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71 english teachers in Dubai

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Tanya - Dubai$63
Trusted teacher: Hi! I'm Tanya. I was born in Italy, but for the last two years of my life I have traveled the world, mainly in Central and South America and the Middle East, traveling and working remotely. I am a professional teacher with 6 years of experience. I worked on the translation of medical and legal articles, panels in the glass museum in Venice and worked as an interpreter at the court of Venice. I have a degree in languages, I am certified in international law and I am a language coach. Language coach means that I not only teach you a language, but also how to learn new languages! I will closely monitor your entire learning journey, to get the most out of your skills! That's because I love learning new languages! That's why after years of studying I became a polyglot (8 languages - Italian, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch) and I came up with a method to teach you the language you want to learn! Over the years I have learned to model my work according to the personal needs of each student and have developed a method that allows my students to learn the language in a fast and fun way. My hobby is my greatest passion is learning other languages, therefore from my experience I can understand many of the problems associated with learning a foreign language. My lessons are based on a specific method that I have designed to facilitate and accelerate learning. My classes are available in Italian, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Dutch and Arabic. GROUP LESSONS possible! See you soon! :-)
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Trusted teacher: Learn English easily and effectively with private lessons! Do you want to improve your English skills quickly? I am here to help you! I offer private English lessons with high professionalism and long teaching experience. What you will get: Individual lessons tailored to your needs. Flexible schedule that fits your schedule. An effective curriculum makes the learning process fun and effective. A teacher with experience and a specialized certificate in teaching English. why me : Extensive knowledge of the English language. Applied language skills for everyday situations. Friendly and patient teaching style. Proven success in helping students achieve their goals. . Together, we will open the doors to the world of English and give you the opportunity to discover new areas and amazing opportunities. Don't wait - start your journey towards mastering English today! #English_lessons #Learn_English Unlock Your English Potential with Personalized Private Lessons! Are you eager to master English, the universal language of opportunity? Look no further! I am an experienced tutor with a college degree in Literature and English Language, and I hold a certification that demonstrates my expertise in teaching English. What You'll Get: Tailored, one-on-one English lessons designed just for you. Flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle. A proven approach that makes learning engaging and effective. An instructor with a college degree and specialized teaching certification. Why Choose Me: Extensive knowledge of English literature and language. Real-world language skills for everyday situations. A friendly and patient teaching style. Proven success helping learners reach their goals. Let's Achieve Your English Goals Together: Improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Prepare for exams or interviews with confidence. Expand your career opportunities. Contact me to book your first session. Together, we'll unlock the world of English and open doors to new possibilities. Don't wait—start your journey to English proficiency today! #EnglishTutor #PrivateLessons #LanguageMastery
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Trusted teacher: Many English learners are eager to improve their vocabulary. This is good and should be encouraged. Unfortunately, this eagerness is usually driven by a common misconception that having a wide vocabulary translates to fluency. However, this isn't the case as an understanding of sentence structure, plays a greater part in being able to communicate effectively in English. The ability to structure your sentences correctly entails knowing the different parts of speech and their placement within each sentence. Every sentence in English includes words that fall into some or all of the different parts of speech and having a thorough grasp of this aspect of the language and how they're ordered (sentence structure), helps confer fluency. As such, the focus of this class (which is in 3 lessons) will be on the different parts of speech found in the English language and their order within a sentence (Sentence Structure). There are 9 parts of speech in English. Lesson 1 focuses on Nouns, Prepositions and Verbs in great detail. Lesson 2 deals with Articles, Adverbs and Adjectives in great detail while lesson 3 looks at Articles, Conjunctions and Interjections in great detail also. The objective of this series of classes is to familiarize students with these concepts. Please note that I teach a separate class (Part 2) that focuses on Auxiliary and Modal Verbs and it is advisable to complete all lessons under part 1 before proceeding to part 2 taking in order to achieve fluency. So what should you expect from the class? As always, my classes follow a specific format. In each class I explain concepts using different methods, provide numerous examples and check for student understanding. I also provide classroom exercises to further cement any newly acquired knowledge. That's it folks! I look forward to seeing you in my class.
