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Trusted teacher: I am a qualified engineer from Arts et Métiers ParisTech and followed a preparatory class, accumulating more than 10 years of experience as a private mathematics teacher. My goal is to help your child reach their full academic potential in mathematics and develop skills that will prepare them for a bright future. Why choose my courses? Would you like your child to: Significantly improve your results in mathematics/physics-chemistry? Join a selective curriculum? Become independent and confident in your abilities? Over the last 5 years, I have had the privilege of supporting more than 30 French students, from middle school (sixth, fifth, fourth, third) to high school (second, first, terminale), towards academic success. My students obtained good averages, passed the certificate, the baccalaureate and the preparatory classes, while strengthening their self-confidence. My teaching method in 3 steps: Short term: Immediate improvement in average by assimilating the course and preparing for assessments. This includes assimilating the course, taking notes, practicing standard exercises, anticipating teachers' expectations and test questions, as well as acquiring writing methods. Medium term: Integration of reasoning and working methods. Your child will learn to work regularly in this order: assimilation, training exercises, preparation for assessments and analysis of results. Long term: Establishing clear goals, building the steps to achieve them, realizing the SIMPLICITY of mathematics, building confidence in your abilities and unlocking your child's potential. Details of the formula: One to two sessions of 1h30/2h per week to assimilate the course and prepare for the evaluations. Classes delivered via Google Meet for effective online learning. Use of a virtual whiteboard to facilitate the assimilation of concepts. Access to an online library including 10 mathematics reference books. Over 1000 online exercises to strengthen math skills. Questions ? Contact me now on Apprentus, and I will respond quickly. Together, we can give your child the future they deserve through an exceptional math education. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Book today for outstanding results in mathematics. Excellence Math, Physics, Chemistry - 19 average - New program 2023 Give your child the future they deserve with exceptional math lessons!
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Welcome to an engaging and dynamic learning experience designed to unlock the mysteries of GCSE & A Level Mathematics/Science! In these lessons, we embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, delving deep into the fascinating world of mathematical and scientific principles. Key Features: Interactive Learning: Prepare to be actively engaged in every lesson through hands-on activities, stimulating discussions, and immersive multimedia resources. We believe that active participation is the key to deepening understanding and retention of complex concepts. Real-World Applications: Explore the relevance of Mathematics/Science in everyday life and various fields of study. From solving practical problems to understanding the underlying principles behind natural phenomena, we bridge the gap between theory and application, fostering a deeper appreciation for the subjects. Personalized Support: Recognizing that every student learns differently, we provide personalized support tailored to individual needs and learning styles. Whether you're a visual learner, an auditory learner, or a hands-on learner, we strive to accommodate your preferences and empower you to succeed. Conceptual Clarity: Our approach emphasizes conceptual clarity over rote memorization. We aim to equip you with a solid foundation of understanding, enabling you to tackle complex problems with confidence and creativity. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Develop your analytical skills and problem-solving abilities as we navigate through challenging mathematical and scientific scenarios. By encouraging curiosity and inquiry, we foster a growth mindset that prepares you to tackle real-world challenges beyond the classroom. Collaborative Learning: Embrace the power of collaboration as we engage in group activities, peer discussions, and cooperative problem-solving tasks. Through collaboration, we harness the collective wisdom and diverse perspectives of the group, enriching our learning experience and fostering a sense of community. Feedback and Reflection: Receive timely feedback on your progress and performance, guiding you towards continuous improvement and growth. We believe that constructive feedback is essential for refining skills and overcoming obstacles on the path to mastery. Lesson Structure: Each lesson is thoughtfully structured to optimize learning outcomes and student engagement. We begin with a brief overview of the lesson objectives and key concepts, followed by interactive presentations, guided practice exercises, and collaborative activities. Throughout the lesson, there are opportunities for questions, discussions, and reflections to deepen understanding and address any misconceptions. Outcome: By the end of these lessons, you will emerge as a confident and proficient learner, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to excel in GCSE & A Level Mathematics/Science. Whether you're aiming for academic success, pursuing further studies in STEM fields, or simply seeking to enrich your understanding of the world around you, these lessons will empower you to reach your goals and unleash your full potential.
