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Private Course in English - French - Math - Physics - Chemistry
The purpose of this course is to advance my student in one or more subjects. I am very versatile and adapt each course to the student in relation to his level, needs and expectations. I teach mainly English, French as well as scientific branches such as chemistry, physics and maths. However, I can also teach other branches depending on the student's level of education. It's case by case.

Mathematics, Physics and English. Fun, easy, understandable.
I have university degree from applied physics. I teach mathematics and physics for many years. In understandable way. I can teach you theory or help you with calculation exercises. In English I am on the highest level. I can explain you fundamental and advanced grammar and practise with you on daily basis. Best way how to learn language is not to be shy and speak.

Piano and music theory lessons for all in lausanne and surroundings
I have got grade 8 ABRSM in piano and music theory. I studied music at university in my country and I have taught piano for about 4 years to children and adults. I am able to teach different methods of teaching piano according to the students progress.

Concertist gives violin lessons for successful auditions, competitions ... / Geigenunterricht DE-IT-EN-EN / Winterthur / Zurich
I prepare young students or professionals for auditions, entrance exams at the Conservatoire / Haute Ecoles, various competitions. I have a lot of experience in coaching with excellent results on all levels, instrumental and personal. The violin is a school of life!

Private lessons of Maths, Physics, Chemistry for gymnasians
Student in Master of Robotics at EPFL with a great experience in tutoring for 5 years. Gives maths, physics, French English or other courses for regular support or preparation for an exam, competition etc. I appreciate taking the time to identify the difficulties of the student to focus on the concepts to work and the accompany as best as possible in its progress.

Physics Graduate student for Physics, Mathematics, Spanish, Chemistry
I'm a Spanish student currently studying a Quantum Information MSc at ETH Zürich. Physics is my passion and I love to teach it, always in a way that the student can understand the concepts and see the beauty behind them. I have taught an uncountable number of students of all kind of levels, from school children that need help with the course to adult people seeking to pass a physics exam for a pilot license or university students. In my 6 years of experience on teaching, what I have learnt is that usually most students just need a bit of motivation, and the best way to give them that motivation is showing them that physics and mathematics are beautiful and fun! I have a Surface Pro tablet that I normally use for aid during the class. It's very useful to show the students animations, videos and figures in order to transmit a better explanation of the concepts. I can also use it for giving classes through online videocall, sharing my screen and writing in it as it were a blackboard. I'm native Spanish so I can teach Spanish as well. Note: I'm currently learning German, so I'll be able to give classes in English or Spanish only.

Russian lessons adapted to your methods and your level!
I am a Russian, economist by training, and I live in Switzerland for two years. I have always had a lot of fun teaching in general. I take advantage of my situation in Switzerland to discover the Russian, which I think is a beautiful language. I propose several approaches. At first I try to understand your level, and the methods that suit you best. Whether it's theory or practice, I'm flexible to always find common ground.

Classical Arabic or dialectal course (Syro-Lebanese)
This course is for those who want to start learning the Arabic language or who need a deepening in addition to the courses they are already taking. Having a master of classical Arabic from the University of Geneva in addition to having Lebanese origins, the teaching of this language is for me a pleasure to share with you. Lebanese dialect classes can be provided according to the wishes of the student.

Pia Nella
Italian course for young people and adults - Learn the language. improve conversation, know literature - tutoring
My course is for adults wishing to learn or improve Italian and students (college and university) requiring support for exams. I have completed all my studies in Italy, I love to read and write and I have a long experience in teaching.

Private lessons in Hindi and Indian culture - for all levels
Hindi is easy! You will say it from the first class. Here we speak from our first date. My name is Ish. I'm 36 years old. I have 10 years of experience in teaching Hindi to foreigners (non-Hindiphones) in India, France and Switzerland. I come from Delhi in India. I did a degree in psychology and a master's degree in philosophy, linguistics and literature. My mother tongue is Hindi and I also speak English, Urdu, French, and Spanish. I also studied the Sanskrit language for 7 years and as she is the mother of Hindi, it gives me a tool to deepen the understanding of the Hindi universe and its various dialects. My interests are literature, philosophy, cinema from all over the world, psychology and psychoanalysis, the individual and the group. The teaching methodology is tailored to each individual or group according to needs and abilities. We use all possible resources, audio, video, text, movies, songs, history etc. to enrich the experience and practice. A language is first spoken, so the goal is to be able to use what you learn right from the moment. Do not hesitate if you have any questions, I wish you a good day, Jaldi milenge (see you soon) Ish

Coach Vocal - cours donnés avec la technique CVT (Complete Vocal Technique). Tous styles, tous âges et tous niveau sont bienvenue.
J'offre des cours personnalisés basée sur la technique vocal CVT. Cette technique innovative va vous donner les utils requies pour chanter ce que vous aimeriez. Les cours peuvent aussi être donnés en anglais, allemand ou en espagnol. Juliana

Spanish course - Lausanne and surroundings (teenagers and adults)
Native of Spanish, I offer a course of initiation on the Spanish language for the teenagers and adults French or English, by treating the basic notions of grammar, phonetics and Spanish vocabulary, and also of the notions of the Hispanic culture.

