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Trusted teacher: The bamboo flute is a popular woodwind instrument that is wildly used in traditional Chinese music and Chinese plays. The clean and high-pitched sound from bamboo flute makes it one of the most representative instruments in Chinese culture. The flute was entitled “Bamboo flute” because most of them are made of bamboo. Despite of the fact that some of the flutes are made of other materials such as stones, woods...etc, the flutes are still known as bamboo flute due to the excellent and characterized sounding effects from bamboo. The typical bamboo flutes are shown in Figure 1. There are two basic types of bamboo flutes according to their pitch scale and general size. The first type is called “Bang-Di”. It is basically shorter in length and capable of producing higher pitches. The tone from this type of bamboo flute is brighter and sharper. The other type is called “Qu-Di”. It is longer in length and lower in pitch produced. Opposite to the first type, the tone of Qu-Di is more smooth. The bamboo flute is a transposing instrument, and the tonality of every flute is marked on the side of their bodies. Generally, the bamboo flutes can cover pitch scale up to two octaves plus one whole tone. In this class, you will learn about - Playing technique - Membrane pasting and adjustment - Basic music theory : Score reading (numbered musical notation/modern staff notation) - Traditional pieces playing or pieces preferred by students. Looking forward to see you, A bientôt !
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Yuheng is a very kind, supportive, and patient teacher. So far, our classes have been very productive. He is ready to answer any questions, provide new information, and share effective tips. I would recommend Yuheng to anyone who would like to learn how to play the flute.
Review by TAYFUN
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Great class! Rob gave me a lot of informations, starting from the basics, very helpful to re think about my sound and the way I play my saxophone. Rob was clear and nice. I have really a good time, thanks a lot !
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