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Trusted teacher: Philosophy lessons at Terminale, Hypocagne, Khâgne and University level Some philosophers write systems, others treatises, others aphorisms, and others philosophical essays. Whatever your "intellectual family" we will quickly learn how to make you discover it. A) For all Ter streams and 1st year of Univ Practical work throughout the year: 1) Support for students throughout the year in writing and correcting their homework. 2) Correct assignments before they are handed in. (Thanks to the interactive digital board, we write your first copies together). General introduction to philosophy for all terminal students 1) -Familiarization with the major fields of philosophy (Epistemology, logic, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics) (2h min) 2) -Introduction to the history of philosophical ideas (1h30) 3) -Introduction to Greco-Latin etymology (30 min) 4) -Introduction to the currents of Greek philosophy (1h) 5) -Introduction to the main currents of modern philosophy (2h) 5) -Initiation in the use of computer and office tools (optional) 7) -Introduction to the methodology of the dissertation + writing of standard dissertations under the aegis of the teacher (8h) 8) -Introduction to the methodology of text commentary + joint writing of your first text comments (8h) Students can attend the class collectively, which will allow them to share the costs. B) Courses for pupils of Ter in difficulty: For those who are struggling in philosophy but who do not want to be penalized by the discipline on the day of the Bac test, we will find a solution to get you out of the rut. It is not necessary to be a great reasoner to obtain the average on the day of the Bac test; it is enough to master the grammar, the syntax of French and the methodology of the text commentary to obtain an honorable score (the academy forbids us not to give the average to the copies clearly Written and respectful of the philosophical methodology). C) Courses for students of khâgne-hypocagne and those of the university; contact me to explain your difficulties. -Correction of your copies. -Alternative fixes. - Drafting of alternative detailed plans. -TD: organization of your draft reflection in record time (20 to 30 min). -Finally, I offer group tutorials online. -Possibility of ad hoc in-depth studies on certain theoretical points. I hope you will avoid the "cold shower" of the 1st semester.
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Research Methods Statistics and Analytics-Thesis Assistance (BS MS and Phd level)- Qualitative and Quantitative research methods-SPSS STATA
Jad provided exceptional help and gave great recommendations on how the overall paper could be improved. The sessions were not only value adding to construct the paper optimally but also to gain insight as to how researchers work in real life. I really enjoyed the sessions as Jad was a very knowledgable and patient tutor who was always giving his best to help out (also given the time constraints and tight schedule that I was facing). Thank you again so much for everything!!
Review by INGA
AP and IB Economics Tutor, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (Şişli)
I am an HL IB Economics student from Istanbul, and had 1 lesson so far with Mr. Fatih. He is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. Throughout the zoom lesson, he wrote and explained everything clearly on a document that he later shared with me. After any explanation, at the end, he made sure I understood everything, and If not, he explained it again. I am very happy with Mr. Fatih, and I'm looking forward to working with him again.
Review by BURAK
Econometric analysis (Stata & R), econometrics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics
Engin is a very professional and friendly teacher! He helped me with an assignment on STATA which he knows very well and he made sure that I understood what we were doing. He is extremely patient and always willing to help. He always came to the lessons prepared and sent me useful additional material after. He did not mind going overtime as he wanted to finish the task together. I would recommend Engin 100%!!
Review by DOMINIC