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2 python teachers in Marrakesh

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Trusted teacher: Hey, This is Hammad, I'm a Python Developer and I am working on Python for almost 2 years😇. I will teach you a Full Beginner's Computer Science: Python Course covering from the basics to advanced level programming. My bachelor's in Computer Science is in progress and use python on a regular basis in Data Science, Deep Learning Programming. Teaching Methodology I also give online tuition, my teaching methodology mainly involves explaining concepts with examples by using Jupyter Notebooks. Then I practice one or two questions with the student. Then I give questions to students through sharing Notebooks on screen and ask them to solve on their own. I help them out if they are stuck and then we discuss the answers. This helps in having an interactive class and you will surely not be bored with me and will start liking Python even more😊. General Course Outline: //Python 1 // Print Variables. Logical Operators. Comparison Operators. Comparison Operators If/Else Statements Comments. User Input. List and List’s Functions. List Slicing. Tuples. //Python 2 // For Loops. Nested For Loop. Break, Continue, Pass. Type Casting. Sets. Dictionary. //Python 3// Functions While Loops. Exceptions. File I/O. CSV file. JSON File. Learning Python has never been so easy, enjoyable, and affordable! Don’t lose one more second when you can start learning Python right now! More and More people are doing it. Are you ready to embrace this wonderful experience? Get Access Now! Best Regards, Hammad
Computer programming · Computer science · Python
What am I teaching? Python 3 programming with libraries: Pillow, PyQT, Pygame, SQLite/MongoDB, Flask + SQLAlchemy, NumPy, Pandas, Sklearn HTML and CSS basics due to the Web-programming topic (Flask) SQl/NoSQL (MySQL and PostgreSQL and MongoDB) due to the SQLite/MongoDB library What does it mean? Python is a powerful tool for basic algorithmic tasks, projects with images/sounds/..., web development, data science and so on. I would be glad to learn you in a practical way to use these tools to solve ample different tasks. Information about me: - I am 3rd-year student in ITMO University (Software engineering and programming) - I'm teaching Python for more than 2 years - My students succeeded with their Python exams (100% passed) - I have 5 years experience with Python programming language and get several certificates: Python Basics and Projects (excellent mark) from Yandex Lyceum, Python in Industry programming (excellent mark) from Yandex Lycuem, Advanced Python (Stepik online cource) - English level (B2-C1), Swedish (A2-B1), Russian (native) Teaching features: - All topics I explain clearly with ample comparisons to real life - After every piece of information I'm checking student's understanding (asking similar questions to discuss) - All lessons are split into 2 vital parts: discussing new topics and practicing coding - Basics projects after each module Three ways of learning: - Basic track: Module 1 - Basics: installing/if/else/for/while Module 2 - Data Structures: lists/sets/dicts Module 3 - Functions: def Module 4 - Libraries: math/os/pillow/... Module 5 - OOP: classes/methods - Advanced track: Module 1 - Revicing: data structures and OOP Module 2 - Advanced topics: itherators/try/except Module 3 - PyQT Module 4 - Web-programming Module 5 - API and Applied Projects - Custom track: Possible topics: All in Basic and Advance tracks, Numpy, Pandas, Sklearn - Data Analysis basics What is the format of teaching: Online
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Trusted teacher: I have been teaching programming for 10 years. I have taught thousands of students of all age groups online and in-person successfully in my teaching career. I teach C, Python, JAVA, Data Science, PANDAS, NUMPY, GAME DEVELOPMENT, Django framework, Flask, JavaScript, Node Js, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP. But Python, JAVA, and C are my favorite languages to teach. I work as a full-stack web developer as well. I did many website projects. Recently I developed a Python Django fully dynamic Video MemberShip Website for a training institute. Where students can log in and learn by watching video courses. Currently, I'm working on a CRM Website for one of my US clients. I have been helping college students with their coding assignments and projects for many years. I did many data science projects as well for my clients. I love teaching kids. I have students who are under 10 learning game development with me. I believe that everything can be achieved with hard work. So I always encourage my students to work harder. I teach all programming concepts in detail and in an easier way so that my students can understand easily and succeed. As I have been teaching programming for many years. So I know the problems students have to face in the journey of learning a programming language pretty well. So I use the easiest and simplest way to explain all the programming concepts I love helping people with all programming languages. Teaching is my passion. I love teaching coding in the fun and simplest way. That's why the students of all levels love learning with me. If you are looking for making a career in web development, Data Science, Game Development, Or wanna learn programming like C, Python, Java, and Javascript in a fun and easiest way or you need help for your college assignments, message me to book a lesson with me.
Python · Computer programming · Java
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Private coding / programming lessons with python (Paris)
Highly recommended teacher!!! Matias teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. Doesn’t waste your time explaining meaningless background information and always lectures with the intent to help you understand the material. He’s helped me understand content for my master course on Python and is one of the best lecturers that I’ve had. Your passion and dedication is beyond words! Thank you for getting me through this hard quick semester, I honestly would have never passed if it was not for your help! Thank you so much once again!
Review by JURIS
Math: Differential, Integral and Multivariable Calculus tutor over the past 8 years. (Bogotá)
She did a great lesson with my daughter. Hoping to use her for additional tutoring sessions. Update: Lina has been tutoring my daughter for many months. Lina is wonderful. My daughter used to get frustrated with math, but Lina has helped her excel in math! We hope Lina continues to be available for lessons!
Learn Python - from the basics to real world business cases (Amsterdam)
Joris is super friendly and was really flexible in tailoring the classes based on what my purpose for learning is. He is giving me the direction I need to continue this learning journey, and I would certainly recommend him to anyone interested in learning python to the next level.