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Axel - Taoyuan City$45
German · Grammar · Culture
-French classes for false beginners, intermediate or advanced speakers. English description below. - Hello, I am Loïc, a 27-year-old Frenchman, recently residing in Taipei. Graduated in industrial engineering/sustainable development from Grenoble INP in 2020, I also worked as a mechanic on vintage cars (pre-war Bugatti, Porsche, Volkswagen, all other brands...), for the love of mechanical. Having myself a vibrant passion for languages and their learning, I would now like to help you progress in learning my mother tongue, French! My course is aimed at advanced beginners or false beginners, as well as people of intermediate or advanced level. Don't worry, the lessons will be adapted to your level! We will progress together, at your own pace, towards attainable objectives in the short and medium term. As for the learning method, we will adapt to your favorite mode of assimilation, using all the media available (written, audio, video, conversational) and favoring some of them so that you are easy. The courses will also be personalized around the issues and subjects that interest you, such as: sports, French or European culture, traveling in France, having a practical/survival guide in France or even developing a professional language for your work. .. The goal is that you can have fun while learning French, see your progress and keep your motivation unfailing! If you want to know more, come and chat with me, we can meet beforehand to define your needs and see if I am the right teacher for you! :) To say a little more about me... Having taken many language courses, in English (level C2, TOEFL at 965/990), German (B2, formerly C1), Italian (beginner), given by all types teachers and currently learning Mandarin as an autodidact, I am well aware of the difficulties of learning a foreign language. I will encourage you to try, to speak, to write, to make mistakes... Because that's how you learn best! - FRANÇAIS - Hello, I am Loïc, a young 27 yo Frenchman, freshly settled in Taipei! I graduated from Grenoble INP as an industrial/sustainable development engineer in 2020 and have also worked as a classic car mechanics (old Bugatti, Porsche, Volkswagen and many other brands...), following my love for beautiful mechanic pieces. Having myself a vibrant passion for learning languages, I now wish to help you progress in my mother tongue, French! My classes are ideally aimed at false beginners, intermediate and advanced level speakers. Worry not, my classes will be adapted to your level. We will progress together, at your own pace, towards short and mid-term goals that we will have set together. Regarding the teaching method, we will adapt ourselves to your preferences, using all the means at our disposition (listening, writing, reading, talking) and focusing on the most efficient one for you, to make you more comfortable. The classes will be revolving around subjects of your interest, for instance: sports, French culture, traveling in France, making a survival guide, or acquiring a professional vocabulary... Our goal being that you can have fun learning french and see yourself progress, thus keeping your motivation high! If you are interested in my classes and wish to know more, please feel free to reach me to talk about them. We can even arrange a meeting beforehand, to see if I am the right match for you as a teacher! :) To tell a little more about myself... Having had a lot of language classes in my life, of various formats and teaching methods, in English (level C2, TOEFL certificate of 965/990), German (B2, former C1), Italian (1 year of learning only, sadly...) and now learning Mandarin on my own, I know the struggles one faces while learning a foreign language and can help you overcome them! I will encourage you to try, to practice, to write, to talk and make mistakes... Because it simply is the best way to learn!
Mandarin chinese
(1 review)
Matteo - Taipei$26
Trusted teacher: [Learn how to speak French like a native! ] Hello, 大家 好! My name is Matteo, I am a French guy in love with traveling, discovering new cultures, and also sharing mine! I strongly believe that one of the best ways to approach a new culture is through the language, so I am offering to help you to either discover (if you are a total beginner) or improve your French language ability with me! I am a foreign languages lover and therefore I have studied a couple of them, so I know well the difficulties that can occur during the learning process and I am here to help you overcome them. I like teaching French in a relaxed atmosphere, giving space to discussion, giving you the opportunity to speak as much as possible to make this learning journey way more fun! Key points: ☆ Have already helped many foreigners learn French ☆ Design and tailor each class according to your needs ☆ All levels accepted ☆ Online classes or onsite ☆ Giving you some insights about the diversity of French culture, teaching you idioms (that you won't learn in any textbook!), Helping you to sound like a native speaker! ☆ If you already have a textbook or whatever support that you feel like using, no problem! Let me know, I will be happy to adapt myself! ☆ If you are preparing for an exam, let's get serious about this! If you want to know more about me, about the way I am designing my classes, or if you're interested in French language don't hesitate to reach out! (我 也會 講 一點 中文!)
Science · Math · Chemistry
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Tuition Math - Physics - Chemistry - Biology (San Diego)
I found Dr. Ralf to be a wonderful Teacher. The things that he taught me through online helped me a great deal in this class as well as in statistic level. Because of the help and attention that He provided me with, I understand and enjoy Statistics. The class was great in that he didn’t just give the answers away – he made me THINK. This was sort of frustrating, but it helped me understand the material much better. I would recommend him as a Teacher for future classes, without a doubt.
Review by AHMED
German/德文 Beginner/初級~Advanced/高級 (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) (Taoyuan City)
Axel is nice, patient, experienced, and has a great sense of humor. His lessons are always informative. His teaching methods are diverse and flexible. If you're looking for a German teacher, I highly recommend Axel!
Review by YUN JUNG
Taiwanese Mandarin Classes : dealing with the problems you encountered in real daily life with Chinese in Taiwan (Taoyuan City)
A great teacher
Review by DAVID

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