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64 math teachers in Wavre

A student's success comes first and foremost with self-confidence. Every year, for the last 10 years, I've been hearing the same lines all the time: "I'm bad at maths" "I do not understand maths" "I've always been at maths", etc. Well, first of all know that this is not true. It is believed to be "zero" in math for various reasons: - No affinity towards the material and we leave a little and then a little more until the stall - At school, there are 20-25 students per class, the teacher does not necessarily have time to take care of everyone properly. And so, when we do not understand, we do not necessarily say it and by the way, we end up not understanding anything anymore. - difficulty in taking careful and structured notes. From then on, it becomes complicated to dive back in at home - be persuaded that it will never happen because it has never been. Fate is never a good friend in success; - etc. This is where I intervene, I restore confidence to your child in the matter and showing him that he is able to do things. By showing him that, in fact, when one takes the time to explain to him, he understands. This is the starting point, the one that lays the foundation for future work. I then teach your child to structure the material (via syntheses), search the important information, take it out, highlight it. In such a way that mathematics becomes simple. I teach them to create links, reasonings, by giving them meaning. All with passion, dynamism and humor, to create a bond of trust with your child. Trust in him and confidence in his teacher / student relationship. These are two major ingredients necessary for success. All of us remember a subject that we loved because the teacher was great, the attitude, the personality and the pedagogy of the teacher are all as important as the subject. When I give lessons to your child, it means that in addition to class time. I am available to answer your questions. In addition, within a radius of 15-20 minutes around Wavre, I can move to your home.
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English, Turkish, French, Maths, Economics, Accounting & Chess Tuitions. I also do translation works in English-Turkish-French. (Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve)
Shabneez is a good tutor. She helps me with mathematics - university level. She helps me to overcome my fears of maths and makes it pleasant and easier to understand. We do a lot of exercises together. Thanks for your help and patience Shabneez and see you soon :)
Review by MELISSA
Private tuition in math, french, english beginner to advanced (Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve)
Great class, always constructive and searching the way to teach something useful to my daughter. We sincerely thank you and acknowledge your concern and dedication in providing a quality education and atmosphere
Review by BORJA
Mathematical Physics Lower and Upper Humanities (Wavre)
A teacher to be highly recommended who explains everything in a direct and concise way.