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Trusted teacher: • What is the role of a school coach? As a professional, support young people between 12 and 25 years old, in their personal and more particularly school career, when they want to make a change. • So, if the topics covered are orientation, motivation, self-confidence and working methods, it will be all about defining an objective and defining the steps to achieve it, based on tools and specific methods, a neutral and benevolent position and its very specific questions. • It is therefore a question of seeing more clearly, decoding and analyzing in order to manage what is blocking, to learn to go beyond one's limits independently, by relying on internal and external resources and by determining the steps to achieve this. his rhythm. • If the work of the coach with the parents consists in better accompanying them to understand and support their children in their generation, the work of the coach with the young person is different: By listening as well as the tools / suggestions proposed as well as the attention given to the emotions experienced, it is a question of reinforcing his motivation to get involved in his role, to develop the desired skills, in line with his professional project, through the recognition and valuation of his own talents. Thus, it is a question of acquiring and then deploying pragmatic tools and methods in order to: • Support young people with high potential and / or hypersensitivity • Get to know each other better (values, desires, needs, motivations, talents, etc.) • Gain awareness and esteem • Pass exams • Better manage stress and emotions related to exams and gain self-confidence • Better manage your workload, projects, time and priorities • Prepare for exams, optimize your organization, find your creative levers • Improve your relationship with others, your communication, team spirit • Dare to assert oneself while respecting one's values • Build and realize your professional project • Overcome your difficulties, your potential and become aware of the opportunities that may be offered. • Integrate didactic learning skills and self-knowledge, in addition to skills and coaching tools • Support young people on different themes such as social integration, relationship with oneself and with others, the meaning of learning, organization, orientation choices, construction of a project Statistically, the progression following these private sessions is quickly noticeable, from 2 sessions *. (* 2021 study) THE COACH - TRAINER: Trained at the Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League University in the United States, our teacher trainer has specialized and worked for more than 18 years, in Europe and North America, in the field, in renowned international public and private establishments, regularly participating in forums and conferences, and also offering personalized INDIVIDUAL support, with pedagogy and careful methodology as key words, all anchored in a pleasant and jovial moment. ➤ PLACE, TIMETABLE, PRICES • Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Friborg-Zurich-Neuchâtel-Lugano-Montreux-Bâle-Neuchâtel-Bern-Lucerne-Brussels-Luxembourg-Paris-Lyon-Montreal. But currently and until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid, this format also unanimously suitable for those accompanied. • Apart from the traditional advantages of videoconferencing (time savings linked to travel, eco-responsibility, increased scheduling flexibility, etc.), the quality of the session and the interaction remain the same. In addition, the notes taken during the sessions are immediately transcribed on the session chat and are automatically transmitted to you so that you can browse them during and after the session if you wish. • Hourly fees: To support each other & be pleasant to you in this very particular global context and in a spirit of solidarity, the fees have been temporarily reduced. But this fixed rate will not increase after the start of the sessions. • Sessions in English / French • As other people do regularly, you can also please your loved ones by offering gift vouchers available all year round. • Program: adapted to each need
Life coaching · Child development · Personal training
