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Pablo - Toulouse29€
Trusted teacher: Professional musician, composer and producer. 10 international experience (Europe, South America, Asia) Piano lessons, computer music, rhythmic initiation (through beatbox and body percussion) to all types of public. Attractive teaching method mixing classic and modern. PIANO LESSON: My learning methods are modern while reinforcing the fundamental notions of rhythm, interpretation and theory which make the difference between amateurs and professionals. My specialty is jazz which also helps develop the creative part and the improvisation of the students. For the youngest we will work on the pleasure of playing music before arriving on classical music theory (essential) but which can quickly disgust a young child. Through new methods such as beatbox, body percussion, we can learn rhythm and independence while having fun. According to the needs of the students I will develop a tailor-made program for each profile because each person is different, that's why I don't believe in only one way to learn music. The easiest way is to come and try! MAO COURSE: Many people are interested in computer music, essential tools for BeatMaking, Production, etc ... Unfortunately in France it is difficult to find serious training at reasonable prices. I myself had to go abroad to learn more about it. I specialize in the following programs: Pro Tools, Akai MPC Live, FL Studio, Ableton Live. Beginner who would like to launch into Beatmaking or confirmed who wants to improve the quality of these productions, I offer you all my secrets in composition and mastering. We begin?
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Trusted teacher: [Child class 1st year] Benevolence, accompaniment, rigor, humor and pleasure. - I propose to follow the blue method, a method that prepares the child to understand the pitch of sounds, to read the notes, to learn the rhythm through card games and songs, by drawing, coloring, and well of course the practice of the piano and this in an alternating way. For example, this year, this method allowed me with J, a 6-year-old child, after a year to be ready for the entrance exam to the conservatory if he wishes. (two-handed deciphering, reading treble clef and bass clef, sung music theory, apprehension of rhythms up to the eighth note). [Children lessons 2nd and 3rd year] The European method is a piano method designed and developed by the composer Emonts Fritz structured according to the level of the student I propose to accompany. The method is primarily intended for children and promotes learning the piano through children's songs from different European countries. Perfect for traveling without moving. With piano drawings where the fingerings are reproduced to perform the notes that must be played, very colorful illustrations come to brighten up the teaching process and make it more fun. This is a powerful method carried out by a professional in music and piano teaching and which has proven itself that I take back! [Teen classes] Why wouldn't teenagers want to save time? Teenagers are not always trusted enough. 11 years old is the starting age of adolescence and it is at this age that it is really important to start developing “AUTONOMY” in learning. For that, no other choice than to apprehend the human above all, his emerging personality, his musical tastes, his choices, his desires, to direct him towards improvisation, writing, harmony, interpret his favorite music or arrange them... Of course depending on the level of the student. He will find a modern space that will allow him if his level allows him to understand the basics of the practice of computer-assisted music. [Adult lessons] According to profile, passion, desire, motivation. The first session beforehand will allow me to adapt and develop a program whether it is in the learning of pieces, piano technique, the practice of harmony and music theory without the prior need to have already done so. assess your level: BEGINNER You are at Beginner 1 level if you start from zero at the piano Here is what you need to know to consider having acquired this level. Theory: reading notes in central C position, SOL clef and FA clef / understanding the notions of tone and semitone / quickly identifying notes on the piano / distinguishing left hand and right hand on the score / repeat bar / simple rhythms (black, white, round) Technique: knowing the numbers for fingering / playing legato on 5 notes, hands separated and hands together, starting on all the white keys / feeling the pulse while playing Repertoire: pieces whose melody is separated between the 2 hands / many fingerings written so reading notes is optional / rhythms that are simple to read or easy to do by ear because you know the piece / one note at a time in each hand The 2 pieces of Piano Subito (PBD) are good examples of pieces at this level. Amazing Grace (gospel, simplified version) Stand By Me (Ben E. King, simplified version) Several pieces from Hal Leonard Methods vol. 1, preparatory Bastien and preparatory Alfred. Several pieces from the book Favorite Classic Melodies (primer level) by James Bastien INTERMEDIATE Theory: notes can be read anywhere on the staff, in the 2 keys, including additional lines / formation of dominant seventh chords / good understanding of chord inversions / 6/8 as indicator numbers / classification and qualification of intervals (interval name + major, minor, perfect, augmented or diminished) / know the order of sharps and flats