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Information Technology, English Students, Business Management in Basel, Switzerland
Business studies, Information Systems, Maths, English
I specialize in teaching preparatory courses to for entrance in universities, undergraduate business management students and proofreading of Master thesis, Research Projects in undergraduate degree programs. Business Maths Business English
Computer Science, Physics, Math in Geneva, Switzerland

Learn how to succeed at your technical exams, including Maths, Physics and Computer Science
As an experienced teacher, supportive mentor and knowledgeable career advisor, I helped my students make informed decisions about their exams, university choices and career paths. I am a PhD graduate of EPFL, specialised in business informatics. Previously, I graduated from my Bachelors and Masters studies among the Top 1% being awarded numerous merit scholarships. With over 10 years of tutoring experience, I prepared 200+ students accepted to top European and U.S. universities. At EPFL, I taught to more than 1'000 Bachelor and Master students.
Sound (Music), Transverse Flute in Bern, Switzerland

Flute lessons for all ages with fun, no stress and a lot of creativity
Hallo, I am Vivianne and I am a bachelor student in Bern :) I would be really happy to work together with other flute lovers from all ages! If you would like to spend some time enjoying music and being creative, I am happy to help you. I am looking forward for your writing!
Children's Music, Violin in Geneva, Switzerland

Violin lessons with a professional and experienced teacher. All levels
Hello, my name is Anna I offer violin classes for amateurs and professionals offered by international concert artist and Master of Arts, graduate at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Currently I am one of the soloists at the International Menuhin Music Academy in Switzerland. I have over 5 years of pedagogical experience with qualifications confirmed by a Teaching Diploma and references. I offer lessons for children of all age, can also help with the preparation of exams or simply discover the great pleasure of music through the violin. All levels. Languages: English, German and Polish.
Russian, Children's Music, Cello in Basel, Switzerland

Cello playing, Music theory, Piano lessons for children
My name is Vlad, 21 years of age, and I have been a student at Basel Music Academy (Basel Musik Hochschule) in the class of Ivan Monighetti since 2015. My journey in cello and music started in my home town Sochi (Russia), where I won multiple rewards around the city and the country, as well as having been a Laureate of International Competition. In order to improve my skills, I studied in Moscow's Frederic Chopin College of Music Performing from 2013-2015. Since 2012 I started teaching students, which has given me a great deal of experience in teaching style. Most of my students were children, although I am happy to work with students of all ages. Lessons can be held in English as well as in Russian.
Mandarin Chinese, Chinese (for Students), Chinese (for Adults) in Villeneuve, Switzerland

Stand Out Among Others by Learning Chinese Language
I'm an qualified and experienced language teacher, specializing in teaching Chinese and English. Here, I'd like to offer you a communicative and interactive approach to help you make faster progress, in the process of learning Chinese. I'm confident to provide you a real-life usage and interest-based lessons. During the lesson, listening and speaking activities are highly conducted for better learning result. By having you gain exposure to comprehensible samples of language and providing you chances to play with and communicate with the language yourself in a relatively safe way are the center of my work. Moreover, reading and writing skills will be given based on the individual's learning needs. With Asia’s economic growth and emerging job opportunities, you might find it very useful to add Mandarin language to your agenda. I have the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that these lessons are hugely successful. Have a lesson with me, you'll know what I mean.
French (for Students), English Adults, English Students in Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland

English, Maths,Buisness mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Test preparation, International Baccaleaurate tutoring
I specialize in tutoring Mathematics,Business maths,English , French Accounting , Finance , Economics, Statistics, Management and Marketing from primary school, high school and the university. My tutoring philosophy is to make sure each students learning styles and needs are met so that they can achieve their best learning outcomes.I am very flexible during the week and I can move around the whole of Geneva without any problem.
English for Adults, English Students in Geneva, Switzerland
Learn how to speak, listen, write and read in English language.
Hi, I am a certified English tutor/translator and I have spent the past few years living and teaching in Latvia, Switzerland. I have a Bachelor’s degree from University of Latvia and have four years experience in instructing a wide range of students, including children, university students and businessmen/businesswomen. When I teach my lessons, I always centre the material around conversation. As someone who is currently attempting to learn a second language (in my case french) I know how important actually using the language is, therefore, I want my students to practise speaking as much as possible. In these conversations, I will include new sets of vocabulary and introduce new grammar rules. I always provide my students supplemental material (usually videos and articles) and try to centre the lessons around topics the students find interesting, such as travel, film, arts, business, etc.
Chinese (for Students), Chinese (for Adults), Cooking in Zurich, Switzerland
Chinese cookings,Dumplings, Spicy Sichuang or Hunan Cuisines
This course is for people who are interested in Chinese cookings . I come from Mainland of China, live in Zurich, specialise in Dumplings and Spicy Cuisine( Kung Pao Chicken,Ma Po Toufu etc) Welcome to inquire any Chinese food you like, we can discover together .
Chinese (for Students), English Students, Math in Geneva, Switzerland

