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English for adults lessons in France.

Find your perfect private english for adults tutor in France. Learn english for adults with our teachers at home or in their studio.

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English for Adults
Do you speak Academic English? Most tutors can help you with everyday conversation and writing. I specialize in the English you need for a successful international academic career in your field of advanced expertise. A native speaker with a BA in Linguistics from University of Chicago, two MAs, and a nearly completed PhD in Philosophy through Boston College, I have over 13 years of post-secondary education experience and have taught English as a Second Language since 2014. I've published academic papers, taught university courses, presented at international conferences, and have been awarded selective grants. So whether your aim is applying for graduate school, gaining confidence in your intellectual eloquence, or writing the perfect book proposal, I have the background to help you prepare for the very specific set of tasks demanded in higher education in the English-speaking world. Depending on your needs, I can help you master the skills you would need to... • Explain your research to foreign scholars: Learn to freely discuss your topic of research and engage in other high-level conversations with the vocabulary and expression appropriate to an intellectual context. • Improve your academic writing and publish in English journals Whether targeting the right English journals, honing your style and grammar, or working out the the subtlety of communicating complex ideas in English, I can help you with all stages of the writing process. I've published in English academic journals and specialize in crafting sharp book proposals and grant applications. • Present your work at international conferences Gain confidence teaching or delivering formal lectures to an international public. From your first abstract submission to your final draft, I can help you improve everything from your content, style, and delivery to effectively target English-speaking audiences. The English-speaking world is waiting to hear your great ideas - let's get started!
Writing · English as a second language (esl) · English for adults
Trusted teacher: My courses are for: • to high school and high school students (preparation of the English tests of the patent / baccalaureate series L, ES, S ..) • to anyone who wants to resume studying English (professional use of English, expatriation, ...) • anyone who needs to acquire level B2 My priority is to unblock in my students a good expression and understanding written but mostly oral, which is too little practiced in group school education. I develop in my students autonomy and intuition in English by giving them many keys of understanding that they miss to find their way in the complex world of English. Whatever your level, I adapt to your situation and I suggest the method that best fits your goal. My teaching consists of: • Conversation exercises that concretely apply all the knowledge learned and practice English as a living language. • In-depth study of grammar points that must be better assimilated by the student (many exercises available from quality methods, Cambridge University Press beginner / intermediate level among others) • vocabulary exercises • Putting into practice new concepts around dialogues, texts, audio files or videos (I often adapt to my student's interests in order to facilitate his learning) • Pronunciation exercises to be more fluent in English (too often neglected in school due to lack of time) It is not a question of having the perfect accent, but of being understood by anglophones and of removing the ambiguities that bad pronunciation implies. English is a language where pronunciation is often crucial.
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Apprenez l'anglais de manière amusante et facile. Des cours qui vous donneront la confiance nécessaire pour parler couramment l'anglais (Liedekerke)
Professeur très sympathique, organisé et cultivé, il vous met à l'aise tout de suite dans une conversation immersive en anglais et met rapidement le doigt sur vos faiblesses afin de les travailler et de vous faire évoluer. Je recommande sans hésiter.
Review by AURÉLIE
Apprendre à maîtriser l'anglais (UK & USA) pour tous (Watermael-Boitsfort)
Gaiane is a very engaging and holds the attention in discussion, she is effective and an excellent communicator, she organises her schedule to meet our objectives, highly knowledgeable, in short, she has all the qualities of a great teacher.
Review by BIANCA
English language learners wanted/ English for personal development or for pleasure (The Hague)
She is a reliable and kind teacher. Her lesson is always fun and easy to understand for me. I realize I became able to speak English better than before. I'm always impatient for her lesson!
Review by NAOKO