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22 private teachers in Malmö

Trusted teacher: Hello, I'm Mina, i have about 10 years experience in music as Piano technician, piano teacher, music theory teacher, Music producer and arranger, Audio editor. I speak Arabic, English, and halfway academic Swedish as basic level . Teaching vision: I teach Music as a language mixing up Music Theory with practical techniques applied to world famous songs and music with concern to improvisational techniques achieved while mastering the aspects of Music language- we can say as grammar and vocab , starting varies from the very begginer level of simple alphabets to experts. I am experienced as Music producer, audio engineer and bands founder, so your music will be supported and improved to introduce yourself to the music industry field also shared with other musicians. Lessons can be held in English or Arabic , jag förstår Svenska men pratar Engelska bättre :) Min utbildning : • Bachelor Degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts , Décor Departement , Interior Design branch ( Alexandria University). • Avklarad Introduktion till klassisk musik av Yale University. • Avklarad Introduktion till Guitar av Berklee. • Avklarad musicerande: Spänningar, harmonisk funktion och Modal Interchange av Berklee. •Framgångsrikt Utveckla din musicerande av Berklee. • Introduktion till marknadsföring en online-kurs som godkänts av University of Pennsylvania. • Ljudteknik och musikproduktion med Mafdy Thabet och Taher Saleh på Dream studios Kairo Egypten. • Live och studio ljudredigering med Raymond Reda på Harmony Studio Alexandria Egypten. • Piano och musiker-fartyg med Maestro / Nayer Nagui och Steven Simon vid Kairo Operahuset. • Avklarad DANS MUSIK Master Class undervisas av Armin vanBuuren. • Avklarad filmmusik Master Class av Hans Zimmer. •Framgångsrikt slutfört musikteori Course (en 12 sessioner kurs 42 kredit) visas av Rami Attallah vid The Music Hub Kairo Egypten.
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Piano Lessons with the Best Colombian Young Pianist! (Budapest)
Juan Sebastian is a great & effective teacher to our 7-year old son, he provides great material to learn ahead of the time, and finds methods and ways to make lessons enjoyable, despite some more challenging learning parts of piano/music grammar. Also, he is always providing our young student with homework to practice music/piano playing. He also checks on homework and provides feedback on what to do to improve skills. I also think because Juan such a great piano player, he does spark interest in piano playing, which helps with motivating and stimulating the interest in it.
Review by ZHANAT
Private lessons for Computer Science, Java, Python, Javascript, React, Angular, Node (Munich)
Daniele is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material. Definitely, very knowledgeable in the field of programming! His lessons were engaging, useful, and encouraging his students to try and not give up. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning programming language. Specifically, for me it was and still is language in Java. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me so far and will do in coming future.
Review by JURIS
Einfach Deutsch lernen - Learn or improve your German with a native speaker (Malmo)
Nadine is really friendly, patient and structured. I started doing classes with her to improve my German-speaking skills and I am really happy with how it is going. She addapts to the student's needs and objectives and provides material to work with together. I can only recommend her!
Review by RITA