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Ilia - Berlin$14
Trusted teacher: Can learning English be fun, insightful, productive and affordable at the same time? I believe so! Whatever your background or profession, deciding to learn a foreign language is a great way to add another dimension to your life and make your mind work in a new way. You become a (slightly) different person, since along with a new language, one learns to look at the world in a slightly different way. This is why my approach to teaching English is not only aimed at laying or strengthening the foundational knowledge - grammar, speaking, writing and listening skills, but also at introducing students to the culture of the English-speaking population. We will find out what English speakers find funny, what drives them to tears, what makes them feel proud and what they get embarrassed about. Open to students of all levels, my course usually is taught online, using a variety of visual aids and a wide range of material, from textbooks to YouTube videos. In teaching advanced learners, I often refer to pieces of literature such as novels and poems, since they easily spark discussions, which in turn improves the students' grasp and feel of the language. In doing so, I take students beyond ordinary textbooks and grammar books, since they are no more than guides to learning, not absolute authorities, and because to me language is a living, constantly evolving matter, which you must submerge yourself into in order to understand. In addition to my unorthodox approach, what sets me apart is a collection of unique, language-related experiences, which translate into a good ability to understand nuances of the English language. A native Russian speaker, I have lived in the UK for over 5 years, went to a Scottish boarding school and have even completed a university degree in English. Thanks to my linguistic and cultural competency, I will make sure that you are never lost in translation! Are you interested? Then contact me today!
English · Grammar · Tutoring
Hi! My name is Claudia, I come from London and I offer native speaker English lessons with a human touch. During your lessons with me you will break your speaking barrier and learn the language the way it’s actually spoken. You will learn to be comfortable with speaking, even while you’re still on your path of learning. I am a certified, experienced native speaker teacher with over 8 years of teaching experience & a self development coach with background in psychology, who will deliver you both personal and language evolution during our sessions. My classes are fully personalised, based on a combination of conversation and correct pronunciation, expanding the knowledge of phrases and vocabulary, while taking into account the improvement of fluent writing and reading. I will observe the way You learn and process information, and deliver you the most effective and effortless ways of learning. I use unconventional teaching methods, which guarantee effective results. Conversation topics depend on your interest. With me, you will break the speaking barrier that was never broken in school. My lessons are for you, if you’re looking for: · Growing your confidence in speaking English (and in life!) · Individual, meaningful, personalised conversations (+ homework) · Working on the speech block and expanding your vocabulary (it’s easier than you think) · Preparation for IELTS, CAE, TEOFL, FCE exams · Business English - conversations and vocabulary related to your professional life · Preparation for a job interview or a presentation · Improvement of your grammar · Preparation to move abroad · Better pronunciation and accent. I conduct lessons through online platforms and choose to work with people, who are motivated, focused on their development and exchanging good energy :) If that’s you, we will be a great match!
Toesl test preparation · Developmental skills · English
Trusted teacher: Hola, Mi nombre es Santiago y estoy ofreciendo clases virtuales de inglés individuales y personalizadas para mejorar tanto su comunicación oral como escrita. El enfoque principal de mis clases se centra en desarrollar una comunicación del idioma inglés de manera fluida y estructurada ya sea para preparar exámenes internacionales, incluyendo el TOEFL y el FCE, o como para poder comunicarse adecuadamente en el ámbito profesional, o para reforzar y mantener el conocimiento previo de este idioma. Soy Licenciado, graduado en Florida Gulf Coast University en los E.E. U.U. Habiendo aprendido inglés desde chico en el Ivy Thomas Memorial School y vivido año y medio en Tailandia, seguido de 4 años en E.E. U.U. adquirí gran conocimiento y fluidez del idioma inglés. En Tailandia estuve año y medio estudiando arte en la comunicación y esto me ayudó a prepararme para mis estudios en E.E. U.U. Tuve varias clases de comunicación, aprendiendo técnicas de cómo hablar mejor usando no solo nuestras palabras, sino también nuestro cuerpo para ayudarnos a hablar de manera más natural, tranquila y sin ponernos nerviosos si nos trabamos o nos olvidamos de lo que queríamos decir. Durante mi carrera en los E.E. U.U. estuve constantemente escribiendo ensayos para mis clases, además de tener que exponer proyectos delante de mis profesores y compañeros de clase. Al mismo tiempo, estuve trabajando en la universidad y luego de graduado trabajé durante un año, principalmente teniendo largas conversaciones por teléfono con personas de todo el país. Hoy en día la habilidad para comunicarse en inglés es imprescindible y los voy a preparar para que puedan cumplir sus objetivos. Podrá ser, el de estudiar en el extranjero, irse a vivir a un país de habla inglesa, mejorar la comunicación en el ámbito profesional o practicar para no perder el nivel previamente adquirido. Si lo que estás buscando es mejorar tus conocimientos del idioma inglés, yo te voy a ayudar. Mi metodología es simple. Cada persona es diferente y adapto el contenido de mis clases a las necesidades e intereses de mis alumnos. Todos aprendemos de distintas maneras y en tiempos distintos, por eso es que diseño mis clases de manera individual.
English · Public speaking · Writing
Ich bin ein qualifizierter Lehrer, ursprünglich aus Großbritannien. Ich hatte das Privileg, als Grundschullehrer im Zentrum von London zu arbeiten, und biete jetzt meine Dienste als persönlicher Tutor an. Ich interessiere mich leidenschaftlich für Bildung und helfe Menschen dabei, ihre Lernziele in einer einladenden, angenehmen und erhebenden Umgebung zu erreichen. Ich verwende einen immersiven Ansatz, um meinen Schülern zu helfen, die englische Sprache zu lernen. Diese Sitzungen sind ideal für alle Fähigkeiten und Altersgruppen. Egal, ob Sie völlig neu in Englisch sind oder versuchen, die Sprache zu beherrschen, ich kann Sitzungen anbieten, die Ihnen helfen, Ihre Ziele zu erreichen. Diese Sitzungen können eine Reihe von Themen umfassen, wie z. Grundlegendes Englisch Konversationsenglisch Idiomatisches Englisch und Slang Grammatikstudium Kreatives Englisch Was auch immer Ihre Ziele sind, ich bin in der Lage, flexibles Lernen anzubieten, das Sie auf Ihrem Weg zum Erfolg unterstützt. - - - I'm a qualified teacher originally from the UK. I've had the privilege of working as a primary teacher in central London, and now offer my services as a personal tutor. I'm passionate about education and helping people achieve their learning goals in a welcoming, enjoyable, and uplifting environment. I use an immersion approach to help my students tackle the English language. These sessions are ideal for all abilities and ages. Whether you're completely new to English, or attempting to master the language, I can offer sessions that help you reach your goals. These sessions can include a range of topics, such as: Basic English Conversational English Idiomatic English and slang Grammar study Creative English Whatever your aims, I'm able to offer flexible learning that supports you in your journey to success.
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German classes at all levels, A1-C2. Children, adults, students, companies (Berlin)
I’m disappointed as I ordered 10 lessons with Elvira yet only did 4 because of internet connexion failures, lack of good communication and tardiness/last minute cancellations …
Review by SOLENNE
Russian Language A1 - C2 / Русский язык и литература (Berlin)
The lesson went well. Ilia was very professional and gave me enough information but didn't overwhelm with it. Can't wait for a second lesson.
Review by ELENA
English lessons from native speakers in conversation and vocabulary improvement. (Berlin)
Stephen is a great teacher and conversation partner. It was a pleasure talking to him and I am very much looking forward to our next class.
Review by EVA