking for extra assistance in English or does your child want to prepare for high school? Would your child like to be more comfortable speaking English, especially if English is not their native language? Then I can definitely help. To be able to cater to the student's specific needs, I will personalise the lessons so that they can be as fun and effective as possible. My goal is to help your child feel comfortable speaking English both in an academic setting and in casual speech.
English · Tutoring
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Professional English taught by a Journalist, Native Speaker, and Editor (Antwerp)
Justin is a true professional and is really gifted at helping job seekers in their career path. He assisted me a lot with career advice, job application adaptation and proofreading. He is really good at communication, reading between the lines, and highlighting the core idea. Our lessons or as I would rather call it a master class, were absolutely great and easy going. Thank you very much, Justin, for your amazing approach, custom-made professional and easy attitude, and a super international mindset. I would very much recommend it!
Review by NATALIA
Low budget French courses (beginner - intermediate - advanced) - Online French lessons (La Marsa)
Rayen & Ranim
Rayen made an effort to contact me prior to the lesson to determine my level and inquire what I wished to focus on. She also called at the agreed upon time. These may seem like minor details, but not all teachers do these. She had appropriate level material ready to share and go over for the lesson. She made corrections as needed and readings were repeated as necessary. My only suggestion would be that she speak a bit more slowly. but this is a matter of individual taste.
Review by CHUCK
English lessons to fit you! Beginners to advanced speakers, Business English and more!
I really love classes with Johave, she is very kind and enjoy person, She manage the time and her method help to realize about the real english level, gives addtional information in order to improve yourself, If I would have to choose a online teacher, I will choose her again..... I´ll continue my preparation with her advice ¡¡¡¡¡
Review by LUIS