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Piano, Music Theory and Musical Creativity for kids and adults

I am a composer and pianist and I give piano lessons to kids and adults of a wide range of levels. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning how to play the piano or you are curious about music theory or how to make your own music. The structure and the material of the lesson are based on your skills, preferences and wishes, but also according to established piano methods and further music bibliography. I am always keen on transcribing some of my pupils' favourite pieces on piano according to their skills, something that often is very useful and fruitful for their progress. In the first lesson we will talk about your interests, motivation and goals and we will create together a personal course structure.

Music demands patience and practice, but all these become easier when you keep your motivation alive by enjoying the process!

The lesson can take place online and at your place or mine.

Extra information

You will need to practice on a electric keyboard or piano at home.


At teacher's location: Threeforce Charging Station, De Perponcherstraat, The Hague, Netherlands
At student's location: Around The Hague, Netherlands
Online via webcam

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General info

Preschool children (4-6 years old)
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)
Student level:
30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
The class is taught in:Greek, English

About Me

My name is Myrto and I am from Greece. I am a pianist and composer based in The Hague.

I am active both as a pianist and keyboard player and I have been a member of various music projects in Greece and the Netherlands. I am passionate about composing, but also enjoy improvising with local groups in the city.

My music has been performed by ensembles, soloists, and orchestras in Greece, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands, while I have participated in a number of multidisciplinary projects and have collaborated with dancers, film directors, actors, painters, and others. I have composed music for films, theatre plays, and animations.

Besides composing and performing, last three years I discovered that teaching music is one of the most powerful experiences that constantly develop me as an artist and mainly as a person. Understanding, supporting, motivating, enjoying together the experience of music is something invaluable. I truly believe that music is a language that everyone should have the access to learn and communicate with.

I have been teaching students of diverse age groups, with different backgrounds, levels, and styles. For me, as a teacher, my goal is to motivate the pupil to develop his/her skills and share with him/her my knowledge and passion for music.

The structure and the material of the lesson are based on the skills, preferences, and wishes of the pupil. My pupils usually ask me to transcribe some of their favorite pieces on piano according to their skills, something that often is very useful and fruitful for their progress. Music demands patience and practice but all these become easier when you have a goal and enjoy the process. :)

In the first lesson, we will talk about your interests, motivation, and goals and we will create together a personal course structure.

The lesson can take place at my place or at yours.

Piano (classical, modern)
Composition and Songwriting
Music Theory (Rhythm-Dictée, Solfège, etc.)
Instrumentation, Orchestration, Transcription, and Arranging
Counterpoint and Fugue
Digital music notation (Finale)


- Course in electroacoustic composition at the Insitute of Sonology (2021-2022)
- Master's in Music Composition at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, Netherlands -
- Degree in Fugue (Historical Composition) and Orchestration at the State Conservatory
in Thessaloniki, Greece - 2018
- Bachelor's in Music Composition with Excellence at the Department of Music Science
and Art, University of Macedonia (Greece) - 2017 (including studies in music pedagogy)
- Degree in Counterpoint (Historical Composition) - 2015
- Degree in Piano Performance with excellence- 2013
- Degree in Harmony - 2009

Workshops and Masterclass in Composition, piano performance and choral singing.

Experience / Qualifications

3 years of working experience in piano teaching
age group from 4 to 50 years old from different levels and backgrounds

Recommendations upon request.

Reviews (3)

She is very nice and understanding teacher who support you on your piano learning process!! :)
Our son enjoyed so much a trial with Myrto! She is a very warm and smiley person, great and natural with kids! She was very patient and handled our 5y son wonderfully. It was very nice to have Myrto as she sparked so much joy and love for music. No hesitation to recommend her! In the end we opted for another teacher who spoke Russian to my son and that was an added bonus for us. Otherwise, we would be happy to continue with Myrto!
Myrto is a very kind and patient teacher. Kids are not easy to handle but she has a calming tone that makes them love her teaching from the very first time.

