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    Courses in Languages (English, Italian, French) and Translations

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    Graduate in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University, I offer individualized courses for students and adults, adapting to their requirements. Either it is a help with the preparation of the interrogations, the homework or the exams, or one asks a grammatical explanation or a linguistic support, in preparation for the professional work. Once or twice a month, we will make a point of the situation together on what we have learned and progress made.

    Extra information

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    Thank you to bring all the necessary material on what you want to work. This will be supplemented by photocopies, notes and consultation of specialized books that I will provide.


    At teacher's location: Games Adventure Shop Sàrl, Chemin du Canal, Nyon, Suisse

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    General info


    English as a second language (esl), English for adults, School
    French for adults, School
    Italian for adults, School


    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, Italian, English

    About Me

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    I obtained my Master's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures with specialization in Communication Sciences from Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University in Milan, Italy, and started my career in the field of translation and reporting for one year in Italy. Then, the knowledge of languages led me to the banking sector, where I worked for fifteen years.

    I am now looking for a career change that allows me to return to my first passion - languages - and to use them to help children or adults who need individual lessons. My mother tongue is Italian, but I am fluent in French and English, written and spoken; I am therefore available to provide academic or professional support in the language field.

    I am a very organized and rigorous person. I have very good communication skills and I am serious in my work.


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    Master's degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, specialization in Communication Sciences, University
    Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, Italy - final dissertation "The Poetry of John Donne (1572-1631) in the
    "Songs and Sonets", with maximum points and congratulations from the jury

    Experience / Qualifications

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    February 2016 - current: AVALOQ SOURCING (Switzerland & Liechtenstein) SA - Nyon, Switzerland / Securities
    Transfer Processing Expert
     Seizure of Swift instructions and settlement of transactions of free shares, bonds, funds
    Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds in Multiple Markets
     Regular contact with our institutional clients, with custodians and counterparties for the exchange of
    information needed to finalize transfers as soon as possible
     Drafting procedures in English and French for local and foreign clients
     Translation of PowerPoint presentations from Italian to French for local customers and informative documents
    from Italian to French to English to send to international customers

    February 2013 - February 2016: BANQUE CANTONALE VAUDOISE (BCV) - Prilly (Lausanne), Switzerland / Manager
    Specialized Off-Exchange Operations - Primary Market and Back Office Regulation
     Settlement of free trades, mutual funds and hedge funds on the Swiss, European and
    American for private customers and businesses
     Follow-up of pending transactions and all settlement issues to ensure an early resolution
     Contact with custodian banks, counterparties and Transfer Agents for the management of the
    documentation required for settlement of funds
     Discounting of subscription transactions, buy and sell orders
     Writing the minutes of group sessions in French
     Implementation of a detailed operational record in French for securities transactions

    January 2013: BANK OF INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS (BIS), Basel, Switzerland / Customer Support Officer
     Reconciliation and settlement of Swift confirmation messages from central banks
     Investigation and resolution of reconciliation discrepancies of confirmation messages Swift - with the front
    Office, counterparties and clients

    February 2010 - November 2012: MERRILL LYNCH, Melbourne, Australia / Custody Specialist, Equity Settlement
     Facilitation of the settlement of securities-against-payment and free-dom operations to ensure their immediate
    settlement as of value date
     Execution of Cross Border and US Depository Receipts from / to Australia to / from Australia and collaboration with
    the registers of local and offshore actions
     Contact with the relevant teams in Singapore and Hong Kong to provide them with daily reports with
    status of transactions, as well as the list of suspense and anomalies
     Reconciliation of accounts and preparation of daily funding
     Regular contact with counterparties, transfer agents and local and foreign brokers to resolve
    settlement issues

