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Dawei - Paris46€
Trusted teacher: Hello, If the method is right, anyone can do it! It is with this spirit that I give my cello lessons, and I live with great pleasure to see my students progress every week with this magnificent instrument! Have you been hesitating about starting the cello for a while? Do you dream of playing the prelude to Bach's first suite or a melody you've heard played on the cello? or do you just want to enjoy the magnificent sound of this instrument? Malaysian cellist, in France for 12 years, I graduated from DEM at the Paris Regional Conservatory and from the Performance Diploma at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris, I am currently studying in the concert cycle at the Paris Regional Conservatory. This is why I know the French and Asian working method well and I love the exchanges between Asian music and European music, and it is with pride that I offer you my cello lessons. Before going even further, I would like to share with you my cello learning journey. I was born in a small town in the south of Malaysia, where there was not a lot of music teacher, even though I knew I wanted to do cello very early on, I only had the chance to 'finally starting the cello when I was 15 years old, and then when I came to France I realized that I was very late compared to my classmates ... This is why I wanted to find a very effective way to learn the instrument, I was lucky to have superb teachers who helped me progress and since then I have passed the competition for '' entered the CRR in Paris (being much older than my classmates), I graduated from the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris and even better I did a lot of concerts, I participated in master's class and I even passed competitions to play as an academic / intern in orchestras. All this to tell you that there is no age to start, all that matters is motivation and a good learning method. I was certainly not the genius child but I knew how to adapt to have real results. Everything I have learned you can learn too, I have always loved sharing my passion for music and with years of teaching experience I have helped my child students, adult beginners or more advanced to have real progress and results ... My teaching plan is first of all, to understand your objective, whatever it is to be able to play a specific piece or just to have fun with the instrument etc ... then to establish a work plan that suits you well, and then help you step by step until you reach your goal. And I sincerely believe that anyone can be successful with a well-established plan. I try to vary between the Suzuki method and the classical studies of Feuillard etc, I also arrange the pop music or film music according to your desires. For beginners, I try to help you establish a very solid basic technique so that you can progress quickly but with a lot of rigor. For the advanced amateurs, I try to work more in the musicality and to play works in different styles. I teach in French, English or Mandarin. I can also gladly give you advice on renting / buying a cello. Looking forward to reading you ! Dawei
Cello · Music theory lessons
Hello, I am a professional cellist with a master's degree from the Royal College of Music in London. Passionate about teaching music and the cello, I have been teaching for many years in music schools (music ensemble XX, passion leitmotif), conservatories (replacements) and in the private sector. There is no age to start playing an instrument: my adult students show me day after day! As for children, they can also start very early at the age of 4 and a half. (A few months depending on personality and facilities) My students benefit from comprehensive teaching, whether they are beginners or very advanced, and adapted to their personality and needs. You will quickly discover: I am a very positive and encouraging person, which allows my students to progress with serenity in a comfortable environment. If necessary, I teach the basics of music theory and music theory, being able to go in-depth according to the student's interest and needs. Musical ear, concentration, physical dispositions, memory, ability to adapt, curiosity, musical personality: all these characteristics, more or less present from the start, will develop over the course of the sessions, and you will be quickly proud of your progress. My priority in teaching the cello is to establish true well-being with the instrument, both physical and mental, with patience, involvement and constant adaptation to each person's functioning. With the rigor necessary for learning any art, I teach you patience and the joy of paying attention to details. Beginners: By obtaining a healthy and comfortable technique, you will quickly create beautiful tones. Discover the secrets of this instrument with its sound and range so close to the human voice, and its benefits on the mind. You will also discover beautiful pieces of classical music (among others!) that are affordable quite quickly, depending on your investment. You can also come with the pieces that you like, and that you would like to play. This can give a good goal, additional motivation! Amateurs and advanced: if you want to go further in interpretation, or overcome technical difficulties encountered when learning pieces, or simply deepen your cello learning. Advanced: If you wish to take an entrance exam into a music school or conservatory, or obtain additional lessons for a cello exam, some musical and mental "coaching" courses can help you. I help you strengthen your self-confidence and gently repair your bad habits. You will also be able to meet others, one day if you wish, in order to create little duets
Cello · Children's music · Music theory lessons
🎵 Unlock Your Inner Maestro with Cello Lessons! 🎵 🌟 Are you captivated by the soulful resonance of the cello? 🌟 Do you dream of playing beautiful melodies that tug at the heartstrings? Hi, my name is Jessica! I am an American cello teacher living in Paris with 9+ years of experience in teaching all ages. I received my Masters and Pedagogical License at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London, and have specific expertise in teaching the British ABRSM System, which provides world-renowned examinations and certifications. My Qualifications: 🎻 I hold a Masters with Distinction (highest commendation) from the Royal Academy of Music, and received their highest award of achievement, the Diploma of the Royal Academy of Music (DipRAM). The DipRAM is awarded to students with the highest performance marks. 🎻 I am a certified British cello teacher, and hold the Royal Academy of Music's exclusive pedagogical license, the Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music. This includes specific expertise on teaching according to the ABRSM system. 🎻 I hold my Bachelor of Music degree in Cello Performance from the University of Michigan School of Music in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I graduated Summa Cum Laude (highest commendation), and was the recipient of the Alfred B. Lockwood Scholarship and Dean's Award. What I Offer: ✅ Personalized, one-on-one cello lessons ✅ Tailored lesson plans to match your goals ✅ Comprehensive beginner to advanced curriculum ✅ Technique and theory instruction I currently teach in English or Mandarin, and can offer advice on how to buy/rent a cello in Paris. Let's start your cello journey together today!
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Trusted teacher: ** Please note: Schedule is usually totally booked. Please let me know if you'd like to go on the waiting list or if you're lucky I may have an opening... Thank you. Bernadette - experienced and accredited cello teacher: Native Australian English speaker who also speaks French (to level B1+). After 18+ years of practice and 14 years as a cello teacher in various Australian and UK schools as well as privately (since 2005), I can teach in English (my native tongue) or in French (a second language I am still perfecting). With this experience of teaching and sharing my passion for the cello, I offer lessons tailored to individual needs: -Age 5 years to adult -Beginners to advanced -Exam preparation, conservatory/school admissions, auditions -Lessons for fun -Perfecting technique -I adapt to all levels, all styles, all tastes using a variety of methods. -Individual and group classes (e.g. lessons, ensembles or orchestral tuition). *Group classes are in person only and not online. I have completed both a Master and Bachelor of Performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where I also studied String Pedagogy and complete Music Theory (Harmony and Aural, Music History, etc.), and then was a member of several orchestras, performing with the Auckland Phil (New Zealand) and Southbank Sinfonia (London). I am currently in Aix-en-Provence where I am perfecting my French and preparing for future auditions. I will be happy to provide you with my full resumé if you desire.
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Maarten Et Asako
My kid enjoys Cello lessons with Ms. Asako very much, and we can see the improvement every week. Ms. Asako is genuinely kind, patient and knows how to work with students effectively. We are lucky to have found her.
Review by QUINN
Cello lessons adapted to each student, you too can do it! (Paris)
It was an amazing experience! Dawei is a wonderful teacher. He was very responsive and flexible. During the session he was attentive and patient. Thank you very much again (:
Review by DOROTTYA
Cello Lessons with English and French speaking Australian (Aix-en-Provence)
Bernadette is a wonderful cello teacher. She’s very attentive and has helped me a lot in a short time. I look forward to more lessons from her.
Review by PAUL