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I have experience in teaching mathematics and science from IGCSE, GCSE and A-Level all the way up to the challenging I am very familiar with the GCSE syllabus having gone through the O’Levels and A’Levels in Singapore myself. When teaching mathematics and science, I believe that doing a lot of practice is the best way to learn; it’s how I’ve always studied the subject, from GCSE all the way up to university level. I understand the common issues students have with mathematics and science at every level, and I tailor my teaching to the needs of each individual student. When teaching GCSE and A level, I like to first go over any conceptual issues students may have, before moving on to exercises. Going through examples can often uncover misunderstandings, as well as provide clarity, and hence a balance of both is required. I work with a combination of weak and strong students from many well-known schools in Singapore and also international schools in London. I am keen to provide you with lessons that are highly personalised to your ability and goals – just let me know which areas you'd like to work on! Some students come with an idea of which topics they would like to improve on, in which case we can work on any theory questions they have and go through example problems they may be struggling with. For other students, it may be best to start with the exercises, and use these to spark discussion and teaching when we encounter difficulties. Often, it is a combination of time spent grappling with the content/theory and working through example questions together that helps the most!
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Able to provide support in A-Level Psychology and English Literature. My experience: I've got extensive experience supporting others in an academic and non-academic setting. I have six years’ experience tutoring students aged 4 - 16 years old. I worked with students on their work assignments as well as setting extra work to help students reach the next level in their potential. I use scientifically-ratified methods to ensure students are working to the highest level of efficiency. I am able to work with students with SEN, using scientific tools like Pictorial Exchange Program to support students in their academic and social skills while reducing the likelihood of “meltdowns.” Over those six years, I honed my ability to break down difficult topics into easily digestible lectures for each child. By using a person-centred approach, I helped the students learn in the manner most effective to them. I have a degree in Psychology BSc from Royal Holloway, University of London (ranked 9th in the UK for Psychology). I achieved an upper-second class with honours (2:1). This includes a first-class final year project. I undertook classes such as Learning & Memory and Developmental Psychology which gave me insights into how to achieve the highest level of productivity and information retention - tools that I utilised to complete my degree. I'm currently studying Medicine. While at university, I worked as a peer mentor where I provided individualised support to first year students. My caseload of students where those who were nervous upon their acceptance to university. I aided them in their transition to university by creating a safe space for them to approach me with their academic queries and social anxieties. I have excellent interpersonal skills that allowed me to build productive relationships with my students wherein they felt comfortable approaching me when in crisis. I am currently a Recovery Worker, providing support to homeless individuals in London. I specialise in providing person-centred, personalised support to entrenched rough sleepers with particularly high and complex physical, mental and substance misuse support needs. I have an outstanding record of ensuring my clients stay off the street and move along in their recovery process. This is done by having a keen eye for assessing individuals, even those who are difficult to engage and creating realistic and productive action plans. Through my dedication to belief in uplifting others and identifying a shortfall in the care provided to my most vulnerable clients, I created a successful partnership with the Premier League’s Chelsea Football Club to provide one-to-one health and fitness support to homeless people in London. Moreover, borne from a drive to give back to my local community while at University, I organised, planned and executed a school-based programme. I partnered with Age Exchange, a charity dedicated to reducing loneliness in society's most vulnerable populations, to design a ten-week programme. I used cutting edge reminiscence arts and tactile objects to help rejuvenate the memories of those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I liaised with local schools and care homes to link elderly individuals with local schools. Through this, I developed my ability to communicate efficiently and effectively online by creating a weekly newsletter for my volunteers, running a community page and keeping clear and open channels of communication with all parties. The programme was a tremendous success, earning the Queen's Award for Outstanding Voluntary Service which was presented by HRH Princess Anne. Furthermore, the Mayor of Runnymede came to visit, and it was featured in the local news. For my dedication to the voluntary service, I received a Gold Passport Award from Royal Holloway, University of London. I believe I am the excellent candidate to help students fulfil their potential. I have excellent time management skills as evidenced by my exemplary community outreach work while studying towards a Bachelor of Science degree. I have the drive and patience to work with students who are struggling and the ambition to help those who would like to achieve more.
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