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Trusted teacher: I've completed my GCSEs a little over a year ago , I'm on here to fund myself in the future (primarily university) . I've averaged above an A (above grade 7) overall with recent experience and am still attending sixth form . Because of this I'll be able to easily relate to and figure out the needs of my tutee as I was in their position not too long ago . I myself studied based on topic rather than necessarily textbooks , this means that I can make due with any textbook or other material (this accounts for difference in exam boards). I can teach a concept from the ground up , or to solidify knowledge on topics as well as teach the basic principles for understanding the topic in the first place . I'm especially good at understanding and taking advantage of mark schemes to maximise grades , despite if the topic is completely unbeknownst to you . Though this seems minor , this tactic means you'll almost never score zero marks on a question . Ergo : if you can do half of the questions on a 100 mark test you'll get around 50 marks (high C to low B grade , grade 5 to 6) however even without understanding the rest it's easy to get at least another 15 marks up to around 25 (you usually cannot get over half marks without getting close to the answer , which is why half the remaining marks is a typical maximum) putting your grade up to to a minimum of a strong B or a maximum of a solid A (min of a grade 6 and max of grade 8) all of which requires minimal work which you won't forget . In English a similar thing can be done with punctuation , so long as you use a type of punctuation once ; you can score easy additional marks and get more marks on other criteria due to the examiner's bias . This is my forté .
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Certainly! Chemistry and biology are two fundamental scientific disciplines that are closely intertwined and play a crucial role in the education of students. From a chemistry perspective, students will delve into the study of matter, its properties, and the interactions that occur at the atomic and molecular level. They will learn about the periodic table of elements, chemical bonding, reaction kinetics, and thermodynamics. These concepts form the foundation for understanding the behavior of substances and the driving forces behind chemical processes. Students will engage in hands-on experiments, simulations, and problem-solving activities to apply their knowledge and develop their analytical thinking skills. In the realm of biology, students will explore the intricate and fascinating world of living organisms. They will study the structure and function of cells, the diversity of life, the mechanisms of evolution, and the complex systems that sustain living beings. Topics such as genetics, ecology, and physiology will be covered, allowing students to understand the fundamental principles that govern the living world. The integration of chemistry and biology in the curriculum is crucial, as these disciplines often intersect and complement each other. For instance, students will learn about the chemical processes underlying biological phenomena, such as photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and the structure and function of biomolecules like proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids. Through engaging lectures, interactive laboratories, and problem-based learning activities, students will develop a deep understanding of the scientific principles that govern the natural world. They will hone their critical thinking, problem-solving, and experimental design skills, preparing them for further studies in science-related fields or a wide range of career paths. The synergy between chemistry and biology provides students with a holistic perspective on the natural sciences, enabling them to appreciate the complexity and interconnectedness of the living and non-living components of our world. This knowledge will empower them to make informed decisions, contribute to scientific advancements, and tackle the challenges facing our society.
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Course Objectives: Mathematics: Develop a solid understanding of mathematical concepts, including algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics. Enhance problem-solving skills and apply mathematical principles to real-world situations. Foster logical reasoning and mathematical communication. Chemistry: Explore the fundamental principles of chemistry, including atomic structure, chemical bonding, and reaction mechanisms. Conduct laboratory experiments to reinforce theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills. Emphasize safety protocols and responsible use of chemicals in laboratory settings. Physics: Introduce the laws of physics, covering mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and modern physics. Encourage hands-on experiments and demonstrations to observe and understand physical phenomena. Apply mathematical concepts to solve physics problems and analyze experimental data. Computer Programming: Introduce programming fundamentals, algorithms, and data structures. Learn popular programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++. Engage in coding exercises and projects to develop programming proficiency. Teaching Methodology: The class will employ a combination of traditional teaching methods, interactive discussions, hands-on experiments, and computer-based learning to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment. Students will have access to relevant educational resources, textbooks, and online platforms to enhance their understanding and reinforce concepts taught in class. Assessment: Regular assessments, quizzes, and exams will be conducted to evaluate students' progress and comprehension of the subjects. Additionally, class participation, homework assignments, and project submissions will be considered for the final evaluation. Continuous feedback will be provided to help students identify areas for improvement and excel in their studies. Who Should Enroll: This class is suitable for students with a passion for STEM subjects and a desire to excel in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and computer programming. It is ideal for high school students preparing for college or university-level studies in STEM-related fields. Prerequisites: While there are no strict prerequisites for enrolling in this class, a basic understanding of mathematics and science concepts will be beneficial. Students should come with an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a strong work ethic to succeed in this challenging yet rewarding educational journey. By the end of this Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Programming Teaching Class, students will have acquired a well-rounded knowledge of these essential STEM disciplines, preparing them for academic success and empowering them to pursue further studies or careers in science, engineering, technology, and related fields.
