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Learn how to sing! - For all types, ages, and levels

Discover your unique sound and your true potential, for your profession, or for fun and expression. Through my excersises, specialized advice and personified coaching, you will learn how to sing properly, without stress.

* no more pain after rehearsals
* no more limitations
* no more fear and insecurity

Learn how to sing as a beginner or take your knowledge one step further.

Learn tips and techiques for professional recordings.

Correct pronounciation and orthophony, and get small fixes that make a huge difference.

Improve your health and build your own sound that sounds like no one else!

Extra information

*** 90 min classes are for professional coaching

We take breaks and discuss personal goals, such as branding your music or solving specific issues.


At teacher's location: Ørestads Boulevard, Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark

Use ⊞+wheel to zoom!

General info

Preschool children (4-6 years old)
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)
Student level:
45 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes
The class is taught in:English, Greek, Danish

About Me

My lessons have a structure that works with many people but can also be adjusted to everyone's needs. Get ready for some fun and relaxing excersises that feel better than therapy.

I am not only a music teacher!

I also teach English and therapeutic orthophony to kids.
My strongest characteristic is my unlimited patience for those who wish to learn.

I speak English, Danish, Greek, and Japanese. I also used to teach English pronounciation to a group of Japanese teens before their studies in Europe.

* The lessons will be strictly in English, but you can sing in any language you want when we practice.


Conservatory of Classic and Contemporary Music S.Mazis
Kifisia, Greece (2012-2015)

Music Theory | Composition
Singing | Orthophony | Performance
Piano Lessons
Recordings Technology
Studio Equipment

Experience / Qualifications

* professional vocal training, music theory, and orthophonology in contemporary music

* certificate of vocal coaching for professionals with music education and for leisure of all ages

* I have been a singer and songwritter with proven experience of professional recordings and live gigs performances for the last 10 years

* I have recorded 1 full-length album as the lead singer of an alternative rock band

* with expertise in rock and metal, but also experience in jazz, soul, funk, trip hop, and rnb.

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10        Thursday at 10:00      
11  Monday at 11:00  Tuesday at 11:00    Thursday at 11:00      
12  Monday at 12:00  Tuesday at 12:00    Thursday at 12:00      
13  Monday at 13:00  Tuesday at 13:00    Thursday at 13:00      
14  Monday at 14:00  Tuesday at 14:00  Wednesday at 14:00  Thursday at 14:00      
from $55.87At teacher's location

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

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  • Instructor since September 2021
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Availability of a typical week

10        Thursday at 10:00      
11  Monday at 11:00  Tuesday at 11:00    Thursday at 11:00      
12  Monday at 12:00  Tuesday at 12:00    Thursday at 12:00      
13  Monday at 13:00  Tuesday at 13:00    Thursday at 13:00      
14  Monday at 14:00  Tuesday at 14:00  Wednesday at 14:00  Thursday at 14:00      
from $55.87At teacher's location

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Classes of singing jazz, pop and all other kinds of modern music in Copenhagen
Aleksandra is a trained singer, singing teacher and choir conductor from the Academy of Music in Gdansk and Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya in Barcelona. She took to the stage in her childhood and has been teaching music for the last 6 years. For several years she was a chorister of the prestigious Polish National Youth Choir and leader of Vocal Quintet Solifonia. Currently, she is a choir conductor and the founder of CHOIR CLUB in Korskolen. What can you expect from her teaching? She believes that singing can be passion, a communication tool, a means of therapy and so much more: more than you can imagine! In her classes, you will learn key vocal techniques as well as learning to understand your voice. You will discover the deeper meanings of the songs you sing as you seek to express them to the world. As she is working towards becoming an Accredited Teacher of IVTOM (International Voice Teachers of Mix) she focuses on delivering teaching based on the Mix principles: by mixing the chest and head voice you receive the full benefits of “both voices”: the natural and powerful sound of the chest voice, and the beauty and range of the head voice. As a singer learns to sing using both of these resonances and trains the vocal folds to stay together, it is possible to vocalize smoothly and evenly from one register to the next. The relationship of the two elements working together will create an even, smooth vocalization and, as a result, eliminates the “breaks” in the voice. She has a good knowledge of playing the piano, so you can sing along to her accompaniment or accompany yourself under her supervision. What does the first lesson include? You’ll talk about: - your background and musical experience - all the circumstances that can influence your sound production - your needs, expectations and plans You also find out: - what your bad habits are - how you can start your singing technique - what kind of exercises will help you best achieve your singing goals Who is welcome? - Children (8+), adolescents and adults - Singers of all kinds of popular music - Students who want to learn hearing / rhythm theory - Individuals, groups and families

