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I am a professional musician and educator, with international experience as a Violin/Viola/ Chamber Music/Theory teacher, soloist, orchestra leader, chamber musician, and jury member. I have graduated in Violin at the Conservatory of Music "G.P. da Palestrina" of Cagliari- Italy and in Viola at the Conservatory of Music "G. Verdi" of Milan-Italy. My professional activity led me to work in several orchestras as performer, and in various music schools as upper- string and chamber music teacher. I lived and worked in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and since 2012 I made London my home, where I developed further teaching experience within the British system. I have also founded "The Geminiani Project" ( of which I am the director and the leader of the Camerata Geminiani, ensemble that has been invited to perform in England, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Denmark, and Sweden. At the same time I have established my ensemble, I have also launched the Geminiani Youth Orchestra (formed by young musicians aged 6 to 17 years old) as I believe in the importance of giving an opportunity to young players to perform together, and the amateur ensemble Hampton Chamber Orchestra; we performed with both orchestras at various venues in London. Regarding my teaching technique, I believe that each student is different and unique, so the first thing I try to do is to establish a connection, then I try to understand the major skills and major difficulties of the student in order to develop a personalised system; I pay much importance also to the emotional aspect the student is dealing with in order to build passion and love for music. I strongly believe that, once achieved a technical skill, the student must have the chance to play with the teacher and with other students, and feel the excitement of making music together. I have experience in preparing students for auditions, competitions, or ABRSM/Trinity exams with excellent results; I love what I do and I love to see my pupils achieving high level results. Some of my students have been awarded at international competitions, some other former students are covering leading roles in international orchestras or in chamber ensembles.
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Trusted teacher: Welcome to my violin and musical language classes! Do you want to learn to play the violin or improve your skills? I am Peyber, violinist, composer, arranger and conductor trained in the Venezuelan Children's and Youth Orchestra System. With over 30 years of musical experience, I can help you from beginner to intermediate levels. What do we offer in classes? Violin Technique: Learn from basic fundamentals to more advanced techniques. Musical Language: Master musical theory, sheet music reading and music theory, essential for any musician. Personalized Repertoire: We will work on pieces that you are passionate about, from classics to contemporary music. Personalized Method: Classes designed according to your pace and personal objectives. Time Flexibility: Online classes that adapt to your schedule, facilitating stress-free learning. In-Person Classes: Available every afternoon after 4 PM. Contact me to coordinate the best time for you! Benefits of our classes: Personalized Attention: Individual classes focused on your needs and progress. Digital Resources: Access to sheet music, exercises and teaching materials. Continuous Monitoring: Periodic evaluations to measure your progress and adjust the study plan. No matter your age or level of experience, my goal is to make learning the violin and musical language a fun and enriching experience. Join my classes and discover the musician inside you! About me: I am Peyber, a professional musician with more than 30 years of experience teaching violin and music theory. I have worked with students of all ages and levels, and I am passionate about sharing my love of music. Sign up now and start your musical journey today!
I have bachelor's and master's diploma from Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music, (Kyiv, Ukraine). I am a certified Suzuki teacher. I have experience working in government and private schools in UK. I am actively performing solo, chamber music and work in professional orchestras as a freelancer. I am flexible and combine different methods and repertoire in my own teaching practice according to each student. My teaching philosophy is to make the pupil feel confident, safe, important and valuable, truly enjoy music learning and performing process. Create fun, engaging lessons that inspire and make the pupil feel "addicted" to practice. It's crucial to be observing and mindful teacher, to assess the student needs individually to be creative, to have different approaches ready to develop the pupils skills evenly, to recognise, bring out and flourish pupils strong sides as well as working on diminishing weak ones, to help with required repertoire appropriately. Time is precious, so i make sure that my pupils understand what to practice and how to practice correctly and effectively. Not allowing the mistakes to get inbedded into bad habits. I aim to give most officiant, comfortable, solid technic, work on finding and maintaining a beautiful tone, to inspire my pupils for playing with their hearts always switched on to music. Encourage and allow safe environment for the pupil to experiment, to learn the limits of their instrument, to help develop musical taste. The main goal is to make pupil think, to assess themselves objectively, to be inquiring, to teach how to learn on their own to become an independent musician.
