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58 drums teachers in France

Trusted teacher: Gilles: Franco-American, born on September 01, 1961 in Versailles. Qualifications: Percussionist musician specializing in Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music and their African sources. Practiced instruments: conga, bongo, timbales, bata, berimbau, timba, repinique, pandeiro, tamborim, reco-reco, chékéré, agogo, gan, cajon peruvian, cuban cajon, quijada, surdo, drums. Researcher: Work in progress on the Yoruba, Fon, Congo ... cultures, their transpositions in Latin America and their interbreeding with Western music of the last century. Experiences and training 1975: Conservatory of the 4th arrondissement of Paris with Francoise Gagneux, specialization drums. 1976: Circus School Gruss Department mime. 1978: Diploma of bafa, training course with the FCVF and the CPCV on Visual Arts. (or internship R.robert.) 1979: Congolese percussion with Lucky ZEBILA at the American Center in Paris (crossing of African cultures). 1980: Traditional Haitian and Cuban Percussion with John AMIRA at the Naropa Center in Boulder Colorado USA. 1982 - 84: Afro-Caribbean drums with Allan SILVA and his CCO (Celestrial Comunications Orchestra) will teach later in his institute IACP in Paris. 1984: Traditional Brazilian percussion with Bira ALMEIDA "Mestre accordion" of world renown and instigator of Capoeira in the USA as well as musical director and composer of the famous corpo santo group in Sanfransico. 1985: Cuban Percussion Workshop with Jerry GONZALES (Assistant for internships in Paris at the dance center rue de Clichy) 1988-89: Afro-Cuban drums with LOS MUñEQUITOS from MATANZAS in Matanzas, Cuba. Diploma of the 3rd cycle of CONJUNTO FOLKLORICO NACIONAL of Cuba, Havana. 1989-90: Cuban percussion with Roger FIXI, learning Batas drums and the Congo cycle. Experience in vocational education 1995-98: CIAM. (Center for Investigation and Musical Activities-Bordeaux) Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian percussion teacher, initiator of the Latin percussion program and its Instrumentarium. 1997-2001 CFAT (Training Center for Traditional Arts-Bordeaux) Professor of Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian Percussion and Director of the Polyrhythm Workshop. 2001-2004 Conservatorio Josafat Roel Pineda Lima, Peru, residency on percussion from West African origins in Latin America and the Caribbean, their influences in the Afro-Peruvian music of this century. 2002-2005: ENMDT (National Conservatory of Dance and Music GABRIEL FAURE - Angoulême) Teacher teaching Caribbean Afro Drums and Latin music in orchestra (see this year's program): Métis music project. In the following groups: - first part at the olympia with Paul Mindi - Dunk Jazz Festival with Allan Sylva's CCO - Elaboration of a samba blocko for San Francisco Carnival Mardi Gras invited by Bira Almeida, musician, writer, researcher and founder of WCA (World Capoeira Association). From this experience, he created the first "battery" of samba in Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico, USA (banda girasol.) Director, "bateria" in several schools of samba in France: "Axé" in Paris, " Sarava "in Tours," Macunaima "in Bordeaux, then form the group" Timbalada Urbana "ethnic-mixed race group. - Percussionist musician of TUPI-NAGO group Samba- Reggae Band. This group has taken its musical sources in the region of Salvador de Bahia, bastion of Afro-Brazilian culture. This group was sponsored by Etienne Roda-Gil and Rémy Kolpa-Kopoul, a journalist for "Liberation", a specialist in Brazilian music. European tour and first part of Brazilian artists such as Joao Bosco, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil.This group record production under the label Melodie Music and caramba productions. - Musician percussionist group ILU-YENKORI, drums and songs dedicated to the Afro-Cuban and Yoruba pantheon as well as countries belonging to the former kingdoms of Dahomey, (Togo, Ghana, Benin.). This group of dancers, singers and percussionists were among the first in France to promote the cultures of this pantheon. Coach and trainer of the theme Rhythm and Family, in the movement of Reiki activities in Europe (Ibiza, Cologne) and Canada (Vancouver). He takes charge of the problematic aspect of rhythm in the context of group dynamics in the training courses of future masters in the art of Reiki by Phillys Furumoto. In 2000, joined the group Lanaya in Bordeaux. With a repertoire of Mandingo music, this group included the soloist Ousseman Souma drum and dance from the prestigious national ballet JOLIBA. Gilles is part of this group, bringing the Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian repertoire from which Lanaya will evolve towards Métis music. Change also marked by the integration of artists from different cultures such as, Fato Camara, Mathias Agbokou, Jose Hernandez, Patrice Banchereau: Akpon. Languages: French English (2nd mother tongue) Spanish Discography: "Desert Mirage", CCO Alan Silva (Phonogram) "Dream off the Ground", Future sound together "Little with big ears", Bill Baxter (Polydor) "Tupi nago", Tupi nago (Melody Music)
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Trusted teacher: Lovers of rhythm, singing and percussion of the world, you are at the right address !!! The universe of rhythm and drums of the world attracts you ... you are novice or want to improve, you are looking for workshops in private or group lessons, ... welcome !!! Multi-percussionist stage and studio, teachers and performers for 20 years, I offer introductory or advanced percussion modules of the world for adults, teens and children and whatever your level. (individual, group and internship courses) The educational objective makes it a point of honor to explore general notions, developmental points and instrumental techniques, depending on the chosen instrument, the cultural context associated with it and your feelings. My approach is to allow you to establish an intimate contact with your own dynamics of play, by listening and reproduction, by opening the channels of the sensitive, to find and make vibrate the musicality that is in you and to transmit this direct experience , in condition of interpretation. Percussion lessons always involve several instruments and levels: For all levels: congas, bongos, bata drums, cajon, bendir and tar (frame drums), the djembe, the dundun, drums and minor percussions (accessories: shaker, triangle, karkabou ... And also for novices & intermediates: Indian tablas Point essentially addressed for a musical and psycho-sensory immersion work: the roles of rhythmic instruments in contemporary, ethnic and scholarly music, and the metrics of each musical current. the strokes specific to each instrument and a playful rhythmic solfeggio (visualization, learning and interpretation of rhythmic sequences by writing and / or voicing) the poly-rythmie around current musics and world music (African, Caribbean, Indian and oriental traditions): simultaneous combination of rhythmic cells, sometimes of different size, to form a rich, well-rounded and harmonious phrase. groove and inner pulsation (or inner partition) guided improvisation and discovery of one's own interpretive fiber. orchestration or arrangement of instrument families in an orchestra. the song and the breath, the setting in voice and in space of the rhythm, to refine the sensory language of an adequate dynamic gesture. I provide on request personal work media (CDs, scores, videos). Apart from stage music, I also work for live shows (storytelling, theater, circus, pantomime, contemporary dance ...), documentary film and audio-visual. I intervene frequently in musical awakening for the small and the middle childhood (maternities, schools, center of leisure) and also in specialized circles (day hospitals, IME) and at home, within the framework of actions of mediation in art- therapy. Hoping to share with you my passion for teaching and the melody of rhythm. Stephane. Musically.
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Very good lesson, great teacher! Very motivational. The teacher follows your tempo of learning and there is a good atmosphere. :)
Review by MARINA
Drum lessons in Paris Montparnasse on acoustic drums (Paris)
Wonderful, experienced teacher. Great pace, techniques. Well-equipped acoustic studio. Strongly recommend.
Review by NIKITA
Dry guitar / flok / electric lessons in Toulouse and around (Toulouse)
Clément is a very patient teacher and very skilled. He makes the lesson a lot of fun. Highly recommended!
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