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78 piano teachers in The Hague

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André - The Hague46€
Trusted teacher: Hello! I am classical pianist with a Master's degree at the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag. I teach Piano (and also Music Education) since 2016, to both children and adults. Teaching allows me to bring my passion and enthusiasm for music to the students, and I also find incredibly rewarding to guide and follow their musical and technical development! I am easily adaptable to the students' musical taste and expectations/goals in music learning, and I am also very mindful of how I communicate, according to the students' ages and personalities. I can teach classical music, pop, rock, or any other style. My approach consists of: giving you the necessary theoretical knowledge for what you wish to play; involving you actively in the choice of the pieces/songs you will play; setting up a long-term plan for your repertoire, so that your development is made step by step in a challenging - but achievable - way (and this way, you will feel more motivated!); giving you enjoyable and creative practicing strategies; creating a rich imagery revolving around the piece - by making up a story, relating the music to emotions, etc.; and also positive feedback! Thus, my lessons will allow you to: - Learn how to read scores. -Develop your musical understanding (from notes, rhythm, harmony, to musical taste, emotional comprehension of the music, or dive into aesthetic principles concerning the period and style of the piece,...). -Improve, step by step, until you are able to play that piece/song that you love. -Prepare yourself for exams. -Etc. The best thing is that it's possible for you to learn all this and have fun at the same time! Any question, don't hesitate to contact me.
Keyboard (music) · Piano · Sound (music)
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Norica - The Hague37€
Piano · Music theory
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Gina - The Hague39€
Trusted teacher: Are you dreaming of playing the piano? Do you want to play FASTER, STRONGER, and sound like a PRO? Are you a beginner and trying to take your first steps on the keyboard? Or do you have some experience and you want to improve your skills? Then let's work together to help you achieve your goals and find YOUR personal way of expressiveness on the piano. A FEW WORDS ABOUT ME: My name is Gina and I am a piano and music theory teacher. I have been professionally teaching for more than 6 years and have guided children, teenagers, and adults of EVERY age! I consider myself a musician in a more holistic way than just a pianist, having experienced also multiple other instruments such as the viola, the tampouras (traditional byzantine instrument), guitar and voice, as well as different choirs and orchestras. At the age of 21 I gained my first professional degree in music harmony from the Conservatory "EHOGENESIS" and one year later in the classical piano from the Conservatory of Saint-Dimitris. Meanwhile, I was accepted into "The Royal Conservatory" of The Hague, to continue more advanced piano studies. ABOUT THE LESSON: The construction of the lessons is tailored on each student's needs and wishes. I choose pieces and exercises from different books, while guiding the students on practicing songs that they personally like. I also provide basic music theory notes and knowledge, to help with the understanding of the piano and music in general. Every lesson is an opportunity to learn something new and my goal as your teacher is to help you pursue your passion and bring out the BEST in you! The lesson take place either in person or online. *For the students who want to understand deeper the music, I am also teaching music theory as a separate class. Thank you for stopping by and see you soon!
Piano · Music theory
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Dominyka - The Hague42€
Piano · Music theory lessons · Singing
Trusted teacher: Learning how to play an instrument can fall into many classroom stereotypes; Not if you strive to discover sounds and styles, if you're open to learning not only an instrument but all that is related to music and sound making! I've taught at different institutes and private lessons for +5 years; then slowly began to put together my own method of teaching not only piano, but related subjects to help students gain a broader knowledge and be able to take next steps in their music journey even when they're finished with their music lessons.With all the experience I gathered in working with children and adults, I've composed a method of teaching subjects related to piano performance(music theory, music history, improvisation and creative music composing) alongside lessons on the instrument and piano techniques, as the student proceeds and is in need of more broad knowledge. It doesn't matter wether the student is a pupil or an adult, if they have experience in music or not, there's always a lot to discover together in my lessons; based on the students needs and interests. I usually start with basics of the instrument and give students a general lesson on how the instrument works. As we proceed in our lessons, we will cover techniques and more specific skills based on the interest of the student.Our lessons are very flexible regarding class material and my aim is to keep the lessons always fun and informative as well as following the bigger aim of helping the student to be confidant in their music performing and music creation. The format of our lessons will not stay the same as we work on different pieces, different skills and subjects. There are certain repertoire we will cover but also some of the pieces the student likes to be able to play and understand. We will also work on performing skills, I often organise mini concerts for students that like to overcome their fear of performing on stage or for others, giving them the opportunity to perform their own pieces or from classic piano repertoire.
Piano · Music theory lessons
Music composition · Music theory · Piano
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Piano lessons, Music Theory for children and adults (The Hague)
I have been taking private lessons from Joao for more than 6 months and I am completely thrilled with it! Although I am a beginner in piano, I can see that Joao is very knowledgeable in his field. What I like most is that he utilizes technology very effectively to help me understand tricky theoretical concepts. He also prepares tailored exercises for me, which makes me feel very valued. He really puts his time in preparing homeworks and supplementary documents even before and after the class to be sure that I understand what he is teaching. Joao is also quite responsive. He is very flexible in terms of the course content and willing to adapt to my changing needs over time. Still, as a teacher, he keeps in mind what foundations I need to build and he does not lose track of what I want as an ultimate goal, so he comes with a structured curriculum that I realize over time. I can only recommend Joao if you are looking for a dedicated piano teacher who loves what he does.
Review by MURAT
Singing Lessons with a Certified Vocal Coach for all ages and levels. Prof. voc. training for any style:POP/JAZZ/RNB/ROCK/MUSICALS/CLASSICAL (The Hague)
I am very happy with Dominyka as my voice teacher. With her guidance, I have been able to improve my tone and widen my range much quicker than expected. Leessons are a joy: Dominyka can immediately hear and see what needs focus and explain what I must do to improve. This process is dynamic and fun, and I feel motivated to practice every day because I am inspired by these advancements. She can demonstrate many techniques with her beautiful voice. Most importantly, Dominyka is a trained and experienced teacher, so I know that my progress is healthy and sustainable. Highly recommended!
Review by TOMASO
Piano Lessons in The Hague Area (ook in het Nederlands) - All Levels - Classical, Pop, Improvisation and Composition (The Hague)
My son just had his first piano lesson with Joel and he loved it. When the hour was finished my son felt a bit disappointed as he wanted to continue and said the class had gone by super fast. After Joel left our house my son told me he would really like to continue taking lessons with him as he felt he learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I personally liked Joel’s communication and professionalism when scheduling the class, and the planning of the curriculum going forward. I think my son will learn a lot from his classes with him.
Review by VIVIANA