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23 private teachers in Reeuwijk

English: Turkish language and Turkish societies are active in a wide range from Asia to Europe. Almost everyone has a Turkish friend, relative or business partner in this large area. Also, Turkey is an important holiday and trading centre and this increases the importance of the Turkish language. I teach speaking, reading, writing and listening to people who want to learn Turkish. For any reason, if you want to learn Turkish or improve your Turkish skills, you can contact me. Courses are held in 1-hour sessions. It is supported by additional assignments, practices and exercises depending on the intensity of the weekly class hours.  You will have the opportunity to learn the Turkish language in a wide range from science to street speeches. Which groups do I teach Turkish? 1- Business people 2- Students 3- Expats 4- Tourists 5- Turks who want to improve their Turkish 6- politicians In which fields do I teach Turkish? 1- Training 2- Tourism 3- Trade 4- Law 5- Folk Culture 6 History 7- Literature Türkçe: Türkçe dili ve Türk toplumları Asya’dan Avrupa’ya geniş bir coğrafyada etkindir. Bu geniş alanda hemen herkesin bir Türk arkadaşı, akrabası ya da iş ortağı bulunmaktadır. Aynı zamanda Türkiye’nin önemli bir tatil ve ticaret merkezi olması da Türkçenin önemini artırmaktadır.Türkçe öğrenmek isteyen kişilere konuşma, okuma, yazma ve dinleme dersleri vermekteyim. Herhangi bir neden dolayısıyla Türkçe öğrenmek veya Türkçenizi geliştirmek istiyorsanız benimle iletişime geçebilirsiniz. Dersler 1 saatlik bölümler halinde olmaktadır. Haftalık ders saatinin yoğunluğuna göre ek ödevler, pratikler ve egzersizlerle desteklenmektedir. Türkçe dilini, bilimden sokak konuşmalarında kadar çok geniş bir yelpazede öğrenme imkanı bulacaksınız. Hangi gruplara yönelik dersler vermekteyim? 1- İş insanları 2- Öğrenciler 3- Expatlar 4- Turistler 5- Türkçesini geliştirmek isteyen Türkler 6- Politikacılar Hangi alanlarda Türkçe dersleri vermekteyim? 1- Eğitim 2- Turizm 3- Ticaret 4- Hukuk 5- Halk Kültürü 6- Tarih 7- Edebiyat Netherlands: Turkse taal en Turkse samenlevingen zijn actief in een breed scala van Azië tot Europa. Bijna iedereen heeft een Turkse vriend, familielid of zakenpartner in dit grote gebied. Turkije is ook een belangrijk vakantie- en handelscentrum en dit vergroot het belang van de Turkse taal. Ik geef les in spreken, lezen, schrijven en luisteren naar mensen die Turks willen leren. Om welke reden dan ook, als je Turks wilt leren of je Turkse vaardigheden wilt verbeteren, kun je contact met me opnemen. Cursussen worden gegeven in sessies van 1 uur. Het wordt ondersteund door aanvullende opdrachten, oefeningen en oefeningen, afhankelijk van de intensiteit van de wekelijkse lesuren. Je krijgt de gelegenheid om de Turkse taal te leren in een breed scala van wetenschap tot toespraken op straat. Welke groepen geef ik Turks? 1- zakenmensen 2- studenten 3- Expats 4- Toeristen 5- Turken die hun Turks willen verbeteren 6 - politici Op welke gebieden geef ik Turks? 1- Training 2- Toerisme 3- Handel 4- Wet 5- volkscultuur 6 Geschiedenis 7 - Literatuur
Grammar · Culture · Turkish
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Angelika - Gouda18€
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone! I am native Russian speaker and I have a master degree from the National linguistic university in a very specific skill of teaching the Russian language to non-Russians. - I have been teaching Russian for many years to adults and children from all over the world in the classroom and via Skype. Also I have been working as an interpreter in the Ukrainian embassy. - I’ve been living in various countries where I taught Russian. My English is fluent, so in our lessons I will explain everything to you in a very understandable and easy way. - I guarantee positive and relaxed atmosphere in our lessons. - Our lessons will always be well organized, well - planned and well structured. - All the lessons are tailored exactly to your individual needs to help you succeed. - I am focused on result and in our lessons will incorporate very interesting multimedia, photos, videos, power point presentations, and maximum conversational activities. - I will help you to achieve the necessary level of communication in the shortest possible time, since I know the secret of the optimal sequence of material presentation. You will finally begin to speak fluently in Russian. We will learn correct Russian grammar and vocabulary, speaking and you will get to the next level of Russian in no time. By the End of the Course You Will: - You will begin to speak fluently in Russian - Get to the next level of Russian - Significantly improve your Russian pronunciation - Easily construct grammatically correct sentences in Russian - Learn tons of Russian words and phrases on many different topics - Feel confident speaking Russian - Understand native Russian speakers with ease I look forward to meeting you!
