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Trusted teacher: I am Brazilian of Japanese origin and I live in France since 2012. It is here where I decided to dedicate myself to the music and to professionalize myself in this field. In my classes I try to convey a little of what I have been able to live in music, my goal being to listen to the needs and desires of each student, to lead them to a good mastery of the musical elements and artistic fulfillment. Scene already made in France: Culture at the Quai (festival), The Zebra of Belleville, The Naked Lunch, Studio 105 (Radio France) - accompanying the singer Sandrine Monlezun, The Naked Lunch, Barge Antipode, Circus Electric, The Java, Sunset , Pan Piper, La Générale, Melting Spot, New Nose, Anis Gras, Espace Soranno, Café de la Plage, Golden Age, Parc Raspail. In singing I was directed in Brazil by Vanessa Moreno and Regina Machado and in France by Mônica Passos, Michel Ormières and Jae-Youn Geiser. Training experiences in body percussion with Fernando Barba (Barbatuques) and Pedro Consorte (Stomp / Música Circular). Participation in the International Body Music Festival in 2015 in Bali and in 2016 in Paris. Leader of the band Reveria (Brazilian rock) and co-leader of the trio Mamacitas (world songs and body percussion). Places of educational intervention (year 2017-18): House of Ensembles (Paris 12): Vocal Ensemble Songs of the World and Workshop Voice, Body, Improvisation. Municipal School of Arts (Joinville le Pont): Awakening and Musical Formation Schools Saint-Marcel (Paris 13) and Notre-Dame-de-France (Malakoff): Workshop Body Percussions.
Singing · Percussion
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Laura - Spain$35
Trusted teacher: - I use vocal training in my classes that brings together the most advanced techniques in the world: I am a CERTIFIED TEACHER for MODERN VOCAL TRAINING. Vocal training used by GRAMMY Award winners. Also, in classical training my specialties are SONG and MUSICOLOGY 🎓 🎤 As a Vocal Coach I have taught classes to more than 100 students. Among them, a contestant in the Melendi team of "LA VOZ Kids España" and singers in festivals such as "Festival de la Luz, Festival Noroeste Pop-Rock, Atlantic Fest". 📚 Always looking for new advances in vocal science and technique, I have been trained with some of the best vocal training: I am certified in levels I and II of Estill Voice - Voice Craft (USA), I have studied with experts in Speech Level Singing (USA). And I am a CERTIFIED TEACHER of Modern Vocal Training: It is a training that brings together the most advanced vocal techniques in the world, has the support of the latest scientific advances in the study of the functioning of the vocal system and a solid pedagogical method. In my training as an MVT teacher I have been able to learn from Celine Dion's Vocal Coach, which she learned from Michael Jackson's teacher in the 80s. In addition, I have been a contributor to the UK music examination institution, Trinity College London (2014 - 2019). Being also, in person, supervisor of music theory exams. I am a trainer for these certifications and for other British institutions such as ABRSM and LCM. In the musical field, some of my experience: Graduated with Merits Degree in Singing by Trinity (UK), scholarship by the Society of Artists and Interpreters of Spain, scholarship by the International University of Valencia, studies in the degrees of ABRSM (UK) piano and music theory, studies in Professional Diploma of modern music and jazz, studying at the International University of Valencia Degree in Musicology and Conservatory specializing in Lyrical singing.
Singing · Voice (music) · Music teacher training
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Carolina is wonderful! She made me feel comfortable and took the time to get to know me and my personal needs.
Review by JESSICA
Singing & Vocal Technique 🎓 Certified Vocal Coach (USA and Europe). Train Your Voice With The Methodology Used By Grammy Award Winners
Super professional, friendly and clear. I learned a lot already from the very first lesson

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