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Have you always dreamed of the world of fashion and being able to express your style? Now is your chance! Delve into Fashion Design, where you can unleash your creativity and learn the necessary skills to make a fashion collection and make your own clothes. What do I offer in this course? - Personalized learning: I will guide you step by step, adapting to your skill level and experience. From beginners to fashion enthusiasts, everyone is welcome. - Practical classes: Learn by doing. I will guide you on the necessary tools and materials so that you can immerse yourself in the exciting world of design and sewing from day one. - Fashion design: Discover everything from color theory and human anatomy to capture your first ideas and transfer them to a technical drawing to develop patterns and bring your ideas to life. - Design of accessories and footwear: Because fashion is not only clothes, there is a huge world behind accessories and if it is true that they are complementary, the way of working is very different. If you would like to know more about sneakers or bags, we can focus on this beautiful world. - Learn about fabrics: A good use of materials is essential for our designs to work. We will work on conventional materials and with other not so conventional ones to work on creativity. - Digital tools: Adobe programs are essential in fashion design. Depending on your level I can teach you from the basics or if you already know these tools I can give you support to improve your level. The programs that we will work with will be Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. - Advanced design techniques: Discover the latest trends and techniques in the world of fashion design. From basic concepts to cutting-edge techniques. - Portfolio: I will teach you what you need to create your portfolio and thus be able to show the world your work. - Creativity!: This is the most fun part of the whole process. We'll do practical work on creativity so you never run out of ideas. - Sewing and pattern making: Pattern making and sewing are the foundations of our designs. It is essential to have this under control. If you've never made a pattern or touched a sewing machine, don't worry, I'll help you from the beginning. If what you need is to improve your technique, I will also be happy to help you. Don't wait any longer to unleash your creativity and make your dreams come true! I will be happy to meet you and be able to help you with whatever you need.
Fashion design · Sewing
Trusted teacher: This workshop may be for you if: You are really passionate for natural things and you will love to learn more about how to create your own products. You see a recipe of natural or vegan cosmetic and you get really excited, till you realize that the formula carries too many ingredients and/ preservatives that lead you too keep postponing it because of the amount of ingredients, cost, time, etc. With the workshop of natural and vegan cosmetics you can learn to make facial and hair masks, facial and body exfoliation, facial tonics, deodorants, and many other products for your skincare. The recipes are simple! We will only use easy to get ingredients: natural, vegan and cheap that surely, you have them at your fingertips, in your kitchen! In addition, this workshop aims to achieve zero waste, minimalism (Less is more!), and also knowledge of local ingredients such as herbs, flowers, and plants that grow in your territory. In the natural cosmetics workshop I will also illustrate the ingredients I have been using in different countries, on skin care following the Andean, Amazonian cultures and taking suggestions from the Ayurveda. This workshop may be for you if: •You are really passionate for natural things, taking care of the planet and self care. •You love simple thing, you don’t like to overcomplicate yourself. •You love to create thing that doesn’t take a lot of your time and energy •You will love to learn more about how to create your own natural and vegan products •You wanna connect deeper with your self love and nature. •You see a recipe of natural or vegan cosmetic and you get really excited, till you realize that the formula carries too many ingredients and/ preservatives that lead you too keep postponing it because of the amount of ingredients, cost, time, etc. Come and join my workshop to know all about vegan and natural cosmetic products!
Alternative health · Nature · Cosmetology
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Fashion Design, Pattern Making, Draping, Sewing, Couture Finishing and Embroidery Tutoring (Paris)
I definitely recommend her as a great tutor! I am still taking repeated lessons with Brigitte in Paris. I am currently preparing for my portfolio for fashion school and making garments in preparation. She is very knowledgeable and always prepared to help me through the process of making patterns and draping the pieces. She even went to buy the sewing machine with me outside of class since I did not have much knowledge of how to choose the sewing machine and also assisted me in where to buy the materials that I needed! I hope my review will help you guys choose Brigette as your tutor.
Review by ASHLEY
Learn basics of SQL programming with no prior knowledge (Tallinn)
Arpan is extremely professional and easy to communicate with! On top, he is an excellent teacher and has a lot of patience in the process, which made my lessons of SQL, with no prior knowledge, be an absolute pleasure. What I liked the most is that he presented every new piece of information by either relating it to something familiar or explaining the context, so all things make sense and are, therefore, easier to understand. Totally recommended and the perfect person to start your SQL knowledge with!
Review by LAURA
Math and physics lessons for middle and high school students (Casablanca)
So far, I've been getting help with my IGCSE 's in Math and Computer Science with Amin. In most of the lessons I've been with him, he's been really helpful and responsible. He has also been very patient. He helps me become more confident in my answers and makes the lessons pretty fun! After my lessons with him, I do understand my topics more and am able to go to my classes in school without feeling lost. If you're ever struggling with Physics or Programming, I'm sure he can help you too :)
Review by MANIJ