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Trusted teacher: How to prepare for a media interview? What means should be used to fight his fear of the camera and improve his image? How to present yourself and your project in front of a camera? How to present yourself and your project to the media? Targeted content according to your project: Verbal and / or gestural communication; Seduction of the lens and / or microphone; Improvisation in front of a microphone and / or a camera; Voice & gaze; Games of one or two cameras; Chronic; Animation; Reportage; Direct radio & TV; Interview; Narration; Speech in all its forms (...) In short, several objectives: ◾ Confront your shyness in front of the microphone / camera ◾ Understand his speech and his diction ◾ Taming the media environment (radio / tv) ◾ Familiarize yourself with your image and voice ◾ Manage your speaking time Through exercises (diction, voice, presence, breathing, presentations, time management, etc.), role plays, interview simulations and familiarization with one's image and voice, the participants move at their own pace in a flexible educational framework. Note that during the videoconference session, all the notes are transcribed in the chat so that you can access them at any time when you wish. Indeed, speaking is a predominantly physical activity, which, while taking care of its image, is based on a body, a voice, a breath, a rhythm (diction) and an emotion (the imagination and the sensations ) reflecting the speaker's involvement in his speech. How to send a clear message? How to make the difference, to make an impression? Knowing how to speak, act and interact in public is almost a necessity today: your public speaking must be effective and efficient with clear, simple and powerful messages. Simple and pragmatic tools will be presented for: generating listening ● making an impression ● fostering confidence ● generating need ● motivating teams by explaining a strategy ● getting messages across within groups ● overcoming shyness by assimilating 3 CRV axes (body-breathing-voice) ● better manage disagreement or conflict. Mastered, the method allows: • improve self-confidence and stress management with the development of the speaker's fluency (verbal-bodily), his public speaking and his sense of repartee and improvisation • to work on their ease, leadership, charisma, creativity and personal development through scenarios * improve the characteristics of the spoken voice (timbre, pitches, intention, flow) * get your message across through your image, while gaining improvisation skills and responsiveness Supplemented by basic exercises (diction, voice, presence, breathing, presentation, time management), role plays, improvisations and simulations. With the key word: pronunciation, diction / articulation, the sense of repartee. Statistically, the progression following these private sessions is quickly noticeable, from 2 sessions *. (* study 2020) THE TRAINER - COACH Trained in Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League university in the United States, our teacher has specialized and has worked for more than 15 years, in Europe and North America, in the field of communication and public speaking, in renowned international public and private establishments, intervening in forums and conferences, and oriented on pedagogy and careful methodology. PLACES : - Locations: Geneva - Lausanne - Friborg - Neuchâtel - Montreux - Basel - Sion - Sierre - Morges - Bienne. But currently and until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid. These sessions also seem to be perfectly unanimous since they have the advantages of live (example: quality of the interaction), without its disadvantages (example: loss of travel time), with additional advantages (example: of notes on the chat, which can be reread afterwards). In this context, these videoconference sessions for which you have requested me, seem to suit everyone perfectly, take place in a very optimal way and generate a certain enthusiasm (and a certain enthusiasm). That is why, at your request, I continue to offer this option. Take good care of yourself and yours! PROGRAM A la carte program: evaluated and adapted to each need.
Media arts · Broadcasting · Social media
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Mathematics classes for beginners and intermediate level (Gouda)
I need to re-study 4 years of high school maths in only 5 months. Mahmood agreed to help me with this difficult task and thanks to his professional way of teaching I believe I can make this happen. He explains topics in detail and yet quickly enough to spare time for other topics. If you are unsure he points you to the right direction. Most important thing for me was that he made me realize that I first need to master concept #1 in order to be able to later master concept #5 and so on. You can see that he has a lot of teaching experience, he tries to understand the way YOU think and based on that he serves you clear explanation for topics you struggle to understand. I definitely recommend him as your next teacher!
Review by RADOSLAV
Russian tutor Skype. Speaking, grammar, new words conversational phrases (Cork)
Valentyna is an excellent teacher. She is always extremely well-prepared. The level of her lessons is very well pitched: each lesson builds on the work of the previous lesson and I am always challenged throughout the lesson. This means I have learned a lot in a very short space of time and I can see the progress I am making. Valentyna is also very friendly and the atmosphere of the classes is very good. I highly recommend learning with Valentyna
Review by BRIAN
Leer Nederlands voor beginners / Learn Dutch through English / Ultimate beginner (Gouda)
Corina does an excellent job clarifying whatever information is sought. She has helped me prepare for interviews with Dutch companies, correct mistakes made on cover letters other things no class will really help you with. She responds quickly and does her best to be available. Corina is a very understanding person willing to work with you regardless of your skill level or desired gains with the Dutch language. Highly recommend
Review by DANNY