CHRISTMAS PROMO! 10 CLASS PACKAGE -20% Free your voice 20 years of experience, all audiences, all musical styles.
Free your voice, do you like jazz, variety, Opera, Musicals? I put my 20 years of know-how at your disposal. I started as a professional singer at the age of 17, I took my first lyric singing lesson at 19, since my beginnings, I have been lucky to be able to benefit from three types of teaching different, lyrical singing, the Richard Cross method for variety and jazz and finally the Musical. Today, I wish to share in a concrete way with you, through real moments of sharing, dynamic lessons, my experiences and the teachings that have been transmitted to me during my years of practice. Together, let's explore all the facets of your voice and open the field (song) of possibilities. I am Alexandra and I am waiting for you for an online course :) I propose an effective method in order to sing without being out of breath, without feeling bullied, I will help you find your "real" voice, by building solid foundations, learn to breathe, find support, position your voice well so that it becomes natural. Then, I introduce a technical base, to be able to successfully interpret your favorite songs, so that you gain confidence in yourself and in your instrument, I develop and I increase your technical capacities so that you can expand your voice, I lay the foundations of music theory, scales, arpeggios, vocal harmonies, vocal precision to broaden your knowledge and your musical vocabulary and so that you can gain skill in performing songs that you previously found difficult. The goal is to be able to give you the satisfaction of having your own musical style, of having complete confidence in your voice and of having perfect control over it in order to be completely autonomous in your practice. NB: The face-to-face lessons take place near Nîmes, for the webcam lessons I use the Zoom software, it is essential to connect with a computer and a good quality headset.

Do you want to know the register of your voice? Can you sing the higher notes without hurting your voice? Learn how to do pass marks? Getting to have a powerful but also agile voice? I am Italian, songwriter, pop and jazz singer and voice teacher with 20 years of experience in music. I offer singing lessons at all levels. My classes are addressed on the development of bodily and vocal awareness which helps to perceive and consider our body as a musical instrument. My teaching method is the result of the synthesis of my experience as a singer and the many and diverse study paths followed. The lesson is structured in two parts: the first half devoted to vocal technique, the second half to musical repertoire. The vocal technique that I propose is a basic technique for all types of modern singing: from postural education to the care of breathing, from the use of the abdominal muscles, to the emission of air to the cavities of resonance. From a repertoire perspective, the course will be modeled after the student's needs or interests, with an eye for the right attitude to hold while you sing and you are on a stage. I prefer pop and jazz, but I can work with any other modern genre. If the student wishes, I can give him notions of harmony and reading music. EDUCATION I studied song with Bruno De Franceschi (conductor and composer of contemporary classical music and musical theater). I studied vocal technique with the lyric singer David Sotgiu (pupil of Luciano Pavarotti), with the lyric singer Maria Grazia Pittavini (teacher at the Perugia Conservatory) and with Cinzia Spata (one of the most important Italian jazz vocal coaches). I studied jazz singing at the Perugia Conservatory with Marta Raviglia (one of the most important Italian jazz singing teachers) and privately with Cinzia Spata. I studied lyrical singing with Maria Grazia Pittavini. I studied pop and jazz piano with Manuel Magrini (one of the most talented young Italian jazz pianists), I studied jazz piano with Alessandro Bravo, jazz piano master at the Perugia Conservatory. I followed masterclasses and trainings relating to the world of singing and voice held by: Maria Pia De Vito (singer), Alejandro Saorin Martinez (voice craft / Estill method), Albert Hera (singer, vocal coach, circle song) , Erika Biavati (singer), Eleonora Bruni (singer), Catharina Kroeger (lyric singer), Amanda Tiffin (South African jazz singer), JD Walter (American jazz singer), Matteo Belli (actor and one of the most important Italian experts in voice research), Franco Fussi (one of the most important phoniatrists in Italy), Roberta Mazzocchi (speech therapist), one-year training in rhytmics and musical pedagogy at Institut Dalcroze in Brussels, three-month training in Gordon method for children between 0 and 6 years old. EXPERIENCE / QUALIFICATIONS I have 20 years of experience in music with around 200 concerts between festivals, theaters, clubs and premises, an album of songs, an EP, singles, collaborations with the world of theater, organization of musical events . I lead musical projects in the field of jazz and pop. The passion for singing and song has inevitably brought me closer to the world of education in which I work.