Technique: scales on 2 octaves hands together (DO – G – D – A – E major, A – D – E, G, C minor) / chords of 3 notes and inversions in all these keys / arpeggios on 2 octaves in eighth hands separated and hands together, root position (DO – G major and A minor) / sequence of chords I-IV-V7-I in other known keys Repertoire: pieces with arpeggios in the left hand / possible movements in both hands / integrated interpretative elements such as nuances, tempo modifications if requested, playing one hand stronger than the other / rhythm including sixteenth notes / on tackle the ornaments Mia & Sebastian's Theme (La La Land, PBD version) Minuet in G major or that in G minor (JS Bach) Arabesque (Burgmüller) Rhyme from another summer (Tiersen, simplified version) Moonlight (Debussy, simplified version) Soldier's March op. 68 No. 2 (Schumann) All the boys and the girls (Françoise Hardy, PBD version) Several pieces from Hal Leonard's Popular Piano Solos (level 3 and 4) notebooks. Available during our sessions: - Rönisch baby grand piano. - a computer with licensed Ableton live 10 (MAO) - Native Instrument komplete kontrol 13 licensed (MAO) - Licensed Serum (MAO) - 2 MIDI ESR 423 Yamaha Keyboards and Control S-88 Native Instrument. (MAO) The courses are aimed at students wishing to reach a level equivalent to the certificate of end of musical study of conservatory or moving towards the games of writing and free expression (jazz and improvised music)
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Trusted teacher: Hello! I am classical pianist with a Master's degree at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag. I teach Piano (and also Music Education) since 2016, to both children and adults. Teaching allows me to bring my passion and enthusiasm for music to the students, and I also find incredibly rewarding to guide and follow their musical and technical development! I am easily adaptable to the students' musical taste and expectations/goals in music learning, and I am also very mindful of how I communicate, according to the students' ages and personalities. I can teach classical music, pop, rock, or any other style. My approach consists of: giving you the necessary theoretical knowledge for what you wish to play; involving you actively in the choice of the pieces/songs you will play; setting up a long-term plan for your repertoire, so that your development is made step by step in a challenging - but achievable - way (and this way, you will feel more motivated!); giving you enjoyable and creative practicing strategies; creating a rich imagery revolving around the piece - by making up a story, relating the music to emotions, etc.; and also positive feedback! Thus, my lessons will allow you to: - Learn how to read scores. -Develop your musical understanding (from notes, rhythm, harmony, to musical taste, emotional comprehension of the music, or dive into aesthetic principles concerning the period and style of the piece,...). -Improve, step by step, until you are able to play that piece/song that you love. -Prepare yourself for exams. -Etc. The best thing is that it's possible for you to learn all this and have fun at the same time! Any question, don't hesitate to contact me.
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Fast progress piano lessons with the effective Russian method (Athens)
After 4-5 months of learning piano with Maria, I owe her big gratitude. I decided to learn piano as an adult and Maria helped me to overcome my insecurities in music and motivated me to keep trying and practicing. She truly cares about the whole learning experience and uses amazing methods to guide me not only in improving my playing skills, but also my musicality. The piano classes with Maria are always inspiring and challenging, but not overwhelming. In each class, she corrects the techniques and accommodates exercises for practice accordingly. I am really satisfied with her dedication and feedback. I cannot recommend Maria highly enough. In her teaching, she uses the right dose of professionalism, friendliness, patience, and understanding. Her enthusiasm for the music is so contagious. Her lovely and passionate nature and energetic vibes simply make the class an enjoyable learning experience. I cannot wait for the next piano class with Maria. :)
Review by BILJANA
Singing Lessons with a Certified Vocal Coach for all ages and levels. Prof. voc. training for any style:POP/JAZZ/RNB/ROCK/MUSICALS/CLASSICAL (The Hague)
I am very happy with Dominyka as my voice teacher. With her guidance, I have been able to improve my tone and widen my range much quicker than expected. Leessons are a joy: Dominyka can immediately hear and see what needs focus and explain what I must do to improve. This process is dynamic and fun, and I feel motivated to practice every day because I am inspired by these advancements. She can demonstrate many techniques with her beautiful voice. Most importantly, Dominyka is a trained and experienced teacher, so I know that my progress is healthy and sustainable. Highly recommended!
Review by TOMASO
Piano lessons - music theory and harmony - for any level (Budapest)
Giorgia is a very professional teacher with a great passion for music and teaching others. I feel like even after a couple of classes I could improve my knowledge a lot and in general I enjoy very much the great attitude and attention towards student's needs and goals. Will definitely recommend Giorgia to anyone who is looking for an efficient and fun way to learn playing piano.
Review by ALINA