    September 2006 - November 2009: BLACKROCK, Edinburgh, United Kingdom / Custody Operations Analyst
     Reconciliation of the daily cash flow of funds, stocks and bonds with counterparties
     Publication of the daily investable balance so that it is available to fund managers
     Relation with other depositories and third parties for the resolution of exceptions reported on the accounts of
    clients (funds not received, anomalies in the reconciliation of accounts, etc.)
     Implementation of operational sheets in English and French (cash flows, hedge funds, sweep balances, FX
     Risk management: organization of the priorities of the daily workload and rapid and punctual investigation
    payments that involve a high risk

    November 2004 - August 2006: CITIBANK, Milan, Italy / Customer Service Representative Global Transaction
    Operations Services
     Daily support to English and French clients for the settlement of equities and bonds on the Italian markets,
    Dutch, Austrian, Belgian and Portuguese
     Contact with customers by phone, email and Swift to analyze, communicate and make them aware of
    different aspects of the settlement of operations
     Preparation of daily funding for cash management in Ireland
     Writing of procedures and explanatory documents in English and French for foreign clients
     Compilations of the English reports of the group sessions

    August 2004 - October 2004: BNP PARIBAS, Milan, Italy / Assistant to Financial Advisers
     Management of statistical data on the recruitment of financial advisors
     Analysis of commercial market changes and preparation of reports in Italian and French to
    send to the main Paris branch
     Preparation of end-of-month reporting in Italian and French concerning the monthly activity of financial advisors

    March 2004 - July 2004: PRAMEX, NATEXIS BANKS POPULAR, Milan, Italy / Administrative Assistant
     Back office activities for French and Italian customers - invoice payments, expense report verification
    clients, accounting, end-of-month budget reporting, accounts receivable audit, payment of salaries
     Realization of market research and marketing research for French customers who wanted to open a
    new subsidiary in Italy
     Preparation of reports in French (or in English) for future foreign clients, following the
    market research and editing / translation corrections written by other employees
     Technical translations from Italian to French or from Italian to English of administrative procedures, leaflets
    explanatory documents, legal documents or technical data for future clients
     Communication with foreign customers by email and telephone

    November 2003 - February 2004: DECATHLON INTERNATIONAL, Milan, Italy / Translator
     Technical translations from French to Italian or from English to French training manuals for teams
    working in stores (descriptive documents of sportswear, sports equipment)
     Technical translations from Italian to French and vice versa of legal documents, articles for the intranet site,
    internal procedures, information leaflets and any kind of text requested by the other teams (finance,
    accounting, marketing, etc.)
     Organization and update of the intranet site by the use of Front Page
     Simultaneous translation from French to Italian during in-store staff training sessions at
    Marseille and Sallanches

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    The more detail, the better.
    Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

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    Availability of a typical week

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    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.



    Французский для Русских, FLE French Course in Lausanne, Geneva and by Webcam, Qualified Teacher, 20 years of Experience
    You are in Switzerland recently, you love the country and you want to integrate. You plan to work there or, perhaps, to study. The first step is to learn French, or rather its basics, to start communicating quickly. You need help? Qualified trainer, with more than 20 years of experience in teaching French as a foreign language, including 2 years at university level in Russia, I would be pleased to offer introductory courses in French language and culture (the emphasis is placed on the peculiarities of the lifestyle in Switzerland). My goal is to help you start speaking quickly, without neglecting pronunciation and grammar. Our first class will be dedicated to getting to know each other. I will be happy to discuss your goals and the time you can invest. I will then propose a personalized program to guarantee the best results. In addition to the introductory courses in French, I also offer grammar, communication, written expression, as well as preparation for the International Baccalaureate and French exams on specific objectives (medicine, gastronomy, diplomacy, business). Вы недавно приехали в Швейцарию? Вам очень нравится эта страна и вы хотите чувствовать себя здесь как дома. Вы планируете здесь работать? Или может быть учиться? Первый шаг - выучить французский язык или, скорее, его основы, чтобы быстро начать общаться на нем. Вам нужна помощь? Буду рада вам помочь. Дипломированный преподаватель французского языка с двадцатилетним опытом работы, я живу в Швейцарии 20 лет и даю уроки французского языка и культуры для начинающих. Акцент ставится на особенности швейцарского образа жизни. Моя цель - помочь вам начать говорить по-французски в короткие сроки, не забывая, однако, о хорошем произношении и правильном использовании грамматических правил. Первый урок будет посвящен знакомству друг с другом. Мн бу у ,з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з .з. Затем вам будет предложена индивидуальная программа, гарантирующая получение желаемых результатов.

