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Trusted teacher: Course and Training: Graduated in Musicology, my specialization in Singing at the IMEP (Conservatory of Namur) and in accompanying music on the accordion led me after my studies to give singing lessons in a music school (Cap sur le Music in Kraainem), as well as musical awakening in different schools, via Les Jeunesses Musicales. Being also an ethnomusicologist, I like to work with repertoires from other horizons, both singing and accordion. Currently working part-time at Outhere Music (production and distribution house of classical and jazz music), I have the chance to discover on a daily basis a large quantity of various repertoires, likely here to be the subject of discoveries for the student, depending on their different future artistic aspirations. Approach & repertoire: I attach great importance to body awareness, presence and movement, as well as the overall well-being of the student. Having also followed a training in Mindfulness, I like to mix a therapeutic approach with the artistic work accomplished with the student. Starting from the student's musical desires and aspirations is also essential for me. I therefore aim for personalized support that respects its own achievement objectives. My methodology aims at learning the technique through play and body movement, both for singing lessons and musical awakening. No prerequisite in music is necessary (neither music theory nor other). Musical Awakening for children (individual or semi-collective - from 1 to 6-7 years): With young children, I try to multiply awakening approaches using senses other than just hearing, both by learning gesture songs and rhythmic activities. The activities of dance or development of the ear by listening are of course omnipresent. I work on psychomotricity and seek to discover new instruments, as well as the different repertoires which are connected to them. I work on several levels (passive and active) and different scales of difficulty according to ages and possible interactions in small groups, in order to anchor learning and awakening over time. Breath work is also on the program.
Singing · Voice (music) · Children's music
Trusted teacher: Dear All, I will be happy to help, support, guide and motivate you in the practice of sport through a personalized accompaniment adapted to your needs and ambitions. We will be able to work together on the following physical levers, with a long-term approach : - definition and understanding of your motivations and future ambitions. - endurance/cardio exercises. - calisthenics (push-ups, pull-ups, muscle-ups, dips, squats on fixed bars, parallels, etc.). - pilates & yoga. - stretching and flexibility exercises. - games of balance and skill (juggling, circus arts). - speed and reflexes. - relaxation exercises. - dietary advice and health habits (see "Coaching in personal well-being (physical and moral)" for more in-depth courses on this theme). As part of a long-term follow-up, we will be able to follow the evolution of your physical and physiological indicators. In addition, we can schedule more specific sessions in the aquatic environment (swimming), on sports grounds (indoor climbing, basketball, football, etc.) or running track (cycling, running) by concentrating our efforts on a particular practice, according to your desires and depending on the required infrastructures. Whether you want to start from scratch or strengthen your physical and mental condition for the practice of a particular activity, I will strive to make our sessions pleasant and joyful, whatever your sensitivity, in a patient, constructive, fun learning and safe :) I will train you while respecting your personal limits, always listening to your ambitions and with a keen sense of caution. Wishing you the best in your future projects, I remain at your disposal for any further information. Yours sincerely, Stephane
Sport coaching · Sport personal trainer
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Tuition of French - French lessons Franse lessen (Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve)
Isabelle is a very supportive and experienced teacher. She puts you at ease the minute you walk in for the first lesson and she is a great judge of your needs and abilities. Her classes expertly combine practical skills with elements of grammar and vocabulary to give you a well rounded understanding of a language. I would definitely recommend her as a tutor!
Review by ANNELIES
Tuition, conversation, grammar (Gerpinnes)
Jessica is a great teacher. She managed to adapt the course to my children's level, so they can keep the interest. Jessica is extremely well organized, great attitude, and easy to work with. Overall it has been a great experience!
Review by LUIZA
Piano Lessons For Beginners, Intermediate and Amateurs (Waterloo)
Narindra is a very nice young lady who is sharing her passion for music by teaching. She is currently a student and is using her knowledge to help others. She is young, enthusiastic, respectful, and knowledgeable.
Review by ILIANA