English, Italian and French tutoring and tutoring
I am here to help you if you have difficulties in English, Italian and French, whether in grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation. I can prepare you for knowledge tests, exercises, etc. I am in my second year at the gym, my level of English is B2-C1, Italian B2 and French is my mother tongue.

Qualified English teacher. Private English prep classes. A1-C1
I am a certified English teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience in a variety of subjects in English and Spanish, with children, teenagers and adults in different countries. I am also a Cambridge English Assessment specialist, and I offer high-quality preparation classes for the Cambridge exams. Consequently, we will work in full detail on the type of test and I will give you the language tools you need to succeed! My lessons will be taught mainly with digital material, and there will always be time to practice each language skill along with grammar.

Business English, Conversational English, IELTS, TOEFL
I evaluate each student's performance based on the established guidelines. Before entering the virtual classroom I source relevant lesson material creating helpful visual aids to manage the students in the activities, allowing easier bite-size information to aid learning of the new language points. I make efficient and effective use of the tools provided to me to write and draw on the material. I also adhere to the teaching flow: Engagement with the students, introducing the new language focal points, conducting thorough study activities, and activating the new language areas via various fluency activities to achieve the lesson objectives. As I interact with the student, I will correct his pronunciation and grammar. If the student makes a grammar mistake, I will send both the incorrect and correct sentences in the chat box to demonstrate correct usage. By the end of each activity, I will relay back to the student providing positive feedback and encouragement regarding their performance. I have also completed many training webinars on teaching online and using up-to-date teaching software. I’ve completed various training about different teaching methodologies on how to arouse the student's interest in the class; this has been most valuable for me in my continuous improvement as an online teacher.

French courses all levels by French native
Hello, I am a 27 year old French woman who has just moved to Zurich. I have just arrived from China where I worked for a large French company specializing in renewable energies. During my year in China, I gave French and English lessons to children from 4 to 10 years old. I am a very pedagogical person and passionate about the language of Molière. I have traveled all over the world but if you ask me where I come from, I will answer you like Camus that "my homeland is the French language". I read every day to escape and enrich my vocabulary. We will be able to discuss various subjects related to the economy, sociology, literature, cinema ... I will do everything to improve your level of French. Laura

Math and French Course 5th-11th Harmos
I mainly offer tutoring courses in mathematics and / or French 5th to 11th harmos. I also offer French classes for adults. I graduated from EPFL in Computer Science and worked for a school support school.

General and Business English. Professional, intensive and result oriented.
General or Business English. Specific skills: presentations, negotiations, sales, events, business trips etc. • My English teaching experience: over 20 years. • My target audience: companies and employees of companies of any size. • My method: intensive, a program of 60 lessons is enough for a complete level. • My communication: positive, encouraging, I believe in you and your abilities. • My strengths: Business English (Master in International Business Development and Master in Marketing), Business Development Experience.

Interactive Biology classes for Children and adults
I am specialized in Biology. I have got a master degree in Life Science from the University of Toulouse in France and a Bachelor in Biology. I have private tutoring experience in different countries for Eglish speaking students from the age of 4 to 20. I believe learning is only interesting and possible through an interactive and designed program. My methodology allows students to be fully engaged in the lessons and learn without noticing the process. I make the lessons as more practical as possible so, this way, students challenge themselves and seek the solutions with enthusiasm. My passion is to inspire students to carry on with this subject for the further education in their future life. I can help the students with homework or doing experiments during their free time. I am looking forward to receiving your request and start a great course with you or your children. Regards Samiience in different countries for Eglish speaking students from the age of 4 to 20. I believe learning is only interesting and possible through an interactive and designed program. My methodology allows students to be fully engaged in the lessons and learn without noticing the process. I make the lessons as more practical as possible so, this way, students challenge themselves and seek the solutions with enthusiasm. I am looking forward to receiving your request and start a great course with you or your children. Regards Sami

Help with homework to see according to the subject and the needs of course
I am available for homework help. For subjects and course levels, I suggest you write to me since it will be easier for you to discuss. I am also quite diverse for schedules, I have various schedules

Maths, German, French, English, test preparation for these subjects
In terms of language support courses I would help you with grammar, sentence structure and I could give you advice on how to learn these languages, preparation for testing will also be supported. For maths, I could help you with your homework, practice the tests, and explain the theory points you did not understand.

Our students in Switzerland say it best about our teachers

Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Review by IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Review by KIHONG J.

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