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Dirk - Ghent$29
Trusted teacher: Promotion until December 31: Price includes VAT + welcome package worth No, we don't think that being able to sing is absolutely necessary for actors. Not every actor or actress has the ambition to play in a musical and not every series or film is sung. Still, vocal coaching is a good idea ... whether you want to learn to sing or not! More info Anyone who has ambition as a singer or who wants to expand his or her skills in order to be able to get a role more easily will soon find singing lessons ... but also those who do not intend to ever perform songs, benefits greatly from vocal coaching. You often have to be on set for a long time and then it is important to use your voice properly, so that it does not get tired and you can speak as powerfully after hours of recording as before. Finally, it is very useful to be able to put different effects on your voice. Just think of the raspy character of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, the barking explanations of Samson, the full voice of Kabouter Plop or the grunted insults exchanged in The Chronicles of Sabrina. Judiciously used voice effects can not only add color to characters, they are sometimes essential or almost automatically arise from emotional moments. So being able to use them correctly and maintain control over them without damaging your vocal cords is essential. What you learn As is the case with almost all of our courses, we teach you techniques from different approaches. For our singing lessons, these are Speech Level Singing (SLS), Estill Voice Training (EVT) and Complete Vocal Technique (CVT). Here are some things that will pass in review: • The similarities and differences between the three major singing techniques • Using support • The larynx, lips, and other organs that help control voice production • Add necessary twang • Add air or not • Different vocal modes (with CVT): neutral, curbing, overdrive and edge. • Variety of voice effects including: creaking, distortion, grunting, rattling, screaming, vibrato and ornamentation • For actors: relationship between voice color, effects and the playing of all kinds of characters • For actors: the relationship between stem kle Extras • Help with the CV • Assistance with admissions • Help in choosing the right equipment • Help with finding auditions • Syllabus with pdf of the book Complete Vocal Technique A lesson lasts 2 hours and you always sign up for a 20-lesson ticket. You can participate whenever you want! Promotion Note: the prices are for individual private lessons. The hourly price of our twenty-hour ticket is lower.
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Transverse flute · Voice (music)
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Celine - Ghent$48
Jazz music · Voice (music) · Singing
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Trusted teacher: English Translation: contact me please SONGS generally consist of chord and text lines. But where does that information come from and how do you make something out of nothing? How do you make that one great hIT or how strongly does your new song affect your love? Well, that's called "inspiration processing" and how does that work? Well, I'll tell you that in my course. If you already play the guitar or piano, you are one step ahead. Your instrument is like a trampoline that offers you more options to go further and higher. Most 'songs' are born at the craziest moments. A good songwriter his / her antennas are always open :-) and for some it is a continuous activity. During my course I teach you through all sorts of tips and tricks (including: Travel Chord Duo Method - One Four Five and minor input - Key Word Designation and Relative Chord Progressions etc.) how you can achieve strong songs. For me it is a daily activity and I have been writing all my life for others and sometimes for myself. All in all I have sold more than a million copies worldwide as an author / composer / performer. Is that little or is that a lot? I do not know. It doesn't interest me that much anymore. I want to share my knowledge about how to write a song with motivated people who want to go further than just replaying others' songs. Whether they get stuck somewhere during composing and who are not afraid to seek advice. Music is a life flirt. There are only two types of music: good and bad ... Do you have a foundation of chords, do you want to know how to make a good song .....? Just book an hour to get started. That is the scan hour. Are we lying together and is there a click? If you book and I confirm, then you also know who I am and where I hide :-) Not satisfied after the first 'lesson'? Money Back. Danny
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Vera - Kiev, Ukraine$41
Trusted teacher: Hey there, I am Vera, a singer, composer and a vocal coach, a member of NATS(National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA) if you also adore music and singing I would be glad to help you in developing your skills! I prepared students for entering the New York Film Academy to the program "Musical Theatre". Also, I prepared many recitals of my students and their bands in Ukraine, Poland, Canada, Israel, USA, Indonesia, Germany, etc..., recorded a few EP, have clips available on music channels, also perform their songs on the radio. Some of them have their own youtube channels and we are developing it choosing interesting songs for cover. Others write their own songs and have a contract with the music labels in the USA, and I always support these skills. Speaking of my personal achievements I can say that I am a singer and songwriter, I work in several styles- house, lounge, jazz, country, and pop, collaborate with musicians, sound engineers, and producers from many countries. I have experience of writing arrangements and working with professional musical programs such as Cubase, Nuendo, and others, also I worked a lot as a session vocalist in the many recording studios in Ukraine. So I can share my knowledge with you. My methods are directed to get the result as soon as it`s possible and also to develop your natural music skills. That`s why I use the most effective exercises in my work special for each student. Also, my methods are loyal so the student can sing his favorite songs at the lesson and enjoy it. See you at the lessons!
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Trusted teacher: Do you want to improve confidence, find out how your voice really works and develop your technique?... Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our unique courses include; ‘Colours of The Voice, Musicality, Genre Spotlight.. Blending Vocals.. and more I never let my students feel like they are too late in life, too much of a beginner or too out of practise start lessons. You’ll be so surprised at what you can do, I promise! 🎉 I have been a professional touring singer with '🎶 Mia and the Moon' 🎶 (check us out on Spotify) for 12 years+ and have been teaching singers of all levels since 2012. I studied the Estill method, as well as Speech level singing, musical theatre, pop/commercial style and founded The Singers Club style of coaching which consistently builds the confidence and skill set of students every week. I cater to all ability levels and welcome absolute beginners. ✔️ During lessons, we study 🌟anatomy, 🌟warm-ups, 🌟exercises,🌟 placement, 🌟repertoire and then stage confidence and putting all of the skills learned into songs and performance. My style is relaxed yet very informative and I aim for a student to see results quickly - but to enjoy the lessons enough to want to continue over a period of time. 💓 I also offer club nights, studio days and various online workshops alongside your one to one coaching. 🎫 You can have lessons to suit to your own goals and aspirations- we can also follow an online vocal technique course with certificate included. 🥇 Students say “I had lessons before but now I’m learning so much foundation technique I really feel like I could sing anything” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 “Laura’s lessons are the highlight of my week” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 “I loved starting on the foundation course and now we are working out songs on piano and guitar and I’m getting more into advanced stuff already! Highly recommend” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 “Much better for my mental health than anything I’ve tried before to be honest.. if your considering lessons then Laura comes highly recommended” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (Range of students 12+ and adults) 100% 5 star ratings on trustpilot
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Singing lessons - experienced vocalcoach - online via webcam (Munich)
Martha is a wonderful teacher! She is experienced, professional, patient, motivated and creative. She easily adapts to the student's level and tailors each lesson to the student's individual needs. Her teaching approach is creative and effective and it is apparent that Martha enjoys teaching. I would recommend Martha to anyone who is looking for singing lessons or vocal training!
Review by SUN
Singing. Learn voice technique for Classical, Jazz or Pop! Gesang. Chant. Voice. (Zurich)
Maria is a fantastic teacher. She has in-depth knowledge about singing and how to control the voice. Indeed she led me through the lesson very patiently, naturally, pedagogically and professionally despite my insecurities. I loved it, and I am already looking forward to the next lessons.
Review by KESSARA
WARNING! Following the problem of Coronavirus my courses will be Online! Video course for all levels in French, Italian and English. :-) (Ixelles-Elsene)
First singing lesson of my life and I confirm Amelia waked up, at least the curiosity, for me to enter in this new dimension. Is easy to feel how dedicated she is to her profession. Also very able to understand correctly the level of the person and helps accordingly.
Review by ERMAL