********************************************************* ✨✨✨✨ The Course Features ✨✨✨✨ ********************************************************** English for Kids- 🗺Learn in a world of exciting stories, adventures & quests🗺 English for Teens- 💥Learn English with real-life conversations, fun videos & games!💥 Conversational English- 🗣️Learn useful phrases to use in everyday conversations🗣️ ********************************************************* ✨✨✨✨ My Teaching Style ✨✨✨✨ ********************************************************** 💥 Fun and interactive with lots of games and activities 💥 Uses props and real examples to expand vocabulary 💥 Corrections in real-time and clear explanations of language rules 💥 Improve pronunciation and grammar through conversations 💥Regular reviews and chances for YOU to test your knowledge 💥 A relaxed and stimulating atmosphere **************************************************** ✨✨✨✨ Courses I Offer ✨✨✨✨ **************************************************** ✍ Cambridge series, Starters, Flyers, Movers and Kids Box series 💥✍️ My Lessons are 🙊fun, calm and relaxed 😜 🙉Well-planned and personalized 🙈Class notes, pictures, and homework are provided 😍 🙊A strong focus on grammatical accuracy and pronunciation 🗣 🙉help to set achievable short-term and long-term language learning goals 🙈Customized lessons 💖 🎉 CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH 🎉 🌎 Providing a positive, safe learning environment to make students feel comfortable 🌎 Teaching students proper pronunciation, intonation, stress, and emphasis 🌎 Giving students the opportunities to speak about topics they are passionate about 🌎 Providing in depth feedback 🌎 Advice of how to break bad language habits 🌎 Express your opinions with CONFIDENCE 📖 Adult English ⭐ Vocabulary ⭐ Daily English ⭐ Pronunciation Practice ⭐ Grammar ⭐Work-related discussions ⭐ Conversation based on your interests ⭐English for Kids & BEGINNERS : 🔹Fun classes with games and interactive activities 🔹Boost confidence and start talking in English very soon 🔹Daily English (Common Dialogue/Phrases) 🔹Vocabulary Enhancement 🔹Dialogue practice 🔹Watching a & Listening (videos & music) 🔹Cambridge STARTERS, MOVERS and FLYERS preparation 🔹Phonics and reading courses ⭐English for Teens 🔹Fun and interactive 🔹Grammar, reading and writing practice 🔰Students can choose two methods. ✅Teacher Provided Topics...OR ✅Student prefered topics
English · Racquet sports · Child development
Are you a parent of a child (8-12 years old) who loves animals, adventures and travelling? Combining these passions with being a confident English speaker you can become a brave explorer of the best opportunities in life. When English becomes your 2nd nature, you get a passport to the world. It opens up all the opportunities to a successful fulfilled life. They can achieve all this by learning English through doing what they love – reading adventure stories. Even if, they aren’t enthusiastic about reading, I can assure you from my teaching experience, they will be. It’s what I do – I instill love of learning and reading in children through exciting and fun activities. We read short adventure stories about 11-year-old Nina and her dachshund Eve, work through them and improve your kid’s English with ease. Nina and Eve travel around the world and show your child beautiful places, teach to overcome difficulties and be brave. At the Adventure Reading Programme we • build confidence in reading and speaking in English • improve writing, spelling and literacy • make reading a habit • improve interpersonal skills though multinational groups • learn about different cultures and countries • learn to express opinions • develop more values such as kindness, courage and friendship Classes are held over the video conference (Zoom) once a week (60 min.) in mini groups (4-5 students). Come and get a taste of the Adventure Reading Programme at my Free Session. We will uncover the mystery of the 1st chapter of the Nina and Eve’s Series, learn more about dachshunds and explore an amazing place in Turkey. Let me introduce myself. I am Irina – a teacher and an author of Nina and Eve’s Series. I’ve been teaching English for more than 10 years. Once I realized that children learn English much easier through a story, that’s why I am inviting your child to my adventure reading programme. Let your child join my Free Reading Session and experience learning English with ease and joy.
English · Reading · Child development
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Private lessons: French and literature (remediation + preparation) possible online (Gouzon)
I look forward to my lessons, they did an excellent job at immersing me from day one. I had some basic understanding of composition, vocab etc. and they immediately matched my level of understanding. I don’t feel any time is wasted. Within two minutes of meeting with my tutor, we began learning. I am super impressed by Emna and hope to continue my learning until I am fluent. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Review by GABRIELA
LEARN to 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘 𝐕𝐈𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐍/𝐕𝐈𝐎𝐋𝐀 🎻 and MUSIC THEORY | 𝐄𝐚𝐬𝐲 & 𝐅𝐮𝐧 | (Antwerp)
Javier is a great instructor. His accomplishments as a musician are impressive alone but then skillfully cultivates a love of the instrument with his students. Thank you Javier for taking interest in others and sharing your gifts of teaching!
Review by JOHN
Gaelle went above and beyond to help my son build a love of programming by making it fun and integrating me in his learning, making it a bonding experience as well :)
Review by ROGER