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School support – Preparation for written and oral tests (French baccalaureate, competition, etc.): why take French lessons? ★ You are a high school student, and despite a lot of work, your grades do not follow; you feel discouraged. However, you had learned your course well and the mark received does not reflect your efforts: “what does the teacher really expect of me? » ★ You are a student in higher education or in a demanding sector, and you are unable to organize your work according to the new teaching methods of the sector in question: “How can I highlight my profile? » ★ You are a high school student or student, and you want to structure your reasoning and highlight your ideas: “How can I improve my work? » METHODOLOGY AND ORGANIZATION 1. How to work? Am I a "notebook"? Am I "cards"? Often, the solution lies in the methodology and in the organization of the work. A good methodology and well-organized work will help maintain motivation in learning (like a safety net). An adapted methodology and organized work will indeed allow you to better articulate your arguments, to better transcribe your ideas and to better restore your knowledge. Through a particular and personalized accompaniment, I propose to consolidate your learning method and to understand the expectations of the teacher. Understanding and applying the famous “method” is essential for structuring your reasoning and then for clearly expressing your ideas and arguments. Personally, it took me a long time to understand what it was about, what was expected of me. Learning the course by heart and rewriting everything on the copy is inefficient and unsatisfying: it is not what is expected. You are expected to provide an analysis organized around a problem in order to assess your interpretative and argumentative skills, by expressing yourself (orally or in writing) with an appropriate level of language and a good syntactic/grammatical command of your mother tongue. Training is essential. This is the advantage of the private lesson: I suggest that you regularly put us in an exam or interview situation so that these are only a formality on D-Day. On the other hand, the organization of work is personal, it depends on your expectations, your needs, your objectives (and your type of memory). We will define together a learning and work strategy that takes into account your personality, your learning context, and a methodology adapted to teaching. STRUCTURING YOUR REASONING, EXPRESSING YOUR IDEAS 2. What is expected of me? Knowing and reciting the course by heart (written or spoken) is not productive. It is essential to understand how the “method” allows you to structure your reasoning and allow you to express your ideas properly. You should see exam situations as training for similar contexts in your future student or professional life (competitions, motivational interviews (for a job or for a Grande Ecole), oral selection, etc.). Also, it is essential to become familiar with this type of test, with this type of exchange for which you are asked to know how to organize your thoughts, to subtly highlight yourself by apprehending the difficulties with confidence during a written test. or by thwarting destabilizing questions during an oral test. Through a particular and personalized accompaniment, I propose to you to acquire the reflexes and the tricks which will allow you to feel comfortable in class, in your learning and during the written and oral tests which concern you. This is why, among the objectives of this particular and personalized support, I propose in particular: ★ to understand what is at stake in the written/oral test that concerns you and the criteria on which you will be assessed; ★ learn to manage your bad stress (stress can be a driver, you have to know how to exploit it well), to adopt an appropriate posture to place your voice and your gaze, thus promoting quality expression; ★ to understand the expectations of a written or oral test while becoming aware of your strengths; ★ to acquire effective editorial methodological reflexes (how to identify figures of speech? How to avoid paraphrase?) and to gain intellectual rigor to develop your problem, your plan and set up your argument; ★ highlight your course; ★ organize your ideas to be convincing; ★ to prepare you for destabilizing questions. For students preparing for exams with grammar questions (CAPES, speech therapy, etc.), support can be supplemented with specific content in lexical spelling, grammatical spelling, syntax, conjugation.
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Carolina is a very good teacher and applies a unique strategy depending on your level. This method catapults your current state onto the right track with results that are immediately noticeable. She is a great asset to the teaching profession.