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    Guitar lessons for children and adults

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    I am a guitar teacher, 10 years of experience! I master several styles and will be able to guide you so that you find the pleasure to make the music, alone or in group.

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    Have a guitar or have planned to buy one


    At teacher's location: Rue Gauthey, 75017 Paris, France
    At student's location: Around Clichy, France
    Online via webcam

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    Acoustic, Electro & electronica, Folk, Indie & alternative, Pop, Rock, Song & varieties


    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    30 minutes
    45 minutes
    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English, Spanish, Catalan

    About Me

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    I am passionate about music and I consider that my goal as a teacher is not only to teach you techniques to play the music you love, but also to introduce you to these musics in more depth and to discover other music. which are likely to enrich you personally.

    I am a Spanish guitarist and composer living in Paris since 2008 who divides his time between teaching and composition.


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    Higher National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris

    Experience / Qualifications

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    10 years of teaching experience

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    • Instructor since November 2015

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Private violin lessons, Music Theory, Technical and Musical Skills
    My goal is to make people of all ages and levels learn not only playing an instrument but how can music help them in their everyday life. I am an Albanian violinist studying in Paris ( 3rd year of Bachelor) in classical music and also at Paris-Sorbonne IV (Musicology). Over the years, my experiences with different youth and professional orchestras all around Europe have made me understand that music is important not only for professional musicians but also for everyone. I can teach in English or French and of course in my mother tongue Albanian.

    The Manouche Guitar for All!
    Do you worship Django Reinhardt and whisker guitars? You vibrate on the 200-an-hour phrases that never end and the agreements that make you shudder? Do you love Thomas Dutronc, Bireli Lagrene and all the clique? Gypsy Jazz, Gypsy Swing, Jazz musette, nobody agrees but the music is the same! So just come learn the gypsy guitar in individual lessons with a passionate and experienced teacher (10 years of cafes concerts and festivals). In the program : -Learning standards: Minor Swing, Black Eyes, Clouds, All of me ... -Accompanement and gypsy pump with all the chords of the style (Swing, Bossa Nova, Bolero, Waltzes ...) -Improvisation and chorus Possibility of tax reduction by check service employment

    Mathematics, Physics or English courses
    Hello, Being currently in the second year of preparatory courses, I propose to give courses in mathematics and / or physics for primary, middle school or high school students. Otherwise, I also offer beginner electric guitar lessons. With pleasure!

    YES! Home Guitar Lessons - Paris
    Rock, bossa nova, reggae, pop, classic, it's up to you to tell me what you like and to deepen it. Acoustic and electric guitar. Four years of experience as a home teacher, fifteen years of guitar, a young, dynamic teacher with a general pedagogical background. Specialty: various fingering and rhythmic techniques. I teach in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese.

    Guitar - Musical Theory - Harmony - Arrangement
    Guitarist currently studying at the American School of Modern Music, I teach instrumental technique mainly in jazz: - Knuckle knowledge - Development of technical precision (speed, coordination) - Matching game and melodic play - Initiation to jazz improvisation and study of be bop - Study of style of the great musicians - Instrumental deciphering (if desired) I also provide, in addition or separately, courses in theory and musical harmony: - Rhythm - Ear work - Harmony (structure of chords, cadences, scales) - Learn to write a score clearly The theory classes can be taken without the instrument and when they take place at home will be accompanied by the keyboard. I therefore propose instrumental lessons of one hour or a two-hour program where practical and theoretical learning will be distributed in a complementary way. Classes can take place at home or at the student's home within the limits of the city of Paris and its suburbs.

    guitar lessons
    After many years in the conservatory and a dozen to alternate between teaching and the stage, the gap between theory and practice has proved to be enormous. Two worlds that do not communicate with each other and boast an authenticity when only the purpose matters: to express itself via its instrument. Acquiring the technique and the experience but also the musical culture (and others ...) that will accompany us all our lives is an important issue. The work of the repertoire, the technique, the writing, the preparation for an examination or a concert, the history of his instrument ... These are all topics discussed during the course.