Piano and Voice Teacher, Jazz, Pop, Bossa Nova, Latin
Do you want to learn how to play piano, sing or maybe both? I am available to teach at my place, your house, or online. Method: Available to teach any level. I can approach the instrument in a free or structured way according to the goal of each one. I've been teaching voice and piano for 7 years and I've been helping my students to develop methods so that they can have an autonomous study, deepen technical aspects, help "assemble" and solidify repertoire and not least, stimulate the creativity of each student. About me: I completed the Professional Jazz Instrumentalist Course at the Coimbra Conservatory of Music (Portugal,2016) and a Degree in Music (jazz variant) at the Lisbon Superior School of Music (2020). I attended a master's degree focused on music education (jazz) at the same institution(2020-2021). I am currently doing my Master's at Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. I am an active piano player and singer and I've developed several projects in different musical styles. I am friendly and I love to work with people of all ages. I want to follow each student's interests, It's very important that they enjoy the lessons, therefore I'll do my best to keep them motivated! I hope we can make music together soon :)

Opera singer offering singing classes to beginners and professionals, with an experience of teaching.Opera, pop, folk etc music.
My teaching method is very easy, because I explain with the simple words. I show my students an examples how to breath correctly, how to make beautiful sounds, as I'm in Italy I can teach bel canto. My goal is to make my students sing with clear intonation, good support , with good pronunciation etc. I have an experience of working with the children also. I give lessons for any kind of purpose: - learning music - improving musicality - preparing an audition - finding our own voice - overcoming insecurity I can help you to train your ear, how to pronunce in Italian, German, Russian, French, English. For the children I have an exceptional program, because I have to be very careful for them.

Singing & Vocal Technique 🎓 Certified Vocal Coach (USA and Europe). Train Your Voice With The Methodology Used By Grammy Award Winners
- I use vocal training in my classes that brings together the most advanced techniques in the world: I am a CERTIFIED TEACHER for MODERN VOCAL TRAINING. Vocal training used by GRAMMY Award winners. Also, in classical training my specialties are SONG and MUSICOLOGY 🎓 🎤 As a Vocal Coach I have taught classes to more than 100 students. Among them, a contestant in the Melendi team of "LA VOZ Kids España" and singers in festivals such as "Festival de la Luz, Festival Noroeste Pop-Rock, Atlantic Fest". 📚 Always looking for new advances in vocal science and technique, I have been trained with some of the best vocal training: I am certified in levels I and II of Estill Voice - Voice Craft (USA), I have studied with experts in Speech Level Singing (USA). And I am a CERTIFIED TEACHER of Modern Vocal Training: It is a training that brings together the most advanced vocal techniques in the world, has the support of the latest scientific advances in the study of the functioning of the vocal system and a solid pedagogical method. In my training as an MVT teacher I have been able to learn from Celine Dion's Vocal Coach, which she learned from Michael Jackson's teacher in the 80s. In addition, I have been a contributor to the UK music examination institution, Trinity College London (2014 - 2019). Being also, in person, supervisor of music theory exams. I am a trainer for these certifications and for other British institutions such as ABRSM and LCM. In the musical field, some of my experience: Graduated with Merits Degree in Singing by Trinity (UK), scholarship by the Society of Artists and Interpreters of Spain, scholarship by the International University of Valencia, studies in the degrees of ABRSM (UK) piano and music theory, studies in Professional Diploma of modern music and jazz, studying at the International University of Valencia Degree in Musicology and Conservatory specializing in Lyrical singing.