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Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

Availability of a typical week

12          Friday at 12:00    
13          Friday at 13:00    
14          Friday at 14:00    
16            Saturday at 16:00  
17            Saturday at 17:00  
19      Wednesday at 19:00        
20      Wednesday at 20:00    Friday at 20:00    
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Availability of a typical week

12          Friday at 12:00    
13          Friday at 13:00    
14          Friday at 14:00    
16            Saturday at 16:00  
17            Saturday at 17:00  
19      Wednesday at 19:00        
20      Wednesday at 20:00    Friday at 20:00    
from $38.57At teacher's location
from $38.57Online via webcam
from $40.84At student's home

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


Songwriting, Music Theory, Composition, Guitar, Piano
The class is for: - beginners who want to start their journey in music - intermediary musicians who wish to improve their skills - for highly educated musicians who want to perfect their knowledge. The class includes songwriting skills in POP, ROCK, JAZZ and many other styles of popular music as well as compositional skills in writing CLASSICAL, FILM, THEATER music. I specialize in both popular music and classical music. The class includes both theoretic knowledge and its practical application with students instrument of choice. The class also includes skills in guitar, piano and percussion playing.

Piano Lessons for all ages, levels and musical taste - at the students' home
Hello! I am a classical pianist in the final year of my Master's Degree at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague. I have 5 years of teaching experience, with students from all ages and levels. My teaching methodology is focused on adapting to the student's needs and motivations, while passing on my knowledge to help the student to develop musical independence and create a personal connection with music. During the lessons, there are several aspects of piano playing that I can help with, according to the student's aims and musical level: - learning how to read scores - basics of music theory - develop technical capabilities - learning how to play by heart - finding your musical taste - preparing demanding works for piano exams And the most important aspect, to have fun and enjoy the journey!

Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Music theory lessons by enthusiastic tutor and performer
Enthusiastic guitar tutor and performer. I started playing classical guitar at the age of 6, and my formal musical education begun at the age of 9 when I started attending a music school in Croatia. After 6 years of primary school I continued studying classical guitar at secondary music school in Varazdin, Croatia. During that period I received training in classical harmony, Counterpoint (polyphony), Solfeggio, Music history and gained plenty experience at orchestral playing and choral singing. I decided to continue my musical education in Manchester where I was studying undergraduate degree at the Royal Northern College of Music and currently I am studying at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague. As a performing guitarist, I have successfully participated and won prizes in a number of international competitions in the UK, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Hercegovina. Although my studies are primarily related to classical music, I am comfortable playing and performing music in a range of other styles and genres. I am also experienced with mandolin and Croatian folk instrument called tamburitza.

Piano lessons and music theory for every age and every level!
My name is Gina and I teach piano and music theory for more than 5 years to children, teenagers and adults of every age. I consider myself a musician in a more holistic way than just a pianist, having experienced also multiple other instruments such as the viola, the tampouras (traditional byzantine instrument), guitar and voice, as well as different choirs and orchestras. At the age of 21 I gained my first professional degree in music harmony from the Conservatory "EHOGENESIS" and one year after in the classical piano from the Conservatory of Saint-Dimitris. Meanwhile, I was accepted in "The Royal Conservatory" of The Hague, to continue more advanced piano studies. Now I live, study and teach piano in The Hague and surrounding areas! The construction of the lessons is tailored on each student's needs and wishes. I choose pieces and exercises from different books, while guiding the students on practising songs that they personally like. I also provide basic music theory notes and knowledge, to help with the understanding of the piano and music in general. Every lesson is an opportunity to learn something new with main purpose the musicality, expression and enjoyment! The piano lessons are fun and productive at the same time! For the students who want to understand deeper the music, I am also teaching music theory as a separate class. *Lessons take part online (espesially in these Corona times), and also in person. Hope to see you soon!

Music Theory for all ages - reading musical notes, music history, solfege, composition
Learning to read musical notes and get to know music in a fun way. This lesson is determined by the need and age group of the student - from musical games and music appreciation and beginner note reading and music-making, to dealing with musical material and musical analysis. I am a composer of music (classical, acoustic and electronic) who deal with music in many shapes and forms. I hold a Master degree in Composition from the Royal Conservatory The Hague. I love teaching and I have taught everything from ensemble playing for toddlers who do not read notes, to music theory, analysis and music philosophy to undergrad university students.

Joan Jordi
Saxophone / music theory lessons for everyone in The Hague!
Hi there! Do you have interest in learning saxophone or do you like music and would like to discover its fundamentals? My name is Joan Jordi, I'm from Spain and have been living and studying in Zurich for two years. My main specialization is the saxophone, which I have been studying in Spain and completing a Master Degrees at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. During my studies in Spain I have been teaching in a music school, specially children in between 7 and 16 years old, and some adults privately. I have experience in pedagogy and some official methods to follow in order to help you understanding how to play the instrument and feel and discover the secrets of the music you like. Give it a try! See you soon!