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Violin · Children's music · Music teacher training
**Zostań mistrzem skrzypiec dzięki spersonalizowanym lekcjom online!** Witaj! Jestem doświadczoną skrzypaczką i nauczycielką muzyki z pasją do dzielenia się moją wiedzą i miłością do muzyki. Oferuję profesjonalne, spersonalizowane lekcje skrzypiec online, które są dostosowane do Twoich indywidualnych potrzeb i celów muzycznych. **Dlaczego warto wybrać moje lekcje?** 🎻 **Doświadczenie i profesjonalizm:** Mam wieloletnie doświadczenie w grze na skrzypcach i nauczaniu. Występowałam z orkiestrami i zespołami na całym świecie, a teraz chcę podzielić się moją wiedzą z Tobą! 🎻 **Indywidualne podejście:** Każda lekcja jest dostosowana do Twojego poziomu zaawansowania, od początkujących po zaawansowanych. Skupiam się na technice, interpretacji muzycznej oraz rozwijaniu Twojego unikalnego stylu gry. 🎻 **Elastyczność:** Ucz się w dogodnym dla Ciebie czasie i miejscu! Lekcje odbywają się online przez Zoom, Skype lub Facetime, dzięki czemu możesz doskonalić swoje umiejętności z dowolnego miejsca na świecie. 🎻 **Materiały dydaktyczne:** Oferuję szeroki zakres materiałów dydaktycznych, w tym nuty, ćwiczenia techniczne i nagrania wideo, które pomogą Ci w codziennej praktyce. 🎻 **Motywacja i wsparcie:** Jestem tu, aby Cię wspierać i motywować na każdym kroku Twojej muzycznej podróży. Razem osiągniemy Twoje muzyczne cele! **Oferta lekcji:** - Lekcje dla początkujących, średniozaawansowanych i zaawansowanych - Przygotowanie do egzaminów muzycznych i konkursów - Nauka techniki gry, interpretacji muzycznej i teorii muzyki - Lekcje indywidualne dostosowane do Twoich potrzeb i preferencji Dołącz do grona moich uczniów i odkryj radość płynącą z gry na skrzypcach! Skontaktuj się ze mną, aby umówić się na pierwszą lekcję próbną i rozpocznij swoją muzyczną przygodę już dziś!
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Private violin lessons, Music Theory, Technical and Musical Skills (Paris)
My private violin lesson with Ester was absolutely perfect. I had a privilege to hear Ester play her violin and she is so good- it is crazy to think I was able to learn from her. She is also such a good teacher. Full of knowlege and patience- which is, in my opinion, a rare combination. I had no prior musical education and this was my first real music lesson. Ester managed to teach me basic note reading, correct violin holding and even playing my first tunes. Her explainations are very clear and easy to understand. And her approach is very friendly. She is also a very nice person and easy to talk to. I wish we lived in the same city so I could keep studying playing violin with Ester- that's how good she is. Lidia
Review by HRVOJE
Violin and Musical Language Classes for Beginners and Intermediates - Online at your own pace (Valencia)
Peyber is great as a violin tutor since he is very patient while teaching new techniques and gives practical tips on how to improve sounds and hand positions for the violin/bow. He takes additional work as his own responsibility and prepares extra material for the class in form of notes and music videos that help you learn and practice better. I totally recommend him for all your violin lessons and I look forward to more classes with him to improve my skills. Thanks a lot to Peyber !
Review by SHARON
violin/viola lessons with a professional teacher for all ages (Amsterdam)
Aida is really nice and patient. She takes time to understand the level of her students and explains clearly how to play this such difficult instrument, and also she makes you feel confident when you hold the bow for the very first time. Looking forward for my next classes with her.