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1 psychology teacher in Hesperange

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I specialize in Social Sciences and Clinical Psychology while having a keen interest in making the world I live in a better place. My goal is to create interactive classes in which I combine my expertise in psychology with an understanding of the impact and implications of globalization in today’s society while setting up the motivation to be of help to my students in their process of self discovery and making their aspirations come true. In this respect, I will challenge my students with philosophical questions about the ethics of engaging with each other from a win-win perspective as for them to develop a sense of understanding we are all interconnected and their decisions will impact not only themselves but those around them as well. This is my first class on Apprentus and it is about developing successful careers while avoiding burnout. It is designed to be practical and to enhance my students' self confidence from a mindful selfless rather than selfish perspective yet assertive after only 1 hour spent with me. This class teaches lots of practical tools for anyone who wants to become an active successful agent of benefic change. The focus is for students to learn to develop their career in simple steps that anyone can easily apply and, at the same time, remain positive and energetic It emerged from my own career as I used to manage large teams of people into successful ventures with little to no funds at all. Is it possible? Yes, it is and I will make sure this course will clarify the steps that support your career development in all its layers in a practical straightforward objective-based trustworthy method. You will learn: - to engage in a project by setting up the right motivation; - to make a consistent plan for your projects; - to be flexible in response to the business climax, to your partners and anyone involved; - to be mindful and future oriented in your business partnerships; - to be confident and honest in your interactions; - to make business with Intention; - to eliminate pressure, stress and burnout.
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Trusted teacher: Oral defense in the sciences of education, especially in psychology, or in life sciences, particularly in biology requires some mastery of the slide editing tool (Microsoft Powerpoint or other), the taking of public speaking, as well as a fluid and dense speech to facilitate the understanding of your research. The main purpose of powerpoint support is to illustrate your subject as clearly and structurally as possible. It is important to master certain methodological aspects so that you can enhance your subject in the time allotted and be able to present your subject in a synthetic way. hierarchical according to the relevance of the information to be selected. In addition to your presentation, you will have to answer the questions of the jury, both formally and substantively (answer argued in a precise but concise manner). As part of my courses (which I have been providing since 2003), I therefore place the emphasis on a quick and effective methodological approach to enable you to obtain an original powerpoint, clear, structured in a logical and rewarding way. From a pedagogical point of view, the sessions are relatively interactive with the student to enable him to better appropriate his research. Finally I train each student to answer the potential questions of the members of the jury, both on the form of the answers and on the arguments used to convince the jury. Teacher and trainer at the Universities of Strasbourg and Paris 8, ESSEC Business School, ISTH, IONIS Education Group, EEEA, Acadomia etc. Possibility to record the session if necessary for the student, interactive course and generally very rich in remarks and methodological advice advised and appropriate
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Justyna is a great teacher! She's very good at being efficient with the class time we have and explains everything very clearly. She's quick to respond to messages and very organized. I definitely recommend working with her!
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Sam was an excellent teacher for my two children, ages 11 & 15. He was patient, knowledgeable, and engaging.
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