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Trusted teacher: Python is universally recognized as one of the most suitable, if not the best, languages for programming beginners. It also occupies a prominent place in various innovative fields such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, making it one of the most widely used languages today. With Python's growing popularity comes constant evolution. Featuring a plethora of free tools and libraries, it offers exceptional flexibility and diversity for developing IT projects. As a software engineer with a passion for sharing knowledge, I have found true satisfaction in teaching and motivating others. My varied experience with learners of all ages and levels has allowed me to gain valuable expertise. I believe in the importance of personalizing lessons for ease of understanding, using visualizations to track progress, setting clear goals and encouraging regular practice. However, I recognize that there are no hard and fast rules or universal method that will work for all students. Each individual is unique, and my goal in private lessons is to adapt to the specific needs of each learner. I am committed to discovering what motivates and helps my student, providing personalized support. My method is flexible, aiming to create a stimulating learning environment adapted to everyone. By opting for my courses, you will benefit from teaching focused on Python, a powerful and widely used language. You will have access to my passion for teaching as well as an individualized approach that highlights your strengths and meets your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact me to deepen the discussion and begin this exciting adventure in the world of Python and programming.
Python · Computer programming · Algorithms
Trusted teacher: Hi! Welcome to my class on Python programming! As a PhD student in Geophysics my main tool is my computer. In order to do science one needs to know how to program. I use Python everyday in order to analyze data, run numerical models, plot results and much more. So, let's embark on the journey of learning Python and explore its diverse capabilities together! For beginners: I have designed it for absolute beginners to become at ease with the language within 5 sessions of 1h. Message me to know the 5 classes curriculum and I will be more than happy to share it with you! For intermediate users: If you already know the basics of Python but want to go more in-depth on certain packages this is the right place! Message me and we can discuss what your needs are! I am a professional user of Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, os, scipy and many more packages! Are you not sure Python is the right language for you? Check the following out and let me know if you have any questions! First of all, what is Python? According to its creator, Guido van Rossum, Python is a: “high-level programming language, and its core design philosophy is all about code readability and a syntax which allows programmers to express concepts in a few lines of code.” Learning Python is a rewarding experience for several reasons. Firstly, Python is inherently beautiful as a programming language, offering a natural and expressive way to translate your thoughts into code. Its readability and simplicity make coding an enjoyable and intuitive process. The Python language finds applications across various domains, including data science, web development, machine learning and AI. For example, platforms like Quora, Pinterest, and Spotify leverage Python for their backend web development! This versatility makes Python a powerful tool for those eager to delve into different aspects of programming. If this caught your curiosity message me and I'll make you a Python hero! Welcome to the community!
Python · Computer programming · Algorithms
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Math tutoring for high school students (Paris)
Salah Eddine
Salah is an exceptional Math teacher! Although it was a short notice, yet he was very much considerate of our tight schedule and made time to prepare me for the assessment! Thanks, Salah for your outstanding teaching approach. I very much recommend Salah as your Math Teacher!
Review by NADIN
[PYTHON - Data Science - AI] Learn Python & Data Science & Artificial Intelligence from beginner to advanced (La Celle-sous-Gouzon)
Emna is an excellent teacher. Emna makes every lesson fun to learn and my son (9 years) is having fun learning to code. He has taken so much interest after starting Python with Emna that he started coding himself after just 10 lessons! Highly recommend Emna.
Review by NIRAJ
Computer Science: Algo; C; Java; Python; Web; Resaux .... (Paris)
He is an amazing teacher, the explanations are very helpful and everything becomes much more clear after the lessons. I am really grateful, and I have learned a lot.
Review by NINA