    Just arrived in Switzerland or have difficulties in French?
    To break the ice, passionate French teacher will give you: a) lessons at your office / home or in class lessons are delivered using a direct method: learning everyday expressions and using them in practice. b) let's chat! = discussion groups Learning should be synonym of pleasure! Montreux on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Nyon on Tuesday, Thursday.

    CELTA certified English language teacher, exam prep, all levels, beginners to advanced business English
    I have been teaching English for many years and have watched my students progress, pass exams and improve both spoken and written English, and watched them go from one level to the next. My classes are both fun and informative and no two classes are ever the same! I do focus on the individual student and what they want to achieve, whether it be conversational classes or striving to pass an exam, aided with writing and listening. I have prepared students for Trinity and Cambridge exams, as well as Escuela Idiomas. All of my students passed their exams, some with distinctions. I also offer homework support to students. I do put emphasis on pronunciation. I sometimes assign homework, but I find that often the case may be that if the student concentrates on what we achieved in the lesson on that day, and studies that content. I do, however, encourage a little study in order to progress and achieve your personal goal.

    Italian :-) language & culture LIVING. Polyglot.
    Italy has a lot of charm because it has a varied culture: its language, the Renaissance, the music of Opera, but also Laura Pausini or Bolognese sauce :-) Italian, graduated in Languages and Literatures (in this case I speak fluently French, English, German), I have professional experience in teaching foreign languages. My strong points: - being multilingual, I know all the good tips to get to really master a language (if I could do it you can too!) - I'm serious but I also have humor. During my lessons we never get bored - I am open to various solutions: I can teach you another language also at the same time (verbs in Italian and English at the same time? Compare their uses? No problem!) or even cook with you: Bolognese sauce ? Why not? See you soon !

    Marie Luz
    Spanish culture and language, French (Swiss culture)
    Hello, To wish you, to learn for pleasure, or for obligation, I will invest myself in making you progress quickly, motivating you and adapting to your needs. my method? the least boring possible. My pleasure? your advancement. All this in joy and good humor, in good weather following the student we will teach outside, for the little ones it will be at the request of parents knowing that the lessons must be enjoyable and not a boring thing . Thank you for reading me and have a good day 😊😊😊

    Learn French / English and school support.
    PROFESSOR French / English Graduated with CELFLE / CELTA diploma, I have teaching experiences with adults also with children. Whatever the level and situation of the student, I adapt to the needs, wishes, objectives while delivering my own expertise and approach in order to identify possible gaps and focus on points to work as a priority. Serious, caring, motivated, involved, pedagogue and punctual, I am very involved in the success of each of my students to allow them to progress and am available to answer their questions or those of their parents even outside the hours of course. I offer a personalized pedagogical accompaniment and aims at transmitting effective and proven working methods. I also seek to empower and empower students, to give them the confidence they need, and to be demanding so that they succeed. aa

    English and French Courses by Cambridge Certified Teacher (CELTA)
    Cambridge English Teacher and Professor of French as a foreign language with a great experience both with children from 4 years old and adults in business or individual, I offer tailor-made courses, a pedagogy that takes into account the personality and the pace of each learner, and targets its specific needs regardless of its level, age, and the context of its application. Duties are given at the end of each class to promote individual practice and rapid progress. Evaluations are offered regularly to enable the learner to check his progress.

    School support and homework help in maths, English, German, French and other branches if needed
    17 year old student at the Nyon gymnasium, I would be motivated and available to support and help children in English, math, French, German and other branches if needed. I am bilingual English-French and speak some German. I am a responsible, patient person who is comfortable around children.