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Courses that fit your child's future! Graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and LSE after following a preparatory class in Paris, I have 6 years of experience as a private teacher and tutor in mathematics and physics. My goal is to help your child reach their best level and develop effective learning methods for their future higher education. By choosing my courses you will help your child to... ...Improve your results in mathematics/physics ...Integrate a selective course ...Regain confidence in himself and his abilities ...Get practical advice on graduate school Over the last 6 years, I have had the privilege of supporting more than 35 middle school, high school and even prep students towards academic success. My students obtained good averages, passed the certificate, the baccalaureate and the preparatory classes, while strengthening their self-confidence. My teaching method is based on a key element: Confidence: Instant improvement in average by assimilating the course and preparing for evaluations via a set of revision methods (assimilation, preliminary exercises, training exercises, "blank" assignment then analysis of results) Consolidation of this new working method thanks to newfound confidence and improvement of mathematical rigor and editorial quality To go further: extra-curricular and fun subjects, concocted by me, allowing your child to both appreciate mathematics/physics as a game and to prepare for their future studies In short : One to two sessions of 1h30/2h per week to assimilate the course and prepare for the evaluations. Courses taught face-to-face or remotely (virtual whiteboard to facilitate the assimilation of concepts). Over 1000 online exercises to strengthen math skills. For any questions contact me on Apprentus, and I will respond quickly. Book today to help your child achieve remarkable results.
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Introduction: Hello, my name is Anell, and I'm 20 years old. I am currently pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of West London, entering my third year this October. I am excited to offer my tutoring services to primary and secondary school students, particularly focusing on GCSE Maths. Experience and Qualifications: I have had the opportunity to work in primary schools during my work experience, which has given me valuable insights into the education system and the needs of young learners. Additionally, I currently nanny for three children between the ages of 8 and 11, enhancing my ability to connect with students on a personal level and create a supportive learning environment. I have received excellent academic results, achieving all 7's and 8's at GCSE, and obtaining a B in A-level Maths, C in A-level Physics, and a B in A-level Graphic Design. These achievements demonstrate my strong background in mathematics and related subjects. Passion for Teaching: As someone deeply passionate about civil engineering, I find joy in helping others understand and excel in mathematics, a subject that is crucial in my field of study. I believe that every student has the potential to succeed, and I am dedicated to providing personalized support and guidance to help my students reach their academic goals. Tutoring Focus: I am particularly enthusiastic about tutoring GCSE Maths, as I believe this is a critical stage in a student's educational journey. By building a strong foundation in mathematics, students can gain confidence in their abilities and develop essential problem-solving skills that will serve them well in the future. My typical lesson would be from 45 minutes to an hour. DBS Check: For your peace of mind, I have an up-to-date DBS check, ensuring that I have been verified and cleared to work with children." Techniques and teaching methodology: -Understanding Student's Needs: Begin by assessing the student's current level of understanding and identifying their strengths and weaknesses in mathematics. Understanding their goals and challenges will help tailor the lessons accordingly. -Personalized Learning: Create a personalized learning plan for each student based on their needs and learning style. Different students may require different approaches, so adapt your teaching methodology accordingly. -Hands-On Learning: Incorporate hands-on activities and real-world examples to make abstract mathematical concepts more tangible and relatable. Use props, visual aids, or interactive games to illustrate complex ideas. -Gamification: Turn math into a game. Create math-related challenges, puzzles, and competitions to engage students and make learning enjoyable. This approach fosters a sense of friendly competition and encourages active participation. -Relatable Context: Connect math to real-life scenarios that students can relate to. Showing practical applications of mathematical concepts helps students understand their relevance and increases their interest. -Encourage Questions and Discussions: Create a safe and open environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and discussing their doubts. Address misconceptions promptly and celebrate students' curiosity. -Progressive Difficulty: Start with simpler concepts and gradually increase the difficulty level as students gain confidence. Building a strong foundation is essential for tackling more complex topics later. -Positive Reinforcement: Celebrate students' achievements and progress, no matter how small. Positive reinforcement boosts confidence and motivates students to keep learning. -Regular Assessments: Conduct periodic assessments to track students' progress and identify areas that need further attention. Use the results to adapt your teaching strategies accordingly. If you or your child could benefit from personalized math tutoring or if you have any questions about my services, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am looking forward to helping students achieve their academic potential and fostering a love for mathematics!
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Excellence Math, Physics, Chemistry - Lycee - 19 average (London)
Mounir has been tutoring my daughter for a few months (French syllabus, 3eme - Brevet level). She loves the lessons and looks forward to their weekly Zoom meeting. Mounir easily builds a good rapport with his students and makes lessons interesting and fun, building confidence along the way. He is methodical and organised in his approach and makes sure to go over any aspects of the lessons which may have been less well covered in class, leaving the student with a solid grasp of the entire syllabus. He also recommended alternative revision cards and exercise books with corrections which my daughter finds much more user friendly than the ones provided at her school. Overall a very satisfactory experience and we would recommend Mounir without hesitation to anyone looking for an excellent maths tutor.
Review by PASCALE
Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry classes science subjects (London)
He was really nice and explained well
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