Jenny Yc
English, Math, Science, and Mandarin Chinese Tutoring
- I am a native speaker in both English and Mandarin Chinese - I have worked as a language tutor, teaching both Chinese and English to kids aged 2-9 - I have worked as tutor for high school math and science; and a tutor for university-level biology
Music Composition, Music Theory, Guitar in Geneva, Switzerland

Guitar lessons (acoustic or electric) for beginners or intermediates
Bonjour! I am a 26 years old Italian living in Geneva and I am looking for motivated pupils to train to the beautiful art of guitar! I have been playing and singing for 15 years, a journey that brought me to discover many different genres, styles of playing and instruments - all knowledge that I believe is worth sharing. My course's aim is to give a solid technical and theoretical basis, to help my pupils to create their own composition and, for the most determined, to learn improvise! I can give classes in Italian, English or Spanish; I am still not very good in French, but the language of music is universal :)
French for Adults - FSL, French (for Students) in Geneva, Switzerland

Highly Experienced French Tutor 1-on-1 or Small Groups
Wish to communicate in French effortlessly? Highly Qualified: - over 20 years of experience - our teachers have taught French everywhere, and understand the expat's world - over 10 languages learnt and spoken - teaching out of passion - state of the art website designed to encourage homework and progress (nearly 3.000 exercises in all fields: grammar, conjugation, comprehension, vocabulary, conversation, business French, games) Highly flexible: - we accommodate your preferences - we come to you wherever you are - we accept cancellations, postponing, rescheduling (24h cancellation policy) Highly efficient: - our lessons are tailored to your very needs - you don't need to wait for the following lesson to have your questions addressed: resources readily available at all times and expert teachers - we teach all levels, for all purposes: conversation, exam prep, level assessment, acquire/regain confidence, business French, children tutoring. We also do French proofreading, translations, writing seminars and special intensive one-week training. We can teach anywhere in Geneva and Vaud from 8.00 to 21.00, from Monday to Friday. (Saturday is possible, upon special request) ON-SITE INTERNET ACCESS IS COMPULSORY (over 2500 online tools for self-practice) Practice makes perfect!
Marie - Fribourg, Switzerland

Cours de FLE ou d'appui en français aux alentours de Fribourg et Yverdon
Actuellement étudiante en master à l'université de Fribourg en Français langue étrangère, avec un bachelor en histoire et français, je vous propose des cours de français pour tous niveaux (A1 à C1). Je suis disponible dans la région de Fribourg ou Yverdon-les-Bains. J'adapte mon cours à vos besoins, qu'ils soient compréhension orale/écrite ou production orale/écrite, aide aux devoirs ou alors tout simplement si vous voulez améliorer votre français. Studying French as foreign language in Fribourg University, I propose french courses for different levels. I try to adapt my courses to everyone, giving a big importance to oral communication! I can answer you in French, Spanish and eventually German or Japanese Available in Fribourg or Yverdon's Area.
Cours de Chimie, Aide aux Devoirs, Science à Écublens, Switzerland