Professional mezzosoprano offers singing lesson to children and adults!
Hello, I’m Elena, I’m Italian and I’m an opera singer :) I’ve been training children and teens for 6 years, especially helping them with auditions and tests. I’ve been singing in theaters almost all my life since I started when I was just 8; nowadays I work as a professional mezzosoprano all around the world both in educational projects for kids and children and in big productions. I like teaching because I can share my experience with somebody that needs it and I always get to learn something from my pupils too: I swear teaching makes me a better singer. I give lessons for any kind of purpose: - learning music - improving musicality - preparing an audition - finding our own voice - overcoming insecurity Everybody is different, so everybody has its own path to go through; I cater my lessons to the pupil’s needs, and even if the method is always classical, I make sure that the hour of lesson is a fun moment as well as a learning experience. Music is life and life is fun! If what you have read interests you, I’m here to answer all your questions, so don’t be afraid: write me and I’ll see how I can help you! During the trial lesson, we will take the time to get to know each other better, assess levels and goals, and start to work on them already. I can’t wait to meet you!

Jazz/Pop/Classical Piano/Music lessons for all ages
Hi, I'm Federica, I am Italian and I am a jazz piano player and singer, I studied at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. I'm doing my Master at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. I give piano jazz/pop/classical piano lessons but my main goal is to try to give to the student a general underestanding of the music in order to approach every style and to have fun with music! I really love to work with children, I like to teach them good values like patience, selfe-confidence, trust, communication, collaboration, all through the music. That's what I learn every day by studying music and that's what I would like to transfer to my students. I've been told that If you have music in your life, you can't be a bad person. I believe in it. I offer live and online lessons: Piano Vocals Ear Training Technique Improvisation Repertoire Music Theory

DUOLES Vocals. Would you like to sing with a singing buddy? That is also possible! Online possibilities as well!
Your body is your instrument when singing. We try to make that instrument sound as beautiful as possible by working on sound formation. This allows the vocal cords to move more freely, so that you are less tired when singing. Your voice becomes fuller and you can sing higher and lower tones. During the singing lessons we are also busy with articulation, the pronunciation of foreign languages and also with the meaning and feeling of a certain piece. Of course you decide what kind of music you will sing. Whether you sing alone in the shower or you sit in a choir for example and you encounter certain difficulties in general or a certain piece? Feel free to take your choir part to class and together we will see how we can make it easier for you. We are working on a repertoire that you love. We can also make a journey of discovery together to your favorite music. WHO CAN LEARN TO SING? Everyone can learn to sing. Because of the singing lessons you will notice that singing becomes easier. Moreover, singing is good for relaxation, both of body and mind. Singing is just enjoying! YOUR OWN INSTRUMENT As a singer or singer you already have one advantage over instrumentalists: you don't have to buy an (expensive) instrument. You always have your instrument with you, but ... you must take good care of your instrument!

Singing tutor, opera tutor, vocal coach, pop singing, rock singing
I am a vocal coach and singer. I have been teaching vocals for 6 years. I have been performing in my city and on various contracts (France, Turkey, cruise ships) since 2010. I can sing and will teach you to sing opera, pop, pop rock and extreme vocals. My goal is - if you sing and it doesn’t hurt, then this sound may be. And if you want to develop your voice, change your voice, it depends on two people: me and you))).

