Drums lessons in France.

Find your perfect private drums tutor in France.
Learn drums with our teachers at home or in their studio.

Drums lessons in France.

Find your perfect private drums tutor in France. Learn drums with our teachers at home or in their studio.

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Professional musician, I am holder of the DEM, diploma of musical studies delivered to the CRR of Cergy Pontoise. I do the drums since small, my father being drummer and professional percussionist. I graduated in 2010 with a gold medal on my instrument, issued unanimously. METHOD OF WORKING: My course is composed of several parts: Technique exercises (one can not cut), rhythm pattern work on partitions (no reader not worry), work on CD, hear cycles, development of musical listening, Development of the drum solo, how to write one's own rhythms ... I am open to all styles of music: Rock, Latin, funk, jazz, hip-hop, variety ... I often propose to work on pieces appreciated by my students. I pick them up and we work together. We work with more ardor on a music that we like! I have many formations with which I evolve. When teaching, it is very important to practice the scene. This keeps this passion for music alive. I often invite my students to come and listen to me on stage. It is interactive and often very playful because we can talk concretely about what is being discussed. It is also important for a teacher to "put himself in danger" in front of his students. To work well with a teacher, you must also love your way of playing. I am ready to welcome you in a studio in the heart of Bastille (metro Ledru-Rollin) where you can practice on a real battery without worries of the neighborhood, quite rare in Paris. Enjoy !! I hope you have the desire to go further with me on this beautiful instrument that is the battery that I am passionate since childhood.
Jazz music · Drums
Trusted teacher: Lovers of rhythm, singing and percussion of the world, you are at the right address !!! The universe of rhythm and drums of the world attracts you ... you are novice or wish to improve, you are looking for workshops in private or group lessons, ... Welcome !!! Multi-percussionist of stage and studio, teachers and performers for 20 years, I propose introductory or percussion modules of the world, for adults, teenagers and children and whatever your level. (Individual, group and internship courses) The pedagogical objective makes it a point of honor to explore general notions, perfection points and instrumental techniques, depending on the instrument chosen, the cultural context associated with it and your feelings. My approach is to allow you to establish an intimate contact with your own dynamics of play, by listening and reproducing, opening the ways of the sensitive, to find and to make vibrate the musicality that is in you and to transmit this direct experience , In the condition of interpretation. Percussion classes consist of several instruments and levels: For all levels: Conga, bongos, drums bata, cajon, bendir and tar (drums on frame), djembe, dundun, battery And minor percussion (accessories: shaker, triangle, karkabou ... And also for novices & middlemen: Indian tablas Essentially addressed for a work of musical immersion and psychosensory: The roles of rhythmic instruments in contemporary, ethnic and scholarly music, and the metrics proper to each musical stream. The keystrokes specific to each instrument and a playful rhythmic solfeggio (visualization, learning and interpretation of rhythmic sequences by writing and / or putting in a voice) The poly-rhythm of contemporary music and world music (African, Caribbean, Indian and Eastern traditions): a simultaneous combination of rhythmic cells, sometimes of different sizes, to form a rich, well-seated and harmonious phrase. Groove and inner pulsation (or inner score) Guided improvisation and the discovery of its own interpretation fiber. Orchestration or arrangement of instrument families within an orchestra. The singing and the breathing, the putting in voice and in space of the rhythm, to refine the sensory language of an adequate dynamic gesture. On request I provide personal work materials (CDs, scores, videos). Apart from stage music, I also work for the live show (tales, theater, circus, pantomime, contemporary dance ...), documentary film and audio-visual. I often intervene in musical awakening for the small and middle childhood (maternity, schools, leisure center) and also in specialist environments (day hospitals, IME) and at home, in mediation actions in art- therapy. Hoping to convey to you with joy my passion for teaching and rhythm melody. Stéphane. Musically.
Percussion · Singing · Sound (music) · Drums
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Cours de batterie et de percussions orientaux (derbouka Daf Riq) (Paris)
Je suis très satisfaite de ce 1er cours (derbouka). Wadie est ouvert et compétent.
Review by MIREILLE

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