Cours particuliers en maths/physique/chimie (éventuellement autres) jusqu'au niveau gymnase
English version below Etudiante en master de génie chimique et biotechnologie à l'EPFL propose cours de soutien en sciences et/ou aide aux devoirs pour diverses matières pour gymnasiens ou écoliers. Cours de chimie pour étudiants en première ou deuxième année d'université éventuellement. Cours donné en français, anglais ou allemand selon préférences. J'ai déjà donné des cours de soutien à des élèves en difficulté en France pour ce même niveau d'études pendant deux ans. Student at EPFL in chemical engineering and biotechnology, I offer tutoring and homework help for diverse subjects for junior or senior high school students. Eventual chemistry tutoring for 1st and 2nd year students at the university. The course can be given in french, english or german upon your preferences preferences. I already helped students with this level of studies doing their homework for two years in France.
Andy - Kloten, Switzerland
Enhance your ENGLISH skills, easy going, no pressure
I offer individual English lesson, it's all about your needs, we can focus on grammar / listening / reading / writing, whatever you feel like. We can also have a look online and try to find a fun exercise or game. We can either have a look at a book of your choice, or I can bring some interesting material! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
English for Students, Arabic (for Adults), Arabic (for Students) in Bern, Switzerland

English and Arabic private lessons for children and adults in all domains.
I specialize in tutoring Arabic and English private lessons depending on the needs of each student as he/she is allowed to choose a specific lesson he/she would like to learn. I assign homeworks after each lesson In addittion to exams or small tests from time to time. Lessons are given at teacher's place.
Painting, Arts Crafts, Drawing & Sketching, English Adults, English as Second Language (ESL), English Students in Geneva, Switzerland

Improve Your English with Experienced Native Speaker
I am an energetic and experienced native English speaking school teacher, who has six years teaching experience in Australia and the UK. I specialise in teaching English, and can offer courses, tailored programmes, and one off lessons to children and adults. For children - I believe that students are motivated to learn when they feel supported, yet challenged. I design fun, meaningful learning activities that engage and immerse students in English. With young children, this might be through song and storytelling, while older students may respond well to role-play situations, and relevant writing tasks. I give constant feedback and provide regular progress reports. For adults - I offer completely tailored courses based on your needs, including speaking, writing, reading and listening. Whether you want to build on the English you learned in school, improve your business English, or are looking for specific help with conversing in English, I'm here to help!
English for Adults, English Students in Carouge, Switzerland

Learn How To Master English In A Short Period Of Time
Hi! I am 22 and I have finished my university in English. I would like to offer my help to anyone who wants to improve their skills. I have mastered my English only in 6 months. I will share my personal methods of how to learn it in a short period of time.
Cours de Cognition, Psychologie Cognitive, Physique, Mathématiques, Statistiques à Lausanne, Switzerland

Cognitive Modelling: private courses for Bachelor and Master students
This class will teach highly specialized knowledge of how to construct cognitive models using the ACT-R cognitive architecture. It will consist in teaching basic Common Lisp (a programming language). We will then go through the tutorial of ACT-R, whereby we explain in detail how and why each of its components work. This class will be especially interesting to Bachelor and Master students in Psychology and Bachelor and Master students in Neuroscience interested in Cognitive Neuroscience.
Art, Photography in Geneva, Switzerland

Photography Tutor / Tailored made class / Artistic development
From completely beginners to professionals. My photographic tutorials are tailored to the student's levels and interests. From the first step to learn how to use your new camera, to development of artistic projects and portfolios. I have been teaching for more than 250 students during 8 years and several of them became professional photographers now.
Cours d'Anglais, Anglais Adultes, Anglais Deuxième Langue (ESL) à Geneva, Switzerland
General English - Conversation - IELTS and FCE preparation
Whether you decided to pass your IELTS / FCE test or improve your English by focusing on one or more skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking, grammar), I can help. I am an English teacher of pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced students from multiple language backgrounds. I have specific knowledge and years of experience from teaching General English, IELTS and FCE (language school in Melbourne, Australia) to help you pass your IELTS or FCE test. You will receive extensive feedback about your performance to be able to achieve your score and improve your language skills as soon as possible. As a Ph.D. student, I can provide assistance not only with academic English but also with the formal structure of your writing (essays, thesis etc.). • General English • Conversation • IELTS preparation • FCE preparation • Individualized lesson plans with all materials provided • Strategies for all bands • Constructive feedback, detailed correction of essays and speaking • 100% pass rate (all my IELTS and FCE students achieved their desired score) • FREE IELTS official practice materials for Writing Task 1 (Academic), Writing Task 1 (General), Writing Task 2 (Academic and General), Reading (Academic), Reading (General), Listening (Academic and General), and Speaking (Academic and General) • FREE FCE official practice materials for Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening, and Speaking

Our students in Switzerland say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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