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Trusted teacher: This is the time to finally learn some music playing, and we are here to help you reach your goals, no matter how big they are! Pianoma is an online school where you can learn piano at home and with schedule flexibility. Our school works with teachers that speak 7 different languages. Our main purpose is to make your music as valuable in your life as it is in ours. No matter the age, we adapt to you and to your musical tastes. We teach from 4 years old kids to our eldest student who is currently becoming 74 this year. -> About our classes and planning Our classes will focus on you and your musical expertise, if you have previous experience playing piano. If you are completely taking it from zero, we are also here to help. We will also help you choose a perfect teacher for you based on your profile and what you tell us. He or She will always be teaching you, so no worries, there won't be changes all the time. On our first class we will show you a bit how we work and our virtual platform so you can access to a private profile to check your weekly notes from your teacher, videos and other content that shall be relevant to you. Of course, there will also be some piano played involved ;) The rest of the lessons will be planned based on your time. We will focus on what you are able to do with the time you have got. No need to stress or to rush, we want you to progress at your own pace. Classes can be held on a weekly basis, but we also accept free scheduling classes by the student's availability. Do not hesitate to write us if you need more information! -> Our courses These are the courses that we are currently offering are focused on: - Piano for Children: a fun method for beginners to learn and to experience music. Pedagogically based on Montessori, learning by collaboration and self motivation. - Piano: no matter the style or the level - Improvisation and Composition: for curious and creative minds -Preparation to official exams such as Trinity and ABRSM: these exams take place in official examination centers in several parts of the world, but are also held online. They are highly recognized throughout the globe. - Preparation to musical competitions -> Online classes: how and why? Our classes take place by several platforms as Google Meet or Skype, but if you feel more comfortable with others we are also open to suggestions. Our Professional Studios are set with 2 video cameras, so you can see us perfectly and also hear us perfectly with a studio microphone. Do not worry about your settings, as long as you have a stable connection this is all what we need. Why online classes? We think online classes are a valid asset for the future. Students learn comfortably from their homes and the education that they receive is proved to have the same validity as in person lessons, if performed with the right means and the right method, obviously! This is what we have been researching and testing for the past 5 years. So far, we have reached a 90% of students that actually got top results at ABRSM examinations by being prepared exclusively online by us. -> What you need for class? - A phone, tablet or computer with internet connection - A keyboard. If you do not have a keyboard yet and need assistance, feel free to let us a message, and we will try to help you find something that adapts to your budget. -> Who are we? We are a positive and energetic team of teachers formed mostly in different conservatories in Europe (Belgium, Georgia, Italy, France and Spain). We have more than 10 years of experience in music teaching, and it is not our only passion: film scoring, composing and playing concerts take a big part of our daily lives too. If you want to get to know us a bit more, scroll down to our Profile.
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Trusted teacher: 🎶 Elevate Your Musical Journey with Private Piano Lessons! 🎹 🌟 Personalized Learning for All Ages and Skill Levels! 🌟 Hello, fellow music lovers! I'm Tatiana, and I'm excited to share my passion for music with you through private piano lessons. 🎼 Your Musical Path, Your Way! 🎼 🎈 With a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Jazz Campus Basel and 7 years of teaching experience, I'm dedicated to nurturing your inner musician and helping you achieve your musical dreams. 🧡 🎵 Delve into Music Theory and Solfege! 🎵 📚 My background in jazz and classical music allows us to delve deep into music theory and solfege, unlocking the intricacies of melodies and harmonies that bring your playing to life. 🌸 🎹 Immerse Yourself in Expressive Improvisation! 🎹 🌈 Whether your heart beats to the rhythm of jazz or classical elegance, I'm here to guide you through the world of improvisation, igniting your creativity and fostering your unique musical voice. 🎶 🎯 Master Technique and Find Joy in Every Note! 🎯 🚀 With techniques honed through years of performance and instruction, I'll help you master the piano while ensuring every note is played with the joy and passion that music deserves. 🎉 🌟 Why Choose Private Piano Lessons with Me? 🌟 ✨ Personalized Learning: Your journey is unique, and I'm committed to creating a learning plan that aligns with your goals and pace. ✨ Nurturing Environment: Whether you're most comfortable at my place in Klein Basel, prefer lessons in the comfort of your own home, or would like to study via zoom, the choice is yours! ✨ Your Progress, Your Pace: Together, we'll move forward in a way that suits you best, ensuring you're always motivated and inspired. ✨ Lifelong Musical Love: My mission is to promote a lifelong appreciation for music that enriches your soul for years to come. 🎉 Ready to Begin Your Musical Exploration? 🎉 If you're eager to embrace the piano and your own musical journey, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. 💬Lessons are taught in English, German or Russian 🎹 Let's Create Music That Resonates 🎹
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Private or group music lessons” are offered for students of all levels and ages including beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Classes include: Solfége and Ear-Training Music Theory Piano (beginners, Intermediate) Harmony Practical Harmony Counterpoint Arrangement Orchestration Composition Music Analysis Notation Software (Sibelius) Type of course: Private lessons Semi-private lessons: two students in the same class Level: Private “piano classes” are offered to beginners and intermediate levels. The private “composition classes/music writing & music theory lessons” are held for students of all levels and ages including beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. There are also lessons available that are suited for: Students who are preparing for an entrance exam to the conservatories. Music students who are in higher education systems (Bachelor or Master). Location: Music classes are held at the student's home in Brussels or online via webcam. Prices of music lessons in Brussels or online (TVA and social security contributions are included). Languages: The class is taught in English, Dutch and Persian. Course timetable: Daily time slots are flexible according to the student’s needs. With Flexible schedules in Brussels or online. Age limit & musical knowledge: Minimum age of 5 years old is required to attend the classes. For private classes such as solfeggios and piano lessons, no prior knowledge of music is required. Payment method & frequency of the lessons: Based on a period of 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months, students will be asked to fulfill the payment prior to the beginning of the lessons. We suggest attendance on a weekly basis to benefit the most from these courses.
