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Trusted teacher: Hola, Mi nombre es Santiago y estoy ofreciendo clases virtuales de inglés individuales y personalizadas para mejorar tanto su comunicación oral como escrita. El enfoque principal de mis clases se centra en desarrollar una comunicación del idioma inglés de manera fluida y estructurada ya sea para preparar exámenes internacionales, incluyendo el TOEFL y el FCE, o como para poder comunicarse adecuadamente en el ámbito profesional, o para reforzar y mantener el conocimiento previo de este idioma. Soy Licenciado, graduado en Florida Gulf Coast University en los E.E. U.U. Habiendo aprendido inglés desde chico en el Ivy Thomas Memorial School y vivido año y medio en Tailandia, seguido de 4 años en E.E. U.U. adquirí gran conocimiento y fluidez del idioma inglés. En Tailandia estuve año y medio estudiando arte en la comunicación y esto me ayudó a prepararme para mis estudios en E.E. U.U. Tuve varias clases de comunicación, aprendiendo técnicas de cómo hablar mejor usando no solo nuestras palabras, sino también nuestro cuerpo para ayudarnos a hablar de manera más natural, tranquila y sin ponernos nerviosos si nos trabamos o nos olvidamos de lo que queríamos decir. Durante mi carrera en los E.E. U.U. estuve constantemente escribiendo ensayos para mis clases, además de tener que exponer proyectos delante de mis profesores y compañeros de clase. Al mismo tiempo, estuve trabajando en la universidad y luego de graduado trabajé durante un año, principalmente teniendo largas conversaciones por teléfono con personas de todo el país. Hoy en día la habilidad para comunicarse en inglés es imprescindible y los voy a preparar para que puedan cumplir sus objetivos. Podrá ser, el de estudiar en el extranjero, irse a vivir a un país de habla inglesa, mejorar la comunicación en el ámbito profesional o practicar para no perder el nivel previamente adquirido. Si lo que estás buscando es mejorar tus conocimientos del idioma inglés, yo te voy a ayudar. Mi metodología es simple. Cada persona es diferente y adapto el contenido de mis clases a las necesidades e intereses de mis alumnos. Todos aprendemos de distintas maneras y en tiempos distintos, por eso es que diseño mis clases de manera individual.
Writing · Public speaking · English
Hi there, my name is Toby and I am a professional TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) tutor and native English speaker from London based in Berlin. I have been teaching English for 5 years to pupils of all ages and levels and can give lessons in English, Russian, French or German. I provide a balanced class including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and discussion but can also focus on any area in particular and have prepared students joining an English-speaking school, adults working in an English-speaking workplace and public speakers amongst others. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions. -REVIEWS- Ina B. I am very satisfied with the English lessons and can only recommend Toby. With his teaching style, he creates a wonderful working and learning atmosphere in which I come out of class motivated every time. He conveys structure, explains connections and a certain logic in terms of grammar. He is excellently able to adjust to the respective level of the student. He quickly recognized my weaknesses, which he specifically focuses on. What more could you want? Bright Toby is an excellent English teacher. I wanted to focus on my pronunciation and accent. He patiently worked together with me using various methods. I loved so much how he taught me English. And I started hearing from multiple friends that my English had improved. Significantly! These compliments made my days :) I would be pleased to recommend him. Hanna S. Toby can explain things very well and understandably, is patient and friendly and easily adapts to the level of the student Peggy B. Toby is very patient and very pleasant, our first exchanges are very positive
Vocabulary · Grammar · English
Business management · Humanities · English
Trusted teacher: My name is Zoe. I have over eight years of experience as an English and Spanish teacher. I am a very dynamic person and it is very important for me my lessons aren so. I really enjoy teaching; learning is an experience and when we have fun, our brain registers better. I have worked in academies, schools and on my own. I have had both groups and individual students, from all ages and levels. I studied Translation and Interpreting, I speak French and Chinese as well and now I am learning German, I understand you, students! My objective is you reach your goal in the shortest time. What's my method like? Whatever people say, practising is the only way of learning a language, so my lessons are very practicle. We speak in the target language from the very beggining, even though you are starting, because although it could seem a bit difficult during the first lessons, this dynamic will ease our learning process and your resources. I design every lesson according to the student and their situation, so we can reinforce the weakest areas. I try to make creative and light activities which naturally and easily places us in a real conversation context. You will be given a calendar with our general planning so we can see our progress and have an idea of what comes next. Thanks to online format I can adjust my schedule to my student's and we don't miss even a minut to move to some place or another. We will use different digital tools to enrich our learning, such as videos, interactive exercises, audiovisual pieces, digital whiteboards, etc.. First encounter: we can get to know eachother and stablish an action plan regarding to our objectiv e. Don't hestitate and send me your message with your questions and needs! I am looking forward to.
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Tutoring all school level Math&Physics, SAT/IB/A levels Math&physics. (Brussels)
I am currently working with Daviti for my IB Physics HL revision, and I can unequivocally say that Daviti is an extremely helpful tutor. He is very personable which makes the session feel more like you're revising your subject with an extremely intelligent peer rather than a senior/teacher, he always makes sure you're comfortable with the topic before moving on. I would fully recommend him as a tutor for IB physics
Review by ADITEJ(ADI)
Support courses in French, English and Philosophy (Berlin)
Adrienne was super punctual and had prepared the class really well, and even sent me content a few days before the class. Her lesson was really interesting and I felt like I learned more than just language skills by the end of it, because she provided interesting historical and social context to everything she shared with me.
Review by EILEEN
Conversation in French from beginner to advanced level. (Berlin)
Amélina is a knowledgeable and patient teacher, with some great tips on learning conversational french, especially for someone like me with only a month of online/app learning. I look forward to more lessons!
Review by THEA