Music Composition and Music Production. Learn how to develop your ideas.
I have a master degree in music composition at the Royal Conservatoire Den Haag. I have been working in music composition for 10 year. This is a class where you are going to learn how to work with your own composition ideas as well get acquaintance to new composition tools and approach. This is open for different types of music approach: - contemporary classical music - electronic music production/Ableton (any style you want) - Music for Cinema (theory and how to do mockups with samples) -Generative Music (Using max/msp and reaktor)

Harp, Piano and Music lessons/workshops for students of any age
By mixing this learning together with my harp (and basic piano) skills, my goal as a Music teacher now is not only to teach you “the right notes”: I will do my best for you to enjoy Music, to discover the instruments, to be creative and curious, to give space to your ideas and to express yourself through playing, using few words but a lot of practice. Every lesson will be a moment of reciprocal exchange of knowledge and ambitions, a new adventure for everyone to learn from each other.

Piano and music private lessons for all ages and levels
I am a professional classical pianist in the Netherlands working as a performer, accompanist and piano teacher. I have bachelor and master degrees from the Conservatori Liceu in Barcelona and I'm actually taking my second master studies in HKU Conservatorium in Utrecht. I am very fond of teaching and have experience with people from all ages and levels. For kids, I prepare dynamic classes with differents techniques, games and approaches, so they can be a fun experience for them. It's very important for me to teach students the best tools towards approaching music but mainly that they enjoy, learn and have a good time. We build and talk about the lessons and goals together, always following your interests and dreams with music. Classes can be live but also online, there is a lot of flexibility.

Singing lessons for children, teenagers and adults, music theory lessons
Welcome to my introduction site! My name is Marta and music has been a great love and passion for my entire life. Singing lessons are not only an opportunity to learn singing and something new about music but also an opportunity to express emotions, forget about everyday worries, and have fun! Through music theory lessons you can learn about the structure of music and also develop some very useful music skills such as reading music (sight-singing or sight-reading). All students who have a specific goal in mind, but also all who do not have any specific goal in mind and want to sing or learn theory just for fun, are very welcome! Different options for lessons which I am offering are described below and all of them can be modified and adjusted according to the wishes and needs of the student: SINGING LESSONS FOR CHILDREN (individual or group lessons - maximum 10 students*) Singing lessons for children is basically an integrated method that combines singing with solfeggio, developing basic music theory skills. It consists of playing musical games and singing children's songs and through those developing intonation, musical hearing, musical memory, sense for pulse and rhythm, all with the attention to healthy singing. SINGING LESSONS FOR TEENAGERS AND ADULTS (individual or group lessons - maximum 10 students*) During singing lessons we will be searching for a deeper meaning of the story and different ways of interpretation, with attention to healthy singing technique, pronunciation and style. The lessons consist of breathing exercises, vocal warm up exercises with a specific technical goal and work on the desired repertoire - meaning of the words and story, vocal technique, pronunciation, interpretation and style. My specialization is in classical singing but I don’t mind working on other genres in my classes. SIGHT SINGING LESSONS (individual or group lessons) Intense course where you will be learning how to read music at sight. The lessons consist of sight singing only, beginning from the easiest level and gradually learning how to read more and more difficult music. You will develop skills needed for sight singing as well as a certain way of thinking appropriate for sight singing. (There is no technique of singing or interpretation involved in these lessons.) SOLFEGGIO LESSONS (individual or group lessons, for children from 8 years old, teenagers and adults) In these lessons you will learn how to bring the written music to life (sight singing), how to discover and put on paper the music you hear (musical dictation) and how to build scales, intervals, and chords. This knowledge is needed and examined on every conservatoire and music academy. For some conservatoires and academies this is an obligatory pre-requirement and elimination factor on entrance exams. It is inevitable part of every professional music education. MUSIC THEORY LESSONS (individual lessons) Music theory lessons can include, if desired: solfeggio, harmony, counterpoint, music form, analysis, and/or other music theory related subjects. For each subject we can make a special program, depending on the wishes and needs of the student. COMBINED SOLFEGGIO AND SINGING LESSONS Combined solfeggio and singing lessons are also possible for adults, as separate subjects or integrated with singing lessons. In both cases the duration of each lesson is 90 minutes and the program is discussed and created based on the wishes and needs of the student. (A combination of individual singing lesson and a group solfeggio lesson is also possible.*) AUDITION TRAINING AND PREPARATION FOR EXAMS (individual lessons) Preparation for auditions concerning singing and/or music theory includes preparation for entrance exams, regular exams on conservatories or preparation for ABRSM exams. *Please, contact me for more information about group lessons. Prices per person in group lessons are much lower than prices for individual lessons. If you have any further questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me... I will be happy to answer all your questions!