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Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the saxophone but have no idea where to start? Do you want to learn how to compose music or give a shape to those songs you always had in mind? You are in the right place then!!! Hi! My name is Carlo. I am an Italian classical and jazz saxophonist and composer. I am also a qualified music teacher for Italian middle school, with a solid preparation in the psycho-pedagogical field. As a teacher, I believe that any student has different ways to learn and approach music. Therefore, I will create for you a personalized but also funny and engaging learning path that would fit perfectly with your inclinations and musical tastes! My method consist in alternating the study of the instruments with some music theory. In this way, you will comprehend what you are playing, using the so-called method "learning by doing", for a gradual and steady learning. My approach includes also the use of little percussions, body movements and singing, in accord with the tradition of Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze methods. I will also start teaching you from any songs you already know - it will surprise you seeing how many things you already know about music! You will see how funny is it to learn music in this way! For any level and any age! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN - How to play the saxophone, with focus on posture, embouchure, air steam, sound, technique, top tones etc; - Or how to compose, from songwriting to orchestra's writing, including counterpoint, orchestration and analysis; - How to improvise, without becoming a "music stand addict"; - Music theory lessons step by step with the instrument development; - Playing with others: you will play with your teacher (me!) in a saxophones duet or in a piano and saxophone duet. If you have a fellow musician, bring it for a group lesson! I will make some music arrangements to play all together. WHAT YOU WILL GET - If you don't have a saxophone (yet); a saxophone for the first lesson with possibility of rent; - Digital didactic material; - Professional and serious teacher; - Possibility of group lesson; - Friendly environment; - A cup of tea to better start the lesson :) For any other informations, video, recording etc visit:
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Welcome! I am Edd, Musician, orchestrator, co-composer and multi-instrumentalist with more than 10 years of experience and a great background in theoretical and musical study, I love being able to share my knowledge and help many people achieve their goals in music! In this course, you will immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of music theory, composition and performance. From the fundamentals to advanced techniques, we will explore the various dimensions of music together. In the end, you will have acquired the necessary skills to express yourself musically, that is, to have the goal of being able to understand music and why not? until I can compose. What makes these classes exceptional is our interactive methodology. where we can have personalized composition projects, we will explore your creativity and discover new musical horizons together. In addition, we will incorporate cutting-edge technologies to make learning even more dynamic and accessible, also focusing mostly on what the student wants. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (VIRTUAL OR IN-Person MODALITY, YOU CHOOSE!) In addition to the interactive lessons, I will provide a wide variety of learning resources. From personalized reading materials to practical exercises and access to specialized digital platforms, you will have everything you need at your disposal to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of music. Write to me only if you really want to take your music to the next level!
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Ukulele lessons! Time to pick it up, so let’s bang out ♬ (Friedrichsfelde)
RYO SAN was very patient and had great skills in teaching ukulele from the start as I had no knowledge to play any musical instrument but this had been a dream. I recommend him as a great teacher. Thankyou RYO SAN
Personalized cello lessons (cello, cello)
Renata is a genuine and warm teacher who knows the cello intimately. Renata had me believing in myself, and my journey as a cellist isntanlty. Ive learnt so much and I can't wait to keep learning!!
Review by CARLA
Learn Piano and Improvisation and practice other languages :) (A Coruña)
My experience right now with Gema is that she's an amazing teacher and she is good at spotting mistakes on your keys and helps me to play with confidence to get ready to pass my exam.
Review by JACOB