    Individual lessons native language German - English - Economy
    German (Hochdeutsch) is my mother tongue. I did all my education and my bilingual German-French bachelor. Then I got a double master in English at the University in Edinburgh in Scotland. I love practicing language and listening comprehension as much as grammar. I already had a lot of students going from primary school to gymnasium. My approach is focused on conversation and support for homework. I also have experience with younger children, a kind of babysitting with languages.

    German course / French for foreigners - beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
    I propose a grammatical and vocabulary-oriented approach to German, which often poses the most difficulties, and spoken language. This course aims to address the technical aspects of language without being too didactic. For the course, I associate the theoretical aspect of the language, necessary to a correct speech, to the practical aspect, which makes it possible to be understood and to interact effectively with native speakers, while taking a step back on each one. both. Feel free to send me a message if you have any further questions about the course. I do classes of German and French for foreigners. For the latter I suggest an approach based on grammar, vocabulary and conversation (pronunciation and colloquial speech). I do not know where they are, and they need to be clarified. Would you have any further questions?

    Private lessons in French / English / History and Homework help in general
    In order to obtain the points necessary for the passage of a school year, to develop intellectually and to deepen one's knowledge, I believe that a pupil must first master the subject of the school program given in class by the teacher. It is for this reason that I think schoolwork done well is the first step towards overall success. Thus, my method of personal work is based on the requirement and rigor: a job well done is a regular job that we take pleasure to do. However, I do not believe in the uniformity of the classical teaching method, which is based on the premise that once the course is given, the subject is acquired. In a private class, it is by meeting the student and going at his own pace that we forge a real link that allows to give a lesson alive and appreciated.

    tutoring in Advanced Math - Advanced English - Beginner Italian
    Student of the Gymnasium offering private lessons to college students and gymnasians seeking to understand their mistakes and move forward in their subject of difficulty. I will adapt according to the pupil's schedule and I will learn how to better manage his time in his method of work and for the preparation of his tests.

    Private lessons - English, French or special request
    Bilingual French-English student with notions of Spanish and German if necessary. The structure of my courses may vary depending on your request. For example, as tutoring, homework, written / oral comprehension or to improve the discussion it is quite possible, I adapt according to the needs of the student. At the level of my methods, the same thing, each student has his way of learning and my goal is to really use a method that facilitates learning at best and also to appreciate the course.

    General Repetitrice and Support in Biology / Medicine
    ** CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Courses given online! ** I am a young doctor recently graduated in Human Medicine at the University of Geneva. Being calm and patient in nature, I try to build trust with my students to create a more relaxed environment, conducive to exchange and therefore learning courses. For me, the understanding of a course is mainly through a structured, imaged and especially personalized learning of different subjects to enable the student to sustainably integrate the key concepts that are useful to him. This type of contact is very important to me and is the basis of my interest and desire to teach. I believe that academic success is, of course, through learning but above all through an educational approach that takes into account several psychosocial factors that can influence children's success through an impact on their self-esteem. In my sessions, I attach great importance to identifying these factors and valuing the efforts of my students so that they become aware of their abilities and gain self-confidence. This course is for people of all ages and backgrounds who need tutoring or who wish to deepen their knowledge of biology / medicine. Students and future medical students accepted for regular courses and exam preparation! Do not hesitate to contact me, I will answer you with pleasure!

    English (Basic Conversation & lessons, Test Prep )
    I specialize in tutoring English for beginners, adults and for students. I am a Mass Communication graduate and I have had online English classes before to foreigners (Japanese, Chinese, Singaporean, etc.) which made me become a more competent English tutor. My goal is to keep my students challenged but at the same time, I give my best to teach the lessons smoothly and clearly by using teaching methods. I provide feedback / comments (about grammar, speling, etc.) every after lesson and I assign homework as well.