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23 private teachers in Triel‑sur‑Seine

Trusted teacher: Indian music is enjoying growing success with Western audiences. Because more and more artists are performing in our latitudes (especially in venues such as the Théâtre de la Ville, the Musée Guimet in Paris, etc.), and also because the discovery of music with a traditional system of learning arouses the interest of many people who would like to approach music differently; and there are many links between the Indian and Western tradition, due to the universal character of music but also to the fact that India has been able to preserve modes of transmission that have long since disappeared in the West, but which have nothing to envy in terms of efficiency. to modern methods. I propose learning the song of North India, in the dhrupad style, the oldest still transmitted today. Its advantage is that it offers a gradual approach to ragas (musical motifs that could be compared to modes), note by note, without the need for prior knowledge or talent as a virtuoso: the practice is based on the 'listen. Over the course of practice, it nevertheless makes it possible to acquire a great mastery of the voice. The lesson, which lasts one hour (half for children), takes place accompanied by the tampura, an instrument that gives the "drone" or fundamental/tonic note. It is from this persistent note that the student will learn to place his voice, to find the correctness of tone and timbre. This is done gently, the pace of learning adapting to that of the student. In addition, the achievements in this style of singing can always be useful later for other styles of music, even outside India, up to jazz and classical/baroque music. My apprenticeship was for twelve years with one of the 19th generation masters teaching this tradition, Ustad H. Sayeeduddin Dagar, belonging to the illustrious family which made this style and Indian music known in the West in the years 1960. It has now continued for four years with his nephew Ustad F. Wasifuddin Dagar. Lessons are private, or in weekly workshops in Paris near Bastille (see my website musicosophe[point]fr).
Trusted teacher: Do you want to train in computer music and electronic music production (House Music, Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Electro ...) on the Ableton Live software or simply to produce music? Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, my lessons will allow you to acquire the best techniques in your computer music practice. I am a professional trainer, but also a DJ and producer under the name of Versus 5, with many years of experience in the creative and educational fields, I would be happy to adapt to your needs and thus make you progress even more quickly on Ableton Live software. You will benefit from my experience as well as production tips ... Teacher-trainer Ableton Live and DJ-ing but also responsible for training (Electronic Music Producer) for almost 10 years in one of the largest training school in the world (SAE Institute Paris), I have thus trained nearly 1000 students of this school. ==================== On the program (depending on your needs): - Presentation of Ableton Live (Session and arrangement modes) - The basics of music theory (scales, chords, etc.) - Program a beat (rhythmic music theory) - The different possibilities for programming a rhythm - Composition of the bass and these variants - Pads and other synth parts - Creative parts and import of audio files (Working with samples) - The arrangements - Automations and additions of effects (Delay, EQ, Compression…) - Flat lay & balance And much more… For more information, don't hesitate to contact me.
Computer generated music · Music composition · Music theory
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Psychology and Statistics; Research Writing; Data Analysis; Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods (Paralímni)
The lessons were well structured and interesting. The basics of statistics were well explained, with easy to follow, clear and practical examples. Alexandros also made time to answer some of my questions via e-mail and really professional and patient in his approach. Thanks for all the help and support.
Review by NABS
Piano and Guitar Classes for Entry levels, Beginners, and Intermediates (Drogheda)
Excellent and very patient. Cant be easy to teach a musical instrument over zoom but he did and my daughter really enjoyed it.
Review by JENNY