Trusted teacher: Hi! I'm Claudia, I'm an experienced native speaker teacher from London UK and I offer native speaker English lessons with a human touch. During our lessons you will break the speaking barrier and learn the language the way it’s actually spoken. I bring actual results. You will begin to feel confident and comfortable when speaking, even when you’re still on the path of learning. You will also improve your reading, writing skills, and vocabulary. I am a certified, experienced native teacher with over 8 years of teaching experience. I have a background in psychology and coaching, which I apply to my teaching methods. My lessons are fully personalised, based on a combination of captivating conversations and correct pronunciation, expanding the knowledge of phrases and vocabulary, while taking into account the improvement of grammar, fluent reading and writing. I will observe the way You learn and process information, and deliver you the most effective and effortless ways of learning. I use unconventional teaching methods, which guarantee effective results. My students are people of all ages, from teenagers to adults. With me, you will break the barrier that was never broken in school. My lessons are for you, if you’re looking for: 
- Growing your confidence in speaking English 
- Individual, meaningful, personalised conversations (+ homework) 
- Working on the speech block and expanding your vocabulary (it’s easier than you think) - Improving your grammar, reading and writing 
- Preparation for IELTS, CAE, TEOFL, FCE exams, or Matura exams 
- Business English - conversations and vocabulary related to your professional life 
- Preparation for a job interview or a presentation 
- Preparation for moving abroad
 - Pronunciation and accent. I conduct lessons via online platforms and choose to work with people who are motivated, focused on their development and exchanging good energy :) If that’s you, we will be a great match, send me a message!
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Trusted teacher: Main benefits of tuition: Personalized Attention: One of the biggest benefits of tuition is that it provides students with personalized attention. Tutors can tailor their teaching methods to meet the needs of individual students, helping them to overcome any learning difficulties or gaps in their understanding. Improved Performance: Tuition can also help students improve their academic performance by providing them with additional support and guidance. This can help them to better understand and retain the material they are learning, leading to better grades and a more successful academic career. Confidence Building: Working with a tutor can help students build their confidence and self-esteem, which can be particularly helpful for students who struggle with certain subjects or feel overwhelmed by the demands of their coursework. Time Management: Tutoring can also help students develop better time management skills, which are essential for success in school and beyond. Tutors can help students create study schedules and manage their time effectively, which can lead to improved performance and less stress. Flexibility: Tuition can also be very flexible, allowing students to work with tutors on their own schedule and at their own pace. This can be particularly helpful for students who have busy schedules or other commitments that make it difficult to attend traditional classroom sessions. Overall, tuition can be a valuable investment in a student's education, helping them to achieve their academic goals and build the skills they need for success in school and beyond.
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Italian, Spanish and English with a polyglot (8 languages) and Professional teacher, language coach (Dubai)
I've had different Spanish teachers but Tanya is by far the best for several reasons: - Tanya makes a personal plan together with me which fits perfectly with my learning goals. So no unnecessary grammar but only things whichs helps me with my reason why I approached her - She developed her own personal learning style which helps me making huge steps in a short time - Tanya shows she's well prepared and the work we do and the homework I get is always in extend of the things I want to learn - Besides that she's always happy and a nice person to chat with Quick sumarry: if you want to learn Spanish in a good/fast way with a teacher who is always happy, I would highly recommend Tanya :)
Review by PABLO
Private lessons: French and literature (remediation + preparation) possible online (Gouzon)
I look forward to my lessons, they did an excellent job at immersing me from day one. I had some basic understanding of composition, vocab etc. and they immediately matched my level of understanding. I don’t feel any time is wasted. Within two minutes of meeting with my tutor, we began learning. I am super impressed by Emna and hope to continue my learning until I am fluent. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Review by GABRIELA
Fun and experienced English teacher passionate about teaching (on-line or face to face) (Dubai)
Joe is a really good teacher. He feels very well how it is to learn a foreign language. And this makes his classes very useful. In addition it was very interesting and fun!
Review by DASHA