    Guitar Blues Rock Pop ...
    Experienced teacher and graduate (London College of Music-University of London) gives guitar lessons Rock Pop Blues Funk ... -Study of pieces (parts and / or whole pieces) from the 70s to the present day in the styles Rock, Pop, Funk, Metal, Reggae -Work in tablature (no reading of notes), rhythmic music theory -Harmony -Improvisation (knowledge of ranges and their uses)

    Course Accompaniment GUITAR Jazz / Jazz Manouche / Bossa
    There is no point running !!!! In fact, in jazz, and gypsy jazz in particular, the accent at the beginning of learning, is put on accompaniment. What better way to get acquainted with the harmonies and this new rhythm, what is the Swing !!! With a learning by word thanks to my many stays in gypsy camps, I propose an original method and oh how effective to play and play THE FIRST class, your standards or pieces of choice! With or without the need for solfege, it is the student who will decide the path he wants to take, the teacher being there to show the way. With the ability to quickly pass the solos, my method will allow you to always have fun and progress effectively. Whether it's the pump, in all its forms, voicing chords for jazz, or a walking bass with punctuating chords, I'm sure you'll quickly find what interests you, and the way to get there. I offer opportunities to improve for those who already have a good practice of these styles; advanced study of harmony, reharmonizations, rhythm equivalence, recording method, in / out playing, etc ... I studied the bossa with a well-known guitarist in the middle, and the correspondence of the chords with jazz, and my rhythmic baggage allowed me to quickly transmit this music, too. I started to learn on my own, then with the manouches, then FINALLY and only then, the schools to have the diplomas to have the right to teach (I had not necessarily waited to start to transmit ). I guarantee you a fun and effective method !!!

    Home Course: The guitar with the right techniques
    You want to learn the guitar and make you happy quickly? - try with a passionate teacher = 1 / learn more quickly, 2 / Become more quickly autonomous to allow you later to navigate and play the pieces you find on the net, 3 / correct your mistakes to avoid being blocked. COURSE OVERVIEW Learning the guitar may seem complicated, technical and time-consuming at first. For advanced students you know what I am talking about. My goal is to take this out of your head and get your desire to learn the guitar, step by step with your sights in sight: the pieces of your dreams. I practice guitar since the age of 8 years and teaches for 7 years. 21 years of guitar later, I am always followed by professionals to continue the progression of my game I went through several styles: classical & flamenco, Rock, Pop Rock which allows me to adapt to your musical expectations. My goal is to make you evolve whatever your level using the right positions & techniques, to allow you to evolve easily and quickly on your guitar. You are a fan of: - Rock - Pop - Flamenco guitar - Classic - Blues We can see together all the basics to allow you to walk with pleasure on your guitar: - Agreements - Arpeggios - Improvisations & solo - Rhythmic - Reading tablature - Reading Scope (on request) - Solfege (on request) MOST 1 / I adapt to your style 2 / You want to play a piece of your choice: let's do it! :) 3 / I adapt all the partitions at your level 4 / I edit the scores on Guitar Pro 6

    Music Composition and Music Production. Learn how to develop your ideas.
    I have a master degree in music composition at the Royal Conservatoire Den Haag. I have been working in music composition for 10 year. This is a class where you are going to learn how to work with your own composition ideas as well get acquaintance to new composition tools and approach. This is open for different types of music approach: - contemporary classical music - electronic music production/Ableton (any style you want) - Music for Cinema (theory and how to do mockups with samples) -Generative Music (Using max/msp and reaktor)

    Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Lessons
    Hello, my name is Vinicius, I am a Brazilian Biologist and I am completing my Masters in Neuroscience at VU Amsterdam. I have been playing guitar since I was 11 and I have been teaching the instrument for almost 10 years now. I believe that motivating the student and helping him to integrate the instrument into his daily routine is the most important role that a teacher can do. My methodology is the flipped-classroom and I use the Google Classroom platform: every week, I will write a study guide with details of what we discussed during class + references (videos/blogs/books). This can be used by the student to study carefully at their own pace. During our next class, we will discuss the points you had the most difficulty and advance your knowledge further. I can also record videos and write essays from scratch specifically for you, whenever the material is not available online. About me I learned to play the guitar on my own - later in life I had classical training at university (singing, piano and classical guitar). I play Fingerstyle guitar, popularized by artists like Andy McKee, Tommy Emmanuel and Antoine Dufour, which consists of playing melody, harmony and percussion at the same time.

