I love music and would like to pass this on to make the music theory more fun for the student, but also to ensure that children and / or adults learn to experience music as fun. I give nice assignments and provide fun exercises, with which you can learn in a playful way, I also give evaluations and reports so that the motivation and enthusiasm remain. Every student receives a reward from me so that the learning atmosphere remains optimal.
Nowadays everything is digital, everything has to be done by e-mail or via the computer and what could be more fun to be able to type quickly, blindly and without errors. I am a mother of 3 daughters (3-6-8) and I secretly give some lessons to the eldest now and then, so that they can keep up well when they are at school on a laptop and / or tablet and / or computer have to work. Always nice to keep up with the times. :-)
Would you like to learn to play the piano, but if you are not successful on your own and do you need some help, I would like to help you. I teach you to get to know the instrument in a playful way, to read the notes and music scores. Always fun assignments at everyone's level.
I like to help students who still go to school with homework, with better follow-up lessons and with extra fun exercises to better understand the material. I give evaluations, improvements, reports and rewards so that something can really be learned and every student at his or her own level can still take lessons in the classroom.

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Volgens de cursist Sander: De eerste les is heel goed gegaan. Ze communiceert goed en geeft goed les en het was heel aangenaam. Hij kijkt uit naar de volgende les.
Excellent teacher, I highly recommend her. Good methodology, patience, enthusiasm, in short, you learn in a fluid and solid way with her class.

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