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2 drums teachers in Belgiëlei

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Becoming a confident musician is a skill that requires discipline, dedication and hard work. However I strongly believe that whether you wish to progress your skills on an instrument to a professional level, simply get the most out of playing In a band with friends or jamming along to your favourite playlists, the art of learning an instrument is an incredibly rewarding skill. In our lessons we will focus on building a solid foundation across the basics of playing the Drum Kit. We will discover the rich and diverse history of the instrument and move through the jazz, funk, rock and pop era's of music. While I am happy to tailor all of these lessons to the student's needs, I do believe having a basic knowledge of where the instrument and it's vocabulary came from is essential and will have a positive impact on the students playing. Listening is important! We will work through a number of landmark recordings that carve the path of the Drum Kit's evolution and continue the listening process all the way to your favourite songs and how the drums affect that music and the rest of the band! I am also happy to work through ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall and/or Rockschool exam grades. Music is all about communication, and being able to fluently communicate ideas on any instrument requires time and practice. However, like with your very first English lessons in school, over time you can develop the skill of communication to a point where you can exchange many different ideas and create interesting conversations (this time between musical instruments rather than your friends in the pub!). Although I understand music is a not a career for everyone, I strongly believe that learning how to play any instrument properly with discipline and good practice will enhance your life is more ways than anyone who doesn't play music will understand.
Drums · Music theory
Trusted teacher: Hello, I offer drums lessons in a warm place or at your home. Come and discover the battery differently. My mission is to help you develop your own identity on the instrument. I offer you a fun approach that focuses on the pleasure of playing. Having followed training and courses throughout my life (conservatory, schools ...), I am passionate and dedicated to sharing all of my experience with you. I practice in many music groups and other structures (schools, associations ...). With more than 20 years of experience in drums and more than 10 years in percussion, I teach many musical genres (jazz through Latin music, pop, hip hop, rock, hard, punk, metal ..) , the double pedal, notions of music theory, rhythmic reading. Possibility of taking percussion lessons (darbuka, bongos, African djembe, congas, jaw harp, dhol). The programs are directly inspired by internationally recognized methods, thus being able to adapt to the needs, levels and requirements of each individual. I travel but I also receive in a room with equipment available (any age and level of practice are allowed, from initialization to professionals). A different approach to music lessons: My teaching is resolutely modern. Classes are a moment of musical and human sharing where error is used as a positive experience to move forward. We work by oral transmission to complete the scores. We use onomatopoeia to quickly develop musical and felt play, rather than just reading and playing. So ... Tempted? No excuse, I give you couses from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 11 pm. FROM child (from 5 years old) to senior, and from beginner to professional. Registration possible all year round. Contact me for more info on prices and formulas ... See you soon,
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Hello I am dedicated to helping you explore the rhythmic world of drums and/or Latin percussion. With a background in music education and performance, I aim to provide structured yet engaging lessons tailored to your needs and aspirations. Teaching Approach: My teaching philosophy focuses on cultivating technical proficiency, musical expression, and a deep appreciation for rhythm. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, I offer personalized instruction to help you achieve your musical goals. Specialization and Uniqueness: Specializing in drums and Latin percussion, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our lessons. From foundational techniques to advanced rhythms, we'll explore a diverse range of musical genres and styles. Getting Started: To begin your musical journey, simply reach out to schedule your first lesson. I offer both in-person and online sessions, providing flexibility to accommodate your schedule and preferences. Instrument Requirements: If you don't have your own instruments, I can offer guidance to reach your goals with the resources in our hands. For online lessons, a reliable internet connection and a passion for percussion are all you need. Experience as a Performer: As a seasoned performer, I've graced stages worldwide, bringing real-world insight and energy to our lessons. My performance experience enriches our learning process, offering practical knowledge and inspiration. My Professional Background: I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Music with a major in Percussion Teaching and Performance Summa Cum Laude from Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in World Music Percussion at Codarts Rotterdam - University of the Arts, I am committed to continuous learning and growth as both a musician and educator. Ready to embark on a rhythmic adventure? Schedule your first lesson and let's make some music together!
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Learn drums today from a professional and passionate teacher! DRUM LESSONS Oslo (Oslo)
At the time of this review, I have completed 4 lessons with Bruno. I can say with confidence that Bruno is an excellent and patient tutor, who has helped me get confident with the drum kit and also sustain my interest for learning drums (Before these lessons, I have never learnt music or drums earlier - so a complete newbie). He is very professional and his lessons are customised to the student. I recommend him very strongly to anyone who wishes to learn drums!
Review by SRIRAM
Beats, Rhythms, and Fun: Discover Your Passion for Drumming with Expert Instruction (Ghent)
If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Valentin is an excellent drummer and drum teacher and really focusses on the individuality of you as a student to ensure that you improve but most importantly enjoy.
Review by JANIÇA
Drum lessons ONLINE - Learn at home playing your own kit - Low fares
Child enjoyed her class. Tutor was kind and knowledgeable, really easy to deal with and organised. He responded to questions and had a clear lesson plan for the class.
Review by S