Music Lessons, Guitar, Piano, Composition and Songwriting
We will focus on the music that You want to be able to make. I specialise in Composition and have a life long experience with the guitar, piano and songwriting (including production and mixing). Our goal will be to plan a project (recording, youtube video, spotify, live performance, etc.) and set a timeline to make it happen. The tutoring will focus on technical, as well as artistic issues and above all, it will be result oriented.

Malena López
Guitar, Piano and Singing Lessons for beginners, theory and practice
Music has always been my biggest passion and I really enjoy sharing it with other people. My main music genres are pop, rnb, ballades, a bit of jazz and soul. I can read music notes, but I mainly play by ear (which can be learned too!). I also like music theory and how it helps to understand what one hears and plays. When it comes to singing, I know some basic techniques and can help with pitch, control and feeling comfortable / confident when singing.

Piano and Music Theory lessons in The Hague and Voorburg
Hello there! Welcome to my profile. I am Rui and I teach piano. The piano is known as the most complete musical instrument of all. This is because when playing it we can get all kinds of characters and sounds: very deep basses or super soft high notes; delicate melodies or dense harmonies (almost like an orchestra sometimes). This is one of the reasons why I love to play the piano, its versatility adapts to my everyday mood. I would love to show you the wonders we can create with this amazing instrument! Lessons Every student is different, and by saying this I mean that I prepare every lesson specifically for each student. Some might be more shy, others might need more time to acknowledge some questions. I believe that music (much like everything else) should be taught with patience and motivation. You shouldn’t feel like you’re going against time, it should be the opposite. As a teacher, I always give priority to your motivation and excitement regarding the lesson’s activity. If I see that a student is not enjoying the lesson I have to improvise and turn it around. When teaching, the most important thing for me is that you learn while having fun. I have already some years of experience in giving piano lessons to people for all ages. I adapt the lesson content for every student individually, and I always give them the freedom to follow their musical taste and instincts. I also give a lot of focus to creativity and improvisation. At the end of the lesson, I usually save a few minutes for the student to decide what he/she wants to do: maybe a little 4-hand improvisation, or maybe play a piece they have already learned and that they enjoy playing. About me Most of my studies and experience as a teacher took place in Portugal. I completed my Bachelor Degree in Piano Performance in 2020. I moved to The Netherlands in 2020 to attend the Master Program in Classical Piano Performance in the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. My academic studies were built on classical music but I also have some experience in pop and rock music. I hope this motivates you to study piano with me! Looking forward to seeing you soon during your first lesson!

Violin Lessons for children, adults, or anyone who wants to learn the violin!
I started taking violin lessons at the age of 7, and have been playing the violin for 15years. I am currently continuing my violin studies at a Conservatory. I have also attended music theory class for 6 years, because it is very useful to have some knowledge of it when playing any instrument. If you would like, I would be more than happy to share some knowledge of music theory along with the violin lessons. Lessons are private and not in groups.

Violin for everyone! Repertoire provided. ABRSM/Trinity possible
Hello! :) I'm a professional teacher/violinist with a “Master in education” from the Royal Conservatory. I teach either live or online from my studio located in the city center. I can also come at your place if you wish (I can reach different cities as I drive). Music making is guaranteed even through distance learning: you'll be provided with accompaniments and recorded music to support your learning process, giving so the opportunity of experiencing music making at its finest as you'll play often in a duo (violin and piano). You'll spare some money too as I will provide all the needed books and repertoire. You can play from your screen or even print at home the necessary sheets for the lesson rather than buying unnecessary extras. I graduated cum laude in my country and specialized in violin education here in Den Haag. I attended masterclasses and workshops with many celebrated musicians. As an orchestral violin player, I toured all over the world from Europe to China, and played with conductors such as Riccardo Muti, Wayne Marshall, John Axelrod, Pascal Rophè and many others. As a teacher, I have been teaching full-time from 2015 and got very good experience ever since. I have familiarity with all the most common syllabi such as Trinity, ABRSM or Suzuki. I like using technology but also new repertoire with different styles in my classes, I generally follow and develop my own pupil's musical interests. If you are a total beginner without any experience or an advanced musician, this class is suited for you! :)