Professional musician teaches piano and singing lessons
I give singing lessons with vocal technique for 10 years. My classes are focused on learning a melody, breathing techniques, phrasing, interpretation ... Ideal for all those who dream of casting in the musical field. Classes are either at your home. Piano lessons or synthesizers are only given at home. Simple working method, no headache with music theory. Travel on the Lyonnaise Region within a radius of 30 km maximum Courses open to everyone All styles

Singing tutoring (classical, pop, folk) in Vienna No Age Limit.
Dear student: My name is Denise and I'm a professional singer with a singing master's degree from Catalonia's Music College (ESMUC) with experience in classical and popular music (mostly Latin-American folklore) My goal is to help the student discover her or his voice while enjoy making music. I have years of experience teaching children, teenagers and adults in both Latin America and Europe, therefore understanding different appreciation levels. No experience is needed just bring your enthusiasm and favorite music. Classes can be given either in English, Spanish, French or Denglisch. There are no limit for styles, bring your favorite music and I will provide a safe environment for your personal and musical growth. I hope to read from you soon and to make music together. All my best, Denise

State graduate singing teacher from the Richard Cross School, offers personalized voice coaching lessons!
Singing lessons and vocal coaching online or at the singing teacher (M ° Gallieni Line 3). I have been a singing teacher at Cours Florent for 5 years, also vocal coach for Disneyland Paris shows and in private lessons (pro or amateur). State Graduate (Richard Cross School Vocal Trainer Diploma). Coach of various professional or amateur artists for more than ten years (all styles, from rap to R&B, from songs to electronics, including everything related to current music. My classes are for everyone: singers and / or musicians, professional or amateur singer-songwriters, preparation for auditions / castings, all ages are welcome. Voice work in all current musical repertoires (except lyrical). I can accompany you on the piano, or we can work on your instruments, various accompaniments, karaoke. Rap welcome (I have more and more rappers / slammers, we do a lot of work on the flow, the implementation of breaths, rhythmic settings, intelligibility of the text etc.) all this is easily worked when you know how! Being also a singer-songwriter and pianist, I can help you develop your compositions, your songs, place the tonic accents where needed, teach you to accompany yourself on the piano itself :-) work on the interpretation of songs of course. Prepare your studio sessions (and / or accompany you there if necessary), your concerts, your rehearsals ... Give you the tips to avoid getting tired, and know how to repair your voice when you have strained too much, and especially learn to project your voice without hurting yourself, etc. In short, to provide you with solid and essential foundations for singing healthily (without hurting yourself!) And freely !! For distance learning courses (if you prefer, I have been doing it very fluently, especially for a year, and also with my students abroad), as long as you have a computer, go (or a smartphone)! In short I will tell you everything you need to know to free your voice! The difference between "vocal coaching" and "singing lessons" is that I take the singer, the actor, the actress, the rapper in the vocal state he / she enters, and I take it and take it where he / she wants to go, with the repertoire you choose, which can be yours (songwriter), or whatever you choose or I can help you choose according to your range and your musical tastes of course. I do "with" you, with what you are, with what you bring to me as "raw material"! There is always something to improve, whatever your level at the start! :) It can also be just a moment for you, just for the sake of singing better, whatever you want! Singing is life! Fluent English (with French accent ;-)

• Private Lessons 🎹🎤🎼 Learn To Play & Sing The Music You Love!
My name is Paul, I'm a professional musician, vocalist and songwriter offering personalised lessons for students of all ages and levels. I've been working in music for over 15 years as a performer, songwriter, recording artist and qualified private tutor. If you're excited about developing your skills so you can play/sing your favourite kind of music, or if you're aspiring to become a pro musician in the future, I'm here to help you on your mission. Learn all about: Piano/Vocal Technique ~ Music Theory ~ Good Practice Habits ~ Playing with Confidence ~ Preparation For Grades ~ Live Performance ~ Songwriting Genres: Rock/Classical/Blues/Folk/Jazz/Film Music/Pop Available Face To Face/Online (High-Quality Audio/Video). ☆ 'Friendly and brilliant teacher with an infectious enthusiasm' ☆ 'My lesson with Paul is the highlight of my week!' (Reviews on Encore Musicians UK)

Singing Lessons with a professional classical singer! Improve your technical and performance skills
I am a classically trained singer from the Royal Academy of Music in London. I primarily work as a performer in opera and I very much enjoy teaching. I can help you with vocal technique, improving your breathing, interpretation and general performance skills. I can definitely also help with different genres like pop music, jazz or gospel. I am looking forward to getting to know you!