    Apprendre à jouer à la guitare acoustique/électrique
    Guitar lessons are always useful for all levels of guitar playing. the course content will depend on the level of the student and is entirely open to any preferences in songs or techniques the student wishes to learn. My course is designed in such a way that it focuses on the student's creativity with the guitar and works towards fine tuning what will eventually become the student's original song or composition. I encourage my students to tap into their creativity, since in my experience, I have found that this is where the pleasure and beauty of music tends to surface, when there are the least amount of boundaries possible. All styles of music are welcome!

    singing lessons and individually tailored vocal training - via webcam, wherever you are
    I want to help you realize your full potential as a singer and to guide and encourage you as you progress. I am a very motivated singing teacher, vocal coach and Singer with an extensive academic background in singing. I was educated in classical at the conservatories of Vienna and Berlin and in modern singing at the conservatory of Barcelona. I have 18 years of professional experience and am experienced in a range of styles, including classical, musical, jazz, modern and flamenco. As a vocal coach, I can help you to prepare performances, recordings, and for auditions. Singing lessons are individually tailored to suit you, your objectives, and your voice. Due to increasing demand for online lessons they are offered via Skype, from the comfort of your home and according to your own schedule. Please let me know your needs and availability

    Ukulele lessons! Time to pick it up and Let’s bang out♬
    Ukulele tuition from complete beginners to advanced. (Electric & Acoustic Guitar tuition is also available)    "Any songs" ・Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me ・Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together ・Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger   etc.    "Any Styles" ・Rock・Blues・ Jazz・Funk(Groove)・Classical Guitar  etc.             "Whatever Licks and Other Techniques" ・Strumming patterns ・Hammer-ons ・Pull-offs ・Sheet Music ・Voice Training for the guitarist etc. Lesson 1: ・Turning ・How to hold the guitar / Plectrum ・How to put your fingers in order ・Single note melodies  etc. Lesson 2: ・Open Chords ・Strumming patterns ・Guitar diagrams / Tab etc. Lesson 3: ・Record your guitar playing ・Capo / transposing ・Power Chords  etc. Lessons are always for students and will be tailored to you. it's not brain surgery. it's going to be a lot of fun and move up to next level. I can travel to your house or you come to my place. Also Skype lesson would be available. Any further questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks for reading and look forward to working with you. You can't afford to miss it!!

    Classical singing and piano lessons for all levels and ages
    Dear parents and students, I am a professional singer and pianist from Hong Kong, having more than 10 years of experience in music teaching. Having graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor degree in music and Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel with a Master degree in classical singing (cum laude), I am currently pursuing my postgraduate study in singing at Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, under the tutelage of Valerie Guillorit. I am a holder of Licentiate Trinity College of London (LTCL) vocal and piano performance certificates, both with distinctions. Besides, I am a holder of ABRSM Grade 8 music theory certificate with merit. I have performed as soloist at a lot of occasions in Hong Kong and Europe, and the repertoire includes opera, Lied, oratorio and new music. I have given singing and piano lessons to students ranging from 2 to 40 years of age. Very happily, all of them had obtained distinctions in their ABRSM exams and some of them had won prizes in competitions. However, I do not teach them for distinctions and prizes. No matter what they get on their music journey, I love them with all my heart and I always believe that encouragement is the key. For beginners, I focus a lot on basic techniques. During the lessons, I also like to share my knowledge about history and theory, which are important building blocks to shaping a musician. For advanced learners, I would teach more about musicality and music presentation along with basic techniques. Of course, the actual teaching method depends on the personality and ability of student too. I grow up in a top English school in Hong Kong, so I can communicate in English fluently. I am confident that I will give my students the best learning experience. Please feel free